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True Mattress Expertise Guarantee

At Texas Mattress Makers, we have been making mattresses by hand for over 30 years. We have several staff members with decades of experience. You reap the benefits of our expertise when you shop with our Mattress Experts. They are familiar with every aspect you should consider when selecting the right bed. Our goal is to equip you with easy to understand information so you can make an educated decision and buy the right bed for your best night’s sleep.

What Does it Take to Become a ‘Mattress Expert’?

Mattress Production Experience:

Every Mattress Expert in our showroom has actual mattress production experience. The best way to truly begin to understand a product is to begin by crafting it by hand.

Training in Various Sleep Needs:

Each customer has a unique set of sleep needs. Our Mattress Experts are trained to know how sleep concerns such as body type, sleep position, former injuries, sleep disorder, and even budget all factor into providing you with the best option for your specific needs.

Knowledge of Mattress Materials:

Mattress components play a large role in the quality and durability of a bed. In order to be considered an expert, our staff members must have in-depth knowledge of the materials we use in our beds and how they all come together to affect your sleep.

Familiarity with Products:

The only way for you to take full advantage of our wide selection of products is for you to work with a Mattress Expert who is familiar with each of our beds. Our Mattress Experts know every product in our showroom so you receive the best recommendations for your needs.

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