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Ultra-Soft Mattresses Provide Cloud-like Comfort

For some sleepers, softer is better. There is a misconception in the mattress industry that firmer mattresses naturally provide more support –– though this is not true for every sleeper. Ultra-soft mattresses can provide proper support for side sleepers or lighter individuals like children or teenagers.

If you prefer to sleep on your side, your hips and shoulders (the widest parts of your body) are withstanding the most pressure as you sleep. The soft top layers of ultra-soft mattresses can provide these areas with extra cushion and contouring, alleviating pressure points while still keeping your spine aligned. This “hugging” sensation allows for less pressure on the shoulders and hips, alleviating pain and soreness in those areas. Ultra-soft mattresses come in a range of materials, including memory foamplush and hybrid. (Shop by size: California king-sized mattressessplit king mattresses, and queen-sized mattresses.)

If the phrase “sleeping on a cloud” is appealing to you, try out an ultra-soft mattress. When firmer, hard mattresses are not fitting your sleep style, sink in (literally) to some of your best night’s sleep yet. Try a thinner pillow with an ultra-soft mattress to keep your head nice and level.

Aren’t sure ultra-soft mattresses are right for you? We’ve got a mattress for every night’s sleep. Shop soft mattresses and medium mattresses.

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