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Choosing The Best California King Mattress for You

If you’re planning to invest in a California king mattress, then you want to make sure that you’re getting the best California king mattress for you. California king beds are often associated with luxury — and for good reason. California king beds are four inches longer than your standard king, giving taller individuals (or those with pets who like to sleep at the end of the bed) the extra room they need to sleep comfortably. 

California King mattress dimensions

California King-size Mattresses

Get the space you need to sleep comfortably without sacrificing space in your bedroom.

72” x 84”

But when it comes to the California king, those four inches aren’t the whole story. Learn everything you need to know about California kings in this California King buying guide, then go out and find the best California King mattress for you at Texas Mattress Makers in Houston!


Should I get a California King Mattress?

California King Costs

Buying Considerations

California King Mattress Dimensions

The dimensions for a California King is 84 x 72. If you were to ask an average person whether a California king bed or a standard king bed were bigger, most people would answer that the California king is the bigger bed. And if we were just talking about length, they wouldn’t be wrong. 

Your standard California king mattress measures 84 inches in length, while your standard king mattress measures 80 inches in length. However, your standard California King also measures 72 inches in width, while your standard king measures 76 inches in width — four inches more than the California King.

This news isn’t exactly radical, but it’s still important to keep in mind when you’re considering your needs, your partner’s needs, and how your mattress will fit in your space. If you and/or your partner are tall and need a little extra legroom, then the California King can be an ideal addition to your bedroom. 

Additionally, should you happen to have pets who like to sleep with you during the night, having extra room at the end of the bed can provide your beloved animal with space without leaving you cramped. 

FAQ: Can you use a California king mattress on a king-size bed? 

Unless you have an adjustable bed frame (like our 470 Queen-California King Adjustable Bed Frame) you will need a new bed frame if you’re switching from a standard king to a California king or vice versa. Even though they differ in length and width by only four inches, those four inches can make a big difference not only in how you sleep but how well your bed fits into its frame.

When you’re choosing the size of your bed, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by options, especially when you consider that just a few additional or missing inches can sometimes make a world of difference to your comfort level. Over the years, we have seen over and over again that the following individuals and couples are often happier with a California king.

California king beds are ideal for: 

  • Individuals who are tall (and their partners)  
  • Couples with a narrow room 
  • Couples with pets that like to sleep at the end of the bed 
  • Couples that like to snuggle as they sleep 

If you know that you need a larger bed but aren’t sure what kind of bed to get, check out our pages for king-size mattresses as well as our article regarding king vs. split king mattresses. 

As you shop, keep in mind that bigger mattresses are typically heavy and cumbersome, making them less than ideal if you tend to move frequently or if you struggle to lift heavy objects.

Is a California King Bed Worth it? California King Bed Costs

California king mattresses are typically as expensive or only a little bit more expensive than their standard king counterparts. Since California king mattresses are less common than your standard king mattress, California king accessories (like sheets and bedding) tend to be more expensive and not come in a wide variety of options. 

However, to those who need the extra foot space, these additional costs are well worth the money — it’s all about your personal preferences and needs!  

FAQ: Is a California king better than a king?

The key to answering this question is… yet another question: Better for whom?

If you’re talking about whether or not the dimensions are better, that will depend on the person who is sleeping in the bed. Taller individuals might prefer a California king mattress. There’s nothing quite as annoying as having your feet hang off the end of your bed or waking up with your head pressed into the headboard.

Meanwhile, individuals who toss and turn or like to spread out across the bed might be happier with a standard king. 

And if you’re talking about whether a king or California king mattress is better for back pain or side sleepers or snorers, etc., that will depend on the materials used in your mattress as well as how the different components are layered. 

California King Mattress Buying Considerations

No matter what size mattress you choose to buy, you will always want to know your sleeping needs and preferences and how these match up with certain types of mattresses. These can include: These include: 

  • Your sleeping position: Side, back, stomach, combination
  • Budget and desired longevity: For example, when subject to normal wear and tear, our Quantum coil mattresses last for a lifetime.
  • Preferred mattress components: Including coil type, count, and gauge, as well as the comfort layer of your mattress. For more information about comfort layer materials, please see our foam and latex component pages.
  • Mattress firmness/softness and support: Note that support relates to a mattresses’ ability to promote proper alignment, while firmness and softness relate to preferences regarding how your mattress feels. 

Where Can I Get a California King Mattress in Houston? At Texas Mattress Makers! 

Looking for the best California king mattress for you? For over four decades, Texas Mattress Makers has been helping Houstonians find the best California king mattress for their needs. We hand make all of the mattresses we sell and also offer custom mattress options.

Visit any of our mattress stores in Katy, Downtown Houston, The Woodlands, Rosenberg, Humble, or Baybrook, TX, or shop online to find your perfect California King mattress.

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