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Why Our Customers Say We’re the Best Mattress Store in Houston

August 18, 2022  ·  7 min read

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Many businesses in the industry will claim that they are the best mattress store in Houston — but as a customer, how can you be so sure? Especially in turbulent times like these, customers want to spend their valuable time and hard-earned money with a business that they can trust.  One of the best ways to tell if a mattress store is trustworthy is to read the reviews! Who better to trust than real-life people who have actually purchased and slept on the mattresses you’re researching?  

Texas Mattress Makers was named the best of the best mattress store in Houston because our customers are at the core of our business practices. For over 40 years, we have been handcrafting and selling quality mattresses for lower prices to ensure that everyone can have the best night’s sleep possible, no matter the budget. If you’re searching to find the perfect mattress, here is why real customers believe that we are the best mattress store in Houston.

1. We offer the highest quality mattresses

In the era of beds in a box and national mattress chains selling mass-produced beds, quality mattresses can be difficult to come by. Many customers have been trading in quality for convenience by settling for mattresses that are simply “comfortable” and don’t provide the proper amount of support that is necessary for healthy sleep. Texas Mattress Makers does things a little differently.

Texas Mattress Makers is more than just a mattress retailer, we are a mattress manufacturer. Every single one of our mattresses is handmade in our on-site factory in Downtown Houston. Our mattresses are only made with locally-sourced materials that are of the highest grade in the industry, whereas our competitors use lower-quality components to lower their prices. Big mattress manufacturers will sacrifice quality by mass-producing mattresses with less quality material that might appear comfortable at first, however, are not built to last. At Texas Mattress makers, each mattress is manufactured with the customer in mind, a perfect blend of comfort and supportive properties that will result in a good night’s sleep for years to come. 

Here is what a Texas Mattress Makers customer has to say about the quality of our mattresses.

“Because I wanted to be sure of the quality of my mattress, I have waited almost a year to write this review. I could not be happier with everything about Texas Mattress Makers from the moment I walked in the door. Unlike other mattress stores I went to, the sales guy here was not pushy. He was very informative and then let me test the mattresses. When I went to other mattress stores to compare the quality, spring count, etc., I found the prices at the big-name stores were at least double, even the “on-sale” prices. Most importantly, the mattress from Texas Mattress Makers is even more comfortable than I expected and I always have a restful night’s sleep.”

Drew. P | Verified Customer 

2. We have the best mattress deals in Houston

How can we carry some of the most affordable mattresses in Houston while still providing the highest quality product possible? Because we have a secret weapon that other mattress stores don’t — our expert craftsmen. As mentioned above, because we hand make all of the mattresses that we sell in-house, we are able to provide quality mattresses at our low, factory-direct prices. 

When you purchase a mattress from Texas Mattress Makers, you only pay for the components used to make your mattress and the delivery fee (if you choose to have your mattress delivered). That’s it. We cut out third-party vendors so that you do not have to pay excessive fees.

“Can I find the best mattress for me for a fair price?” You can, and it’s easy with Texas Mattress Makers! We believe that a good night’s sleep should not break the bank, which is why we offer some of the best mattress deals in Houston so that you can go home with a great mattress that will fit your needs and your budget. Many customers have come into our showrooms and have found the best mattress for their needs for a price they loved. 

“We loved the fact that the mattresses were made right here in Houston. Their lowest line mattress that costs less than $300 as a full-size set felt as good as the $1,700 set from other big-name mattress stores nearby. We purchased a set two grades up from their budget model for about half of the “special” deal one of the sales persons was going to get for us at the name-brand store nearby. We couldn’t be happier with the entire experience.”

James G. | Verified Customer

3. We hire experts, not salespeople 

A common complaint that we hear about big mattress retailers is “pushy salespeople.” Oftentimes, when customers go into a large mattress store, they feel as if the salesperson spends the majority of the interaction selling them on just any mattress and not listening to the customer’s needs. Do they know if that mattress will suit you? No, they don’t. Do they have a vast amount of knowledge about how that mattress is constructed and its components? Unlikely. Salespeople are just that — people that are trying to make a sale. They are not invested in selling you the best night’s sleep, they are hoping that you will buy a mattress from them. 

Instead of salespeople, Texas Mattress Makers employs mattress experts, people that oversee every step of the mattress construction process so that they can use that knowledge to provide you with the best mattress for your unique needs. 

When you ask an expert at Texas Mattress Makers, “Which mattress should I buy?” they will ask you a series of questions in order to determine which mattresses may be best suited for your needs. What is your preferred sleeping position? Do you sleep hot? Do you share the bed with another person? From there, if you elect to visit our showrooms in person, they will let you try out as many mattresses as you like before finding the perfect fit. We’re not in this business to just sell mattresses, we are here to help you on a journey to get great quality sleep that will improve your quality of life. That is the difference between a salesperson and an expert.

“Wow! These guys know their business. The experience was a professional assessment of how one sleeps vs. a pushy process to upgrade to the most expensive options. Highly recommend!”

Chas D. | Verified Customer

The People Have Spoken: Texas Mattress Makers is the Best Mattress Store in Houston

There are many reasons why customers say that Texas Mattress Makers is the best mattress store in Houston. The quality and care that we put into mattress manufacturing set us apart from our competitors. Our customers appreciate the knowledge, expertise, and dedication that each member of our team brings to the mattress industry. 

That is the Texas Mattress Makers difference

If you’re unsure of what you need in a mattress, take our Sleep Profile Quiz to see what we have in store for you. Stop by any of our Houston-area showrooms to try the mattresses for yourself or call us at 713-341-6252 to speak to an expert today. Your best night’s sleep may be one visit away. 

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