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Best Mattress Value Guarantee

December 12, 2017  ·  3 min read

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As both the retailer and manufacturer, we are able to cut out many costs other retailers pass onto you. Shopping factory direct enables you to avoid mark up and freight costs between the manufacturer and retailer. At Texas Mattress Makers, we make all of our own beds inside our own on-site factory: every split king mattress to every custom mattress. The savings from our low overhead costs means you can take advantage of everyday low prices on mattresses in Houston that you can afford.

In addition to low factory prices, we believe in product cost transparency. Everyone should know what they are buying and what they are paying for. Our goal is to make the best quality products for the lowest possible price. We only use the best materials available for every price point so you get the best value for your money and the good night’s sleep you deserve.

What are you paying for when you buy your mattress?

Materials & Productions Costs:

The majority of the cost of your new mattress is from the cost associated with the materials and production. We have been making mattresses by hand for over 30 years and we believe in crafting the best product for your best night’s sleep. Every individually pocketed coil, every layer of memory foam, to every custom RV mattress: all handmade in Houston.

Houston Employees:

Almost all of our employees live in the Greater Houston area. When you shop with us, your money goes back into your local economy. We believe this small role we play in providing local jobs helps our community grow stronger.

Marketing & Community Outreach:

We owe the success of our small local business to the people of the Greater Houston Area and we strive to give back to our community as much as possible so our local economy grows along with us. We are proud to be involved in several local causes, such as our annual sponsorship of Houston Children’s Charity’s “A Better Night’s Sleep” program. Every mattress purchase brings us one step closer to helping another local family achieve their dreams.


Your best night’s sleep begins with superior quality and expertise. We invest in our staff members to make sure they are equipped with the experience and knowledge they need to fit you to the best bed for your sleep: no more sagging mattresses! (Related: How to choose a mattress that’s best for you.)

Additionally, we always strive to develop innovative products with the latest in sleep technology so you get the comfort you want and the support you need.

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