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Plush Mattress Buying Guide

If you’re searching for the best plush mattresses in Houston, we’ve got you covered — however, there’s something you should know before you begin your buying journey. Here at Texas Mattress Makers, plush mattresses have a bit of a different meaning than they do elsewhere. 

Our experts have weighed in on this guide to plush mattresses so that you can make the most informed decision when finding your perfect mattress. We will be covering what a plush mattress is at Texas Mattress Makers and how you can go about getting your dream mattress.

What is a plush mattress?

How Texas Mattress Makers defines “plush”

Who is a plush mattress best for?

What is a plush mattress?

Before we dive into what a plush mattress is at Texas Mattress Makers, we need to answer What does plush mean? In the mattress industry, the word “plush” would be used to refer to a mattress of intense comfort, softness, or airiness. 

For example, ultra-plush mattresses are made to feel like you are literally sleeping on a cloud, but that may not be what your body needs. One thing to note is that these fluffy beds can cause excessive sinkage and don’t allow your body to truly reap the benefits of your mattress’s comfort components. 

This is where the Texas Mattress Makers difference comes in.

How Texas Mattress Makers defines “plush”

We use the word “plush” to refer to a specific mattress construction method we use in our factory. For those who want a softer feel to their mattress, we create what we like to call a “plush-built” mattress where the plush top is sewn directly into the comfort layer of the mattress. This will provide a softer feel while eliminating an extra fluffy layer that may be separating your body from the mattress’s components.

Expert Note: A plush top layer is different from a pillow top layer in terms of aesthetics. The plush top is not a noticeable addition to the top of the mattress, giving it a uniform look, whereas a pillow top can create a mushroom-like appearance on the top, indicating that the layers are separate. Most shoppers prefer the look of the plush top layer for that reason.

With a plush-built mattress, you can still feel the integrity of your mattress’s quality comfort and supportive components and get an extra touch of softness for superior comfort. Top-rated plush mattresses can help you to get the best quality sleep you deserve if all of the mattress components cater to your unique needs.

Who is a plush mattress best for?

Before deciding on a plush-built mattress, it’s crucial to ask yourself how a plush mattress can benefit you specifically. Mattresses are not one-size-fits-all products, meaning that if every person in the world slept on the exact same mattress, they would not feel the same benefits. Every sleeper needs something different out of a mattress depending on their body type, sleep habits, and other personal preferences. 

So, who can benefit from a plush-built mattress? Here are some examples:

  • Side sleepers: Are plush mattresses good for side sleepers? Yes! Plush mattresses can provide more cushion around the shoulder area to alleviate pain as you sleep. The plush top supplies softness while your supportive components can keep your spine aligned during the night.
  • Back sleepers: When you sleep on your back, your shoulders and hips are the two main points that make contact with the mattress. A plush-built mattress can help provide cushion and relief to those areas while also working with the contour of your spine to prevent aches and pains.
  • People who need pressure point relief: If you are living with conditions that cause pain in your body’s joints and nerves such as sciatica or arthritis, it would be wise to invest in a mattress with quality comfort components (read our articles discussing the best mattress for sciatica and the best mattress for arthritis). A plush comfort layer can add that extra softness for relief while allowing your body to still be supported properly in the right places. 

Find Your Perfect Plush-Built Mattress from Texas Mattress Makers

Our plush mattresses are literally built differently from any other plush mattress out there. While other mattress retailers believe that plush equals a fluffy feeling bed, we allow our shoppers to get a mattress with the proper support to meet their needs with a touch of softness to suit their preferences. Whether you’re looking for queen plush mattresses for your master bedroom or a comfortable guest room bed, whatever your needs are, our experts can meet them.

Your good night’s sleep is our passion. Come down to any of our Houston-area showroom locations and try out our mattresses in person. We provide a mattress shopping experience that is comfortable, informative, and life-changing. Who knows? You just may end up getting the best sleep of your life.

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