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The Dangers of Buying a Used Mattress

December 17, 2022  ·  6 min read

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Thinking of buying a used mattress? We encourage you to think again. In today’s turbulent economic climate, people are resorting to buying things secondhand to save money and to be more eco-friendly. While we understand that saving money and being environmentally conscious are worthwhile, a mattress is NOT the item to pinch pennies on. Buying a used mattress can lower your sleep quality, cost you more money in the long run, and in some cases even put your health at risk. 

The experts at Texas Mattress Makers are here to educate the masses on the risks of buying a used mattress and why it is actually more cost-efficient and sustainable to purchase a new mattress that will suit your body and sleep habits for a lifetime.

Pro tip: If you are looking to donate a mattress in Houston, read up on how Texas Mattress Makers can recycle your old mattress when you purchase a new bed from our showrooms. 

Four risks of buying a used mattress

1. You could get bed bugs

Bed bugs are the number one risk you may encounter when buying a used mattress. Bed bugs are exactly what they sound like — small insects that can live in your mattress, bed frame, box spring, and headboard. What makes these tiny little bugs so insufferable is that they often bite you as you’re asleep, leaving small, red, itchy bumps on your body that can grow to be incredibly painful. They are also known to lay eggs or leave excrement behind on your mattress. Imagine sleeping on a bug-infested bed! We sure can’t.

Bed bug infestations are extremely difficult to treat and you will need to pay a professional service an exorbitant amount of money to treat your entire home. When faced with a bed bug infestation, some people recklessly throw their mattresses away without treating them first — or worse, resell them. You cannot risk a bed bug infestation, so purchase a new mattress that you know is bug-free and learn how to protect a mattress to prevent a creepy crawler situation from occurring in your home. 

2. The mattress may be dirty

Having a clean mattress to sleep on should be your top priority. Sleeping on a dirty mattress can expose your body to bodily fluids, dust mites, allergens, pet dander, bed bugs, and other harmful substances or odors. When you buy a used mattress, you can’t guarantee that it was kept in a clean environment and taken care of properly before it gets into your home, no matter how persuasive the previous owner is. Mattresses can be difficult to clean on your own, so you may spend more money hiring a professional to deep clean and sanitize your new bed. It’s best to not take the chance and purchase a fresh mattress that you can guarantee is clean. 

3. The mattress will have a shorter lifespan 

The truth is, mattresses that have already been slept on will not last as long as a new mattress. Why is this? The components and materials used to make the mattress are subject to wear and tear over time. Let’s say the average retail mattress lasts eight years: if the previous owner has been sleeping on a mattress for three years, you technically only have five years left before that mattress gives out and loses its support and comfort quality.

It’s the same principle as buying an older car that has more miles on it. Sure, buying a used car is traditionally cheaper, but you won’t be able to drive it for as long as you would a new car. Buying a new mattress with fresh components allows you to keep that mattress for longer.

4. You will lower your sleep quality

In order to explain this next point, we are going to share a piece of our mattress expert knowledge with you. When you purchase a new mattress — especially one from Texas Mattress Makers — your mattress will begin to mold to your body over time. This molding creates mattress body impressions that help the mattress give your body the support, pressure relief, and spinal alignment needed for healthy sleep. These mattress impressions cater to your body, not anyone else’s

If you purchase a used mattress, you are essentially trying to fit a circle into a square — your body will not align with the previous owner’s body impressions. The used mattress will not be able to mold to your body properly which can cause unnecessary discomfort and bad sleep. Not to mention, you and the previous owner likely have different body types, sleeping position preferences, and comfort preferences! 

A used mattress cannot give you the quality sleep you deserve. But we can.

Why You Should Purchase a New Mattress with Texas Mattress Makers

Buying a used mattress is a gamble that you never want to take. When your health and sleep quality are at risk, it is always better to buy a new mattress that will be safe, fit your needs, and keep its quality and form over time. 

Texas Mattress Makers is an eco-friendly, local mattress manufacturer in the Houston area that can sell — or custom build — a high-quality mattress that can fit your budget, your preferences, and your needs. When you purchase a new mattress with us, you are investing in a bed that will last you a lifetime. 

If you’re worried about cost, Texas Mattress Makers has the best mattress deals in Houston where you can find your perfect bed within your budget. A great mattress shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, especially in this economy, so we will do what we can to help you get a great mattress for a great price.  

Visit any of our Houston-area showrooms today for a mattress shopping experience you will never forget!

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