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Ice Blue Mattress Cooling Technology

Ice Blue mattress cooling technology is different than other cooling technology on the market today. Whereas cooling gels and other trends only keep you cool for an hour or two, Ice Blue works to keep your temperature neutral all night. Ultimately, this product can provide you with a much cooler sleep than any other product available today. 

Learn why Texas Mattress Makers is so excited about this innovative cooling component and how it differs from the other mattress cooling technologies. 

What Does it Mean to Sleep Hot? 

To understand Ice Blue mattress cooling technology, we must first go over what makes individuals “sleep hot” in the first place. Some people, regardless of age or gender, naturally get hotter during the night, while others do not. But you don’t necessarily need to be one of these people to feel like you’re sleeping hot, especially if you live in the Houston area. 

Rather, what makes people feel like they’re sleeping hot is when their mattress absorbs their heat as they sleep.  Some mattress materials, such memory foam, retain heat more naturally than others, which is why those materials aren’t recommended for individuals who sleep not. In fact, foam’s natural tendency to retain heat is why we often recommend latex components or individually wrapped coils over 100% memory foam mattresses for individuals who need more airflow and a cooler sleep surface. 

Regardless, this heat remains within the top layer of your mattress and has nowhere to go, especially if you sleep with a blanket or wear cozier PJs to bed. And once your mattress absorbs your body’s heat, you’re in for a long, uncomfortable, and sweaty night’s sleep. 

What is Ice Blue Mattress Cooling Technology?

Sleeping at a neutral temperature in a cooler environment (the suggested bedroom temperature is 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit) allows you to get a more restful and fulfilling night’s sleep. Ice Blue mattress cooling technology is a phase changing material that helps regulate your body temperature as you sleep at night. 

To do this effectively, it prevents your body heat from being absorbed into your mattress — the process that makes you get hot in the first place.

Ice Blue Cool Technology is sewn throughout the quilting of the mattress topper.

In other words, this mattress component doesn’t actually make you “sleep cold,” it just helps you maintain your regular body temperature instead of turning your bed into a toaster oven. Furthermore, its effects don’t wear away with time, making Ice Blue technology an exciting and revolutionary product for the bedding industry. 

Note: Pattern may change due to available supplies. However, the technology will remain the same.

What Makes Ice Blue Mattress Cooling Technology Different Than Other Types of Cooling Technology? 

Ice Blue technology is a relatively new technology, and one that comes after many other types of technology that claimed they could keep you cool all night long, but ultimately failed. We know, because the mattress experts at Texas Mattress Makers always test out new technologies before selling them to our customers. We promote components that work, not those that just sound good for marketing. 

For example, when “cooling foam gel” was the new hype, we decided to try out this material and see if it really was a quality product. We found that, while this material was definitely cool to the touch at first, as you continued to lay on it, it acted just as most foam does: it retained body heat. Cooling gel has its place and can be a helpful addition to your mattress, but it  simply can’t keep you cool all night.

In fact, nothing we tried worked well enough to stake that claim until we sent home an employee with an Ice Blue topper. She came back with the following review: 

My fiance sleeps at approximately the temperature of the sun’s surface. I am cold all the time while I sleep. This made it difficult for us to sleep together, and the battling over AC and fans was constant. I am happy to report that, after three months of use, I no longer wake up to a very sweaty man and a high AC bill. I am ecstatic that during this Texas summer we are still snuggling and he is sleeping better at night.

Caitlyn Pesl, Texas Mattress Makers Employee

To put it more bluntly, we were pleasantly surprised and very excited. Ice Blue mattress cooling technology dispersed any heat before it reached the mattress, keeping your body’s temperature regulated and helping sleepers stay cool all night long. 

We can finally offer Houstonians a cooling layer component that will regulate their temperature throughout the night! 

Where Can You Find Ice Blue Mattress Cooling Technology at Texas Mattress Makers? 

Ice Blue mattress cooling technology is infused directly into the quilt of our Cannes Mattress Line, which comes in either a plush, soft, or firm feel. You can see and feel this new technology for yourself at all of our showroom locations in the Greater Houston Area.

If you go to our showroom and you find that you want the Ice Blue component but on a different mattress, please speak with one of our showroom experts. In most cases, we can add the Ice Blue technology as a custom option when we produce your mattress.

Want to Learn More About This Technology? 

Check out these Day Shows where the owner and President of Texas Mattress Makers, Youval Meicler, gives a inside look on how you can use this Ice Blue technology to help sleep cooler during the Texas Summer.

Come to our Showrooms to Give Ice Blue Mattress Cooling Technology a Try 

At Texas Mattress Makers, we are always testing and verifying the latest technologies and trends in our industry. Being the manufacturer of our own mattresses gives us the edge and advantage of learning about the latest materials that are being introduced, including Ice Blue mattress cooling technology. 

If you’re having trouble staying cool even with the A/C on blast, there are a number of reasons that you might be sleeping hot at night, and one of them might be your mattress. Ice Blue mattress cooling technology allows you and/or your partner to sleep comfortably despite the Houston heat or a tendency to warm up over the night. 

We could not be more excited to share this new innovation with our customers and to have them try it out for themselves. 

Have questions? Give us a call at 713-341-6252, reach out to our mattress experts online, or simply visit us at one of our convenient locations for more information.   

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