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What is a Hybrid Mattress?

When answering the question, “What is a hybrid mattress?” many mattress retailers wind up using the expression, “The best of both worlds.” Indeed, the best hybrid mattresses combine the support of individually wrapped coils and the cushion and comfort of a foam or latex mattress.

Because hybrid mattresses are able to meet so many different kinds of sleeping needs and preferences, Texas Mattress Makers sells more hybrid mattresses than any other type of mattress in our showrooms.

Discover what makes hybrid mattresses so versatile and what to look for when shopping for your next hybrid mattress. 

Want more basic info about mattress selection? Check out our guide to How to Choose a Mattress.

What is a Hybrid Mattress Made of?

Hybrid mattresses are “hybrids” of two main mattress components — one component in the support layer (the base of the mattress) and the other component in the comfort layer (the mattress top).

The support layer

At Texas Mattress Makers, the support layer of a hybrid mattress is made using an individually wrapped coil mattress component. We use different types of individually wrapped coils that have different gauges aimed at providing different levels of support and feels. Many of our most supportive mattresses use the top-of-the-line Quantum coil, an individually wrapped micro-coil that is the top supportive coil in the industry.

Individually wrapped coils are each “housed” in their own individual fabric and can move independently of one another, which improves responsiveness and limits motion transfer. Learn more about our individually wrapped coil component here.

The comfort layer

Meanwhile, our comfort layers are typically made using either memory foam, foam alternatives, or 100% Talalay latex components. These different components each provide their own unique set of benefits, but they all aim to promote pressure point relief and increase the comfort of your sleeping surface.

Texas Mattress Makers also offers the Comfort Coil. This component is unique in that it is a coil component that can be used in the comfort layer. It provides sleepers with added support, but its shorter coils promote a soft feel.

For specific information regarding the components used in our comfort layers, please see our latex component, foam component, and Comfort Coil component pages.

What Are the Benefits of a Hybrid Mattress?

With a wide variety of features, one hybrid mattress can feel very different from another. Considering these differences, what are the pros and cons of a hybrid mattress? 

Hybrid mattress pros

  • Suitable for any sleeping position
  • Many different support and comfort options, making it possible to find the best hybrid mattress for your exact needs
  • Variety of price points available
  • Excellent motion isolation, making it possible for partners to sleep comfortably without disturbing one another when they move (especially if the mattress is made with an individually wrapped coil support layer)
  • An individually wrapped coil base promotes air circulation, resulting in a cooler sleeping surface
  • Many varieties with edge support
  • Most work with adjustable bases, if desired

Hybrid mattress cons

With so many hybrid mattress varieties available, individuals looking for a hybrid may feel overwhelmed by the vast number of choices out there. Outside of this issue, it is difficult to pinpoint a con that can be applied to all hybrid mattresses.

How Does it Feel to Sleep on a Hybrid Mattress?

Hybrid mattresses can be manufactured to deliver many different kinds of sleeping experiences. However, all the hybrid mattresses at Texas Mattress Makers are engineered to isolate motion and to conform to your body (without making you feel “hugged” like an all-foam mattress).

How Long Will a Hybrid Mattress Last?

With a durable support layer, our hybrid mattresses provide reliably comfortable sleep for many years. In fact, hybrid mattresses made with our Quantum coil component typically last a lifetime with normal wear and tear.

Additional Considerations When Buying a Hybrid Mattress

There are some particulars to keep in mind when shopping for your mattress either online or in-store. These include: 

  • Your sleeping position (side, back, stomach, combination)
  • Budget and desired longevity
  • Preferred mattress components for the support and comfort layers
  • Mattress firmness/softness and support: Note that support relates to a mattresses’ ability to promote proper alignment, while firmness and softness relate to preferences regarding how your mattress feels. 
  • Body type and weight
  • Whether or not want components with cooling elements in the comfort layer

Need Help Finding the Best Hybrid Mattress for You? Texas Mattress Makers Has You Covered.

Now that you know the answer to “What is a hybrid mattress?” it’s time to start looking for the best hybrid mattress for you.

Texas Mattress Makers has been providing Houstonians with top-quality hybrid mattresses for over four decades. You can explore our full selection of handmade mattresses online and choose to shop by either comfort level, mattress type, mattress size, or budget.

Want to get more of a feel for your potential mattresses than a buying guide can provide? The sleep experts at Texas Mattress Makers can help you find the best hybrid mattress for your exact sleeping needs.

Your good night’s sleep is our passion. Come and visit any of our convenient Houston locations today!

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