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September 7, 2022  ·  9 min read

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Is there truly a “best mattress for pregnancy”? Many parents know that once a baby is born, the amount of sleep they get decreases significantly. However, many sleep problems for mothers begin well before the baby even arrives. 

Pregnancy can be the most exciting and beautiful time of your life, but it can also take a large toll on your sleep quality. Your body is going through a lot, and it’s important to understand how sleep will affect your body, mood, and overall health as you go through this journey. 

Sleep is essential for every human being, but for pregnant women, quality sleep can help lower the risks of developing health complications during pregnancy. While the experts at Texas Mattress Makers are not doctors, we do know a thing or two about how to keep you — and as a result, your baby — happy, healthy, and well-rested.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for educational purposes in case you are looking for a new mattress while pregnant. The experts at Texas Mattress Makers suggest that pregnant women should avoid buying a brand new mattress unless they are extremely uncomfortable sleeping on their current one. Because pregnancy results in constant changes to the body, it is likely that a new mattress can solve your current discomforts, but may not account for how you will feel in the future. If you are looking for a temporary solution such as more cushion, this would be the time to look into a mattress topper or even a pregnancy pillow to suit your immediate needs. We suggest waiting a few months post-pregnancy once your body has had time to recoup to come into our showroom and be fitted for the right mattress for your needs.

How should you sleep while pregnant?

At Texas Mattress Makers, we tell every customer that they should sleep in a position that makes them the most comfortable — however, pregnant women are typically advised by their doctors to sleep a certain way to alleviate pain and prevent complications. For example, pregnant women are told to avoid sleeping on their backs as it can decrease oxygen to the placenta and, of course, sleeping on your stomach can be incredibly uncomfortable.

Expert Tip: If you do happen to fall asleep on your back, there’s no need to panic! People naturally return to their preferred sleeping position unknowingly as they sleep. If possible, try placing a pillow behind you when you go to bed. This way if you do happen to roll on your back during the night, the pillow will provide a wedge to keep your body at an angle.

What is the healthiest sleep position when you’re pregnant? Sleeping on your left side with a pillow between your knees promotes healthy circulation and can also reduce acid reflux which can get particularly uncomfortable during your third trimester of pregnancy. However, it is important to note that even if you are sleeping on your side as recommended, you will not reap any of the benefits if you are sleeping on a bad mattress. 

What type of mattress is best when pregnant? 

Most mattress retailers or large internet listicles will tell you that the best mattress for pregnancy is a particular type of mattress…and while might not be wrong, they aren’t right either. There is not one type of mattress that benefits all pregnant individuals. Mattresses are not one-size-fits-all, regardless of your situation. However, there are certain features that can make sleeping a more comfortable experience for any pregnant sleeper.

Proper spinal support and pressure-relief

Those who are pregnant should make sure that they have two main qualities in a mattress: pressure-relieving comfort and sturdy support for the hips. Because you will likely be sleeping on your side, the pressure points that will have the most contact with the mattress will be your shoulders and hips. Your mattress should be able to support your body and your spine while also keeping you comfortable.

Is it better to sleep on a firm or soft mattress when pregnant? The answer to this question is not a definitive one. There is no right or wrong answer. According to our mattress experts, firmness and softness refer to the feel of a mattress, whereas support refers to the mattress’s way of providing spinal alignment. Firmness levels are all about preference, and one is not exclusively better than the other but there is a healthy balance. 

For example, if you choose a mattress that is too soft, your hips and shoulders can sink too far into the mattress, throwing off your spinal alignment, and resulting in pain and soreness. On the other hand, a mattress that is too firm can put too much pressure on your hips, shoulders, and back. We have a list of the most comfortable mattresses for side sleepers that can promote healthy spinal alignment.

We do suggest that you have some plush for pressure point relief, especially since you will most likely be sleeping on your side. You will want to have a foam comfort layer or an alternative, high-performance comfort layer that will provide enough “give” to take the pressure off of your shoulders and hips as you sleep.

Cooling capabilities

It is very common for pregnant individuals to experience hot flashes, especially during the first trimester and the first month or two once the baby is born. Studies have shown that pre- and post-partum, changing hormones increase body temperature, increasing the likelihood of night sweats. If you’re sleeping on a mattress that does not regulate your body temperature well enough, you could get uncomfortable hot flashes that disturb your sleep. And you don’t need any more discomfort than what you may already be experiencing during pregnancy.

A mattress with cooling technology can be a great solution to combating hot flashes. Texas Mattress Makers provides a line of cooling mattresses where our Ice Blue Cooling Technology is sewn right into the quilting of the mattress for proper temperature regulation all night long. Say goodbye to sweaty, uncomfortable nights and hello to cool, comfortable sleep that will help you wake up feeling refreshed. 

Additionally, pocketed coils in the support layer, or hybrid mattresses, are also a very good option as they promote airflow and allow your body heat to flow throughout the mattress. This will help provide a cooler sleep surface.  

How to find the best mattress for pregnancy for you

How do I find the best mattress for me? As we said earlier, it’s important to evaluate your current needs to see if a new mattress is even the right solution. Many new parents like to take advantage of changing life events to invest in bigger purchases: a new house, a new car, or a new mattress. While this may seem like a great idea now, we would heavily advise waiting until you have fully recovered postpartum to see if a new mattress could address your current needs. We want your investment to last, not to be a temporary solution. If you have any questions, feel free to come into any of our showrooms to speak with an expert for advice.

If you decide that a new mattress is the answer, here is how you can find the best mattress for you with the help of the experts at Texas Mattress Makers.

1. Take our sleep quiz

Our mattress experts have created a questionnaire that is designed to get to know your unique sleep habits, body type, comfort and support preferences, and more! The Sleep Profile Quiz is designed to understand what your particular needs are to find a mattress that can help check all of those boxes. Once you get your quiz results, you can come to any of our showrooms to try it out for yourself, and order online, right then and there!

2. Speak with our mattress experts

Whether you speak with an expert on the phone or meet one in person, our showroom staff are educated in every step of the mattress construction process. That means that our experts can give you the most in-depth knowledge about how each mattress is made and how each component can be beneficial to you. If you are pregnant, our experts can account for the changes your body will be going through and can help you to make a decision that will give you the best quality sleep before and after your baby is born. Our showroom also allows our customers to try as many different mattresses as they need to, to find the perfect fit.

3. Prepare for the future

When searching for the best mattress for pregnancy, you also have to consider what may be the best mattress for you as a parent. For example, how long will you be in bed resting? Will you be breastfeeding? Do you plan to spend a lot of time in bed? If so, looking for mattresses with an adjustable base can be very helpful for feeding, lounging, and cuddling with your newborn. We carry a selection of some of the best adjustable mattress bases that can make getting in and out of bed simple and easy for new parents.

Texas Mattress Makers can help you to find your perfect mattress 

The truth is, the best mattress for pregnancy may be the mattress that will suit you best following the postpartum period. Regardless, throughout this entire process, it is important that you try to get as much rest as possible on the best mattress possible. The experts at Texas Mattress Makers can help you to find the right mattress for you and your needs at a more affordable price. We understand that raising a child is no easy feat, and you deserve to get quality rest with little to no stress. 

If you’re interested in finding a top-quality mattress that will last a lifetime without breaking the bank, visit any of our Houston-area showrooms or speak with an expert over the phone to find your perfect mattress match. 

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