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Find the Best Individually Wrapped Coil Mattress for You

Individually wrapped coil mattresses are extremely versatile, giving buyers plenty of options when it comes to finding the best individually wrapped coil mattress for their sleep needs.

However, a variety of options tend to raise a variety of questions. This individually wrapped coil mattress buying guide will answer top mattress FAQs and give you the information you need to begin searching for the best individually wrapped mattress for you.

What is an Individually Wrapped Coil Mattress?

An individually wrapped coil mattress gets its name from the way its coils are each individually wrapped in their own pocket of fabric. This setup allows each coil to move independently and respond with more accuracy to different areas of your body. 

An individually wrapped coil mattress is typically comprised of two main parts, which is why we classify many of our individually wrapped coil mattresses as hybrid mattresses. These two parts are the support layer with an individually wrapped spring component and a comfort layer made of either foam or latex components.

Individually wrapped coil mattresses come with many benefits for buyers:

  • Budget-friendly options
  • Natural heat transference makes this mattress type ideal for hot sleepers
  • Individual coils (not interlinked) create optimum responsive support
  • A variety of options with regard to support and firmness
  • Excellent motion isolation, especially when paired with a foam or latex comfort layer

Innerspring mattress vs. individually wrapped coil mattress

When looking for the best individually wrapped coil mattress, you will invariably run across another type of coil mattress: open coil mattresses. Also known as an innerspring mattress, open coil mattresses use a series of interlinked coils. When this type of coil is compressed, all the other coils surrounding it will also compress (albeit to a lesser degree).

For children and young teens who are naturally lighter, this effect has few if any repercussions. For adults or older teens, however, this effect can cause support issues and lead to alignment problems that cause aches and pains.

So, are individually wrapped coil mattresses better than innerspring/open coil mattresses? For children or teens, not necessarily, but for adults, yes.

Individually wrapped coil mattress vs. memory foam

Compared to a 100% memory foam mattress (or any other type of all-foam mattress), individually wrapped coil mattresses have several benefits. Perhaps the most obvious of these is the individually wrapped coil mattress’s superior ability to transfer heat away from your body. 

Foam retains heat naturally, and even if alternative foams with cooling properties are used in the mattress, an individually wrapped coil mattress will still provide you with a cooler sleep than an all-foam mattress. Compared with all-foam mattresses, individually wrapped coil mattresses provide a wider variety of support options.

Keep in mind that many hybrid mattresses use both an individually wrapped coil component in the support layer and memory foam / alternative foam/latex components in the comfort layer. Unlike all-foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses still allow the heat from your body and the foam to go somewhere, which is why they are still excellent options for individuals who prefer a cooler sleeping environment.

How Many Individually Wrapped Coils Should a Mattress Have?

In the mattress-making industry, a high coil count has become synonymous with quality. That’s because a higher coil typically means that a mattress delivers improved responsiveness.

Unfortunately, this trend of equating high coil count with quality has created some issues. Less reputable mattress makers use coil components that manipulate engineering to qualify for falsely inflated coil counts. For example, some manufacturers place smaller coils within larger coils or stack several layers of coils on top of one another within the support layer.

So, how many coils should a mattress have? The minimum number of coils a queen mattress should have is 600, but outside of that, the quality of a mattress cannot be measured by its coil count alone. The gauge of the coil is also important.  

To protect yourself, just keep an eye out for mattresses with extremely low coil counts, which are poor quality, or extremely high coil counts (5,000+), which likely have falsely inflated coil numbers.

Which Mattress Has the Highest Coil Count at Texas Mattress Makers?

The mattresses with the highest coil count at Texas Mattress Makers use our Quantum coil component in the support layer of a hybrid mattress. The Quantum coil is a micro-coil and is known as the most supportive coil in the mattress industry.

A queen mattress with a Quantum coil base will have 200% more coils than other standard queen individually wrapped coil mattresses.

Other Considerations When Buying an Individually Wrapped Coil Mattress

There are some particulars to keep in mind when shopping for your mattress either online or in-store. These include: 

  • Your sleeping position: Side, back, stomach, combination
  • Budget and desired longevity: For example, when subject to normal wear and tear, our Quantum coil mattresses last for a lifetime.
  • Preferred mattress components: Including coil type, count, and gauge, as well as the comfort layer of your mattress. For more information about comfort layer materials, please see our foam and latex component pages.
  • Mattress firmness/softness and support: Note that support relates to a mattress’s ability to promote proper alignment, while firmness and softness relate to preferences regarding how your mattress feels.

Need Help Finding the Best Individually Wrapped Coil Mattress for You? Texas Mattress Makers Has You Covered.

Texas Mattress Makers has been providing Houstonians with top-quality individually wrapped coil mattresses for over four decades. You can explore our full selection of handmade mattresses online and choose to shop by either comfort level, mattress type, mattress size, or budget.

Want to get more of a feel for your potential mattresses than a buying guide can provide? The sleep experts at Texas Mattress Makers can help you find the best individually wrapped coil mattress for your exact sleeping needs.Your good night’s sleep is our passion. Come and visit any of our convenient Houston locations today!

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