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Open Coil Mattress Component

If you’re searching for an open coil mattress (also called a traditional innerspring mattress), then chances are that you’ve run across the term “open coil component.” This term refers to the structure and configuration of the coils used in the supportive layer of a mattress.

Discover how open coil mattresses have evolved over time and how innovations in coil technology are helping sleepers get improved support.

What is an Open Coil Mattress Component?

Open coil mattresses first went on the market in the 1930s and are still produced today. In an open coil component, coils are interconnected and typically hourglass-shaped. While this style of coil mattress can still provide adequate support for children and young teens, it is not ideal for adults.

Here’s why: Imagine your hand pressing down onto a series of interconnected coils. As you apply pressure, not only the coils under your hand move, but so do those in the surrounding area.

Now, imagine how these effects might play out under the full weight of an adult human body. The compression of the coils under the body’s naturally heavier areas (like your shoulders and hips) will also cause adjoining coils to compress, causing areas like your lower back or neck to fall out of alignment.

In other words, open coil mattress components can still be a great option for children and teens. However, an adult is more likely to get better support and comfort from another type of coil mattress: the hybrid mattress. 

What is the Difference Between a Hybrid and Open Coil Mattress?

The coils in hybrid mattress components are separated and “housed” in an individual pocket of fabric. This setup allows each coil to move independently and provide the exact right amount of support to the different areas of the body.

Individually wrapped coils are also typically fully cylindrical in shape, which tends to make them much more durable! For more information regarding individually wrapped coil components, please visit our hybrid mattresses page and our Quantum coil component page.

Where You’ll Find Our Open Coil Mattress Components

Our innerspring mattresses (the Manhattan & Bellevue) are sold in Twin – King. However, they are only recommended for children, teens or limited use spaces.

Because they are typically less expensive, mattresses using open coil components can be ideal for children who are growing quickly. These mattresses also make good guest beds and starter mattresses for children who are transitioning from a crib to a bed.

Meanwhile, our individually wrapped coil components are typically found in our hybrid and Euro Top mattresses. Hybrid mattresses combine a bottom layer that uses an individually wrapped coil component to provide support with a top layer that uses either foam or latex components to provide additional comfort and the desired level of cushioning. 

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