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Mattress Body Impressions vs. A Sagging Mattresses

September 3, 2020  ·  6 min read

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Is there a difference between mattress body impressions and a sagging mattress? There is, in fact: body impressions are natural and help promote spinal alignment; a sagging mattress is not good for you at all. How can some “dents” in a mattress be better than others? The mattress experts at Texas Mattress Makers have the answers. 

What causes dents in mattresses? 

Sometimes it doesn’t require an antique bed mattress to notice contours in your mattress. There are two main cases of dents in a mattress: natural compression or the premature breakdown of a mattress’s components. The former, also known as a body impression, can show up as soon as two or three nights of your sleeping on the mattress and should cause small indentations only. Sagging, on the other hand, happens over time (the duration of which varies depending on the quality of the components used in your mattress). A mattress’s springs can lose tension or foam materials can become softer and less durable.

Mattress body impressions

A good mattress provides comfort and proper support for your back by conforming to your unique body shape. Given that people usually sleep in the same area of the mattress every night, the foams are continually compressed in the same area. 

As the mattress fills into the natural curves of your body, you may notice a mild “dip” in the surface of the bed. Many people can mistake this impression or dip as a defect in the mattress (i.e. sagging). If your mattress shows an indentation of up to 2 inches, this is not a defect; it’s the fibers and foam compressing and conforming to your body, creating normal body impressions in a mattress. 

Body impressions are clinically proven to help support spinal alignment and provide the pressure relief needed for a great night’s sleep. A good body impression enables the bed to cradle your sleeping form gently to provide optimal comfort and posterizing support. 

Think of it this way: Body impressions are similar to the process of breaking in a pair of new shoes. When you wear a new pair of shoes, the soles are initially stiff and straight, which often causes discomfort. As you continue to walk in the shoes, the soles begin to conform to fit the natural curve and shape of your feet, resulting in a more comfortable fit. Similarly, a good mattress will conform to your unique body shape.

FAQ: My new mattress feels firmer than it did in the store. Will a body impression help? 

Initially, when you purchase a new bed, you may notice the new mattress feels firmer than it did in the store. This firmness is due to the fact that the upper layers are new and still need some time to “break in” to your natural form. Your bed is new and has not yet obtained a body impression, but it may soften over time and allow your mattress to create natural mattress body impressions as the components are broken in. 

Texas Mattress Makers founder Youval discusses everything you need to know about mattress body impressions

A sagging mattress 

Mattress sag is not good for your sleep or your body. A mattress with sag will collapse in the center and does not provide the proper support needed for comfortable sleep. 

If your mattress is definitely sagging, you may find temporary relief from flipping your mattress, but keep in mind that modern-day mattresses are supposed to last without you having to flip them. In fact, if your mattress has acquired a body impression, the last thing you should want to do is flip it. 

It is also important to know that, nowadays, most mattresses are not made to flip (unless you purchase a double sided mattress) since the bottom layer of modern mattresses are the support layer of the mattress and do not have the comfort components that are in the top layer.

Some mattresses may begin to sag prematurely if you happened to purchase the wrong mattress for your body type, sleeping position, and weight. That’s why it’s so crucial to make sure that you are getting the right mattress for your exact sleeping needs. If you are heavier or you and/or your partner have weight concerns, it is important for you not to sacrifice mattress support. 

Is it normal for a new mattress to sag? 

No. But before you jump to the worst possible conclusion, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not mistaking the forming of mattress body impressions for a sagging mattress.

If you purchased your mattress from Texas Mattress Makers, you can rest assured that we do not sell any mattresses that begin sagging without extensive use. So, if you notice any dips or dents in one of our new mattresses, then they are likely body impressions. 

Of course, your comfortable sleep is our number one concern, so if you have any concerns, we are more than happy to speak with you. Simply call us at 713-341-6252, email us, or chat with one of our experts online. 

How do I know if my mattress is saggy? 

The best way to determine if the dents in your mattress are caused by natural mattress body impressions or are the telltale signs of a sagging mattress is to measure the dip. We cover how to accurately measure the dip in your mattress to a larger extent in our article How To Measure Mattress Dip or Sag, but the long and short of it is this: 

If the dip in your mattress is less than 2 inches deep, you have nothing to worry about; if it is, you unfortunately have a sagging mattress on your hands.

Worried about mattress body impressions? Tired of sleeping on a sagging mattress? Texas Mattress Makers can help! 

There’s nothing worse for a good night’s sleep than trying to catch some Z’s on a sagging mattress. With over four decades of experience, the mattress experts at Texas Mattress Makers can help you find the perfect mattress for your body shape, sleeping position, and weight. 

Since we hand make all of our mattresses and select each of the components to be top quality, many of our mattresses boast a greater longevity than the average mattress. The special craftsmanship goes into every mattress we sell, from your twin mattress in Houston, pocket coil mattresses, and every custom made mattress in between.

Already know what you’re looking for? You can browse our full selection of handmade mattresses online! Simply choose to shop by either comfort level, mattress type, mattress size, or budget and chat with an expert online if you have questions. 

Or if you would prefer to get a feel for our mattresses in-person, visit us at any of our convenient Houston locations

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