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Houston’s Texas Mattress Makers CEO Explains 40+ Years of Success

September 16, 2022  ·  6 min read

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Texas Mattress Makers was honored to win the Best of the Best Mattress Store in 2022. This award means a lot to our family at Texas Mattress Makers because it was voted for by Houstonians, themselves. 

For us, our customers are our top priority. Their sleep is what keeps us up at night and it is what makes us try to be the best at what we do. We want everyone to understand the importance of sleep and to get the best mattress for their best night’s sleep. So, it means a lot that our customers trust us and our mattress experts as much as they do that we won this esteemed award. 

This article was featured by the Houston Chronicle and we are excited to share it with the people who made this possible.

Featured Article in the Houston Chronicle

You spend roughly a third of your life asleep. Restful sleep has been connected to all sorts of physical and mental health benefits. Sleep is important! So why don’t most of us care more about the mattress we’re sleeping on? It stands to reason that having a quality mattress to ensure great sleep should be a top priority for everyone. But who should you trust with this important decision? The answer, according to Youval Meicler, owner and founder of Texas Mattress Makers, might surprise you.

“You are the best person to decide what mattress is right for you,” says Meicler. “Our job is to help educate you on how to make that choice.”

Meicler and his staff have been educating Houstonians on what they should be looking for in a mattress since Meicler opened Noah’s Manufacturing in 1979. Theirs is an entirely different approach than you’re likely to get at a big brand name mattress retailer where the priority is selling. At Texas Mattress Makers, there’s only one goal: to make sure you get a good night’s rest.

“Nobody goes to a mattress store for fun. You go because you need a new mattress!” explains Meicler. “We don’t need to sell you on anything — we don’t have salespeople! We are manufacturers who know how to approach a mattress and teach our customers what mattress will make them the most comfortable.”

If you find Meicler’s straight-talk approach refreshing, it’s because he views his business as the antidote for a very real problem in today’s mattress industry. Modern retailers are more marketing machines than they are mattress stores, employing gimmicky language that purposefully keeps consumers confused. Big marketing means big budgets. Once you add in the overhead costs, profit margins, and the simple fact that retailers shave to buy the mattresses they sell from someone else, there’s no way any consumer is getting a fair deal.

As manufacturers who only sell the mattresses they make, Meicler and Texas Mattress Makers can focus on quality, comfortable mattresses at appropriate prices.

“The biggest misconception consumers have is that buying a name-brand mattress equals buying a quality mattress,” says Meicler. “While once true, this is simply no longer the case.”

Youval Meicler can speak knowledgeably and frankly because he’s an expert who spent four decades perfecting his craft. After working his way up from a janitor to the head of a furniture manufacturer in the 70s, Meicler amicably parted ways with his boss, promising to not compete with someone whom he respected. Instead, he began manufacturing mattresses, learning over the last 43 years not only everything about mattresses but also vast amounts of knowledge about human physiology and psychology. Having a conversation with Meicler about finding a mattress that’s best for you is a bit like taking a psychological survey. Meicler asks you about you, your sleep habits, and the reasons why you’re looking for a new mattress.

“Sleeping badly is just a bad habit. It can be broken with the right mattress and the right sleep techniques.”

Meicler’s charisma and effortless command of all things mattress-related are infectious. Just ask his employees. The environment inside every Texas Mattress Makers showroom is fun, educational, and customer-focused. Empowering customers to have complete control over their mattress decisions means customers leave excited about their purchase. You can see their dedication to their customers with their Comfort Guarantee, which gives a customer up to 90 days to make sure they are comfortable and sleeping soundly.  Even if, a customer returns within that 90-day period and is unsatisfied, Meicler says he’s just as excited to see them as he was the first time, because it means they have even more working knowledge to find the perfect mattress.

“I love what I do, and I care about my customers. It’s that simple,” says Meicler. “I am happy when I know I’ve helped my customers get the best sleep they can get.”

Total commitment to his mission led Houstonians to vote Texas Mattress Makers as the “Best Mattress Store” during the Houston Chronicle’s recent “Best of the Best” awards. Meicler also earned the Houston Business Journal distinction of “Most Admired CEO,” an award that honors his commitment to Texas Mattress Makers and its employees, his civic involvement, and his career achievement. Customers of Texas Mattress Makers tend to agree. Just read their reviews, where customer after customer describes helpful, positive experiences. If a negative review is submitted, Meicler responds to every single one to help amend the complaint. Talking with Meicler, one gets the impression he lives, sleeps, and breathes mattresses and their ability to change customer lives for the better.

The secret is to discover the preferred sleeping position of each individual,” explains Meicler, a task that he says is part technical, part scientific, and part engineering. But ultimately, it’s about mutual respect for the individual customer and the product Texas Mattress Makers works so hard at perfecting. Texas Mattress Makers only sells their products – of which they have extensive knowledge of proprietary components designed specifically to individuate their product.

“We never forget that we’re manufacturers,” says Meicler. “Low overhead means a fair price. It’s about taking care of a customer’s comfort and need.”

Finding a mattress that helps you achieve peaceful, restful sleep should be a priority. Making this decision without the education and advice of experts means you’ve probably just bought a high-end marketing campaign. Avoid big retailers and online mattress brands. Go where you’ll receive the trustworthy, respectful service you deserve. Visit one of Texas Mattress Makers’ six Houston locations today or start browsing now at

Visit their sister location, Living Design Furniture, where their experts will help you find your style, craft your furniture and bring your vision to life with custom pieces that are made in-house and on-site, passing on the factory-direct savings to you. 


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