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Quantum Coil Mattress Component

Known as the most supportive coil in the industry, the Quantum coil mattress component uses top-of-the-line individually wrapped coil technology to provide sleepers with a supportive and long-lasting mattress. Here’s what makes a Quantum coil mattress different from other types of individually wrapped coil and innerspring mattresses.

See what Texas Mattress Makers founder Youval has to say about this top-tier coil.

What is a Quantum Coil Mattress?

1. A coil with a small diameter, promoting active support 

The Quantum coil is a type of individually wrapped coil mattress — a mattress made of coils that are each housed in pockets of fabric and that can move independently, providing each area of your body with individualized support and contouring and minimizing motion transfer.

One of the main qualities that makes a Quantum coil different from your typical individually wrapped coil is the size of a Quantum coil’s diameter. The smaller diameter of these micro-coils enables Quantum coil mattresses to house more than your average number of coils — and thus provide 200% more coils than your average amount of precise support. 

Since the small diameter of the coil does create so much support, Quantum coil mattresses are great for sleepers who need a medium-firm to firm mattress, sleepers with weight concerns, and sleepers with injuries.

Narrow diameter quantum coils also keep foam support layers from digging into the top of the coil, a process that can eventually lead to a lumpy mattress.

2. An investment that can last a lifetime

Quantum coil mattresses are made using first-rate materials. The heat-treated, high-tensile, stress-relieved micro-coils are highly resilient and made to hold their shape. Subject to regular wear and tear, these mattresses can last for (or even outlast) the lifetime of their owners.

3. A coil that provides a cool sleeping surface

A mattress made with individually wrapped coils like the Quantum coil transfer heat 28% more efficiently than all-foam and all-latex mattress options. Our Quantum coil mattress components are used in the support layer of hybrid mattresses (mattresses that frequently use an individually wrapped coil base with a foam or latex comfort layer). An individually wrapped coil base like the Quantum coil gives the heat from your body and/or from the comfort layer of your mattress somewhere to go, helping you stay cool throughout the night. 

4. An eco-friendly pocketed spring option

The fine wire coils that comprise Quantum coil mattress components are made using repurposed steel, making the Quantum coil a greener pocketed spring mattress option for environmentally conscious buyers.

5. A Texas Mattress Makers exclusive

Texas Mattress Makers is the only mattress manufacturer in Texas that has the expertise necessary to make mattresses with Quantum coil components.  And since we make all of our mattresses in-house, we are able to engineer our mattresses to meet your specific needs and preferences for feel.

Interested in our Quantum coil mattresses? Want to get a feel for our mattresses before making a purchase? The mattress experts at Texas Mattress Makers can help you find the best mattress for your exact sleeping needs.

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