Even with the assistance of a mattress expert who can help you navigate a showroom, the reality is that sometimes, you just need a bed that’s designed specifically for you. Maybe you’re 6’8 tall. Maybe you and your significant other have drastically different requirements for what would make a good mattress. Maybe you simply don’t like all of the existing available options. Whatever your reason, having a custom-made mattress is a lot more affordable than you would first think.

One of the many benefits of purchasing a mattress from Texas Mattress Makers is that since we design and make all of our beds in-house, it doesn’t take any extra time or cost extra money to put together a fully customized mattress. You only pay the difference in materials, if any. Considering that you’re spending a third of your life in bed, why not build one that uniquely yours?

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What is a Dual Comfort Mattress?

Sleeping with a significant other can be nice… unless you want a firm bed and they want a soft one (or vice versa). What can you do to keep both of you happy? Dual comfort mattresses enable you and your partner to tailor your respective sides of the bed to your own preferences. When you talk with our mattress experts, we’ll ask all the right questions about both of your sleeping patterns, positions, and all relevant subjects to ensure you both get a guaranteed best night’s rest.

What is a Double Sided Mattress?

Most people have memories of their mother telling them to flip their mattress. This is because, back then, most mattresses were designed to be flippable — with both sides equally as comfortable. Nowadays, mattress makers design modern beds from the bottom up, with the comfortable layers placed only at the top. With mattress materials, such as memory foam and pillow top, it’s no longer necessary (or practical) to make all mattresses double-sided. However, some people still prefer flippable beds, and since we aim to always provide you with the best mattress for your specific needs, we offer the option to purchase a double-sided mattress.