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Mattress Myth 3: Relying on Technology vs. Experts


This Video Will Change Your Mind About the Importance of Mattress Expertise!

One of the top mattress experts in the country talks about common sleep challenges and how to fix them.  Not every salesperson is an expert in the product they sell.  You need to know everything there is about your product to call yourself an expert. This video shows you that buying from a mattress expert will help you get a better night’s sleep.  View More Mattress Myth Videos »

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If you manage to sleep an average of 8 hours a night, that is a third of your life.  If you live to be 75 you will spend approximately 25 years on a mattress. When you think of it that way, choosing the right mattress seems like a critical decision!  But, how do you do that?  Can you rely on technology alone, or do you need expert advice?

The Importance of Sleep Technology

To answer this, it might be helpful to understand what new mattress technology can and can’t do for you.  As with everything else, mattress technology is always advancing. This means you have more options than ever when choosing your sleep surface. If you want to, you can choose from memory foam, pocketed coils, linear coils, innerspring, etc. The list goes on and on!

Or, there is the “bed in a box” technology which allows you to avoid these decisions all together. Yes, that makes the process easy… but think back to what we said about 25 years spent sleeping.  With that perspective, is ease so important?  Or does quality and customization become more so?

The Limitations of Sleep Technology

Here is what technology alone can’t do.  While it provides new options, it can’t help you understand the impact of those options on you and your sleep.  For example, what cause and effect will sleeping on a certain spring and a certain type of foam have on you when laying on it night after night?

It also can’t customize the perfect combination of those options to keep you sleeping as comfortably as possible.   When considering sleep technology, what you really want to know is not simply whether a mattress is firm, but when is it going to lose that firmness? What makes it firm and how will it stay that way? When is a perfectly soft mattress going to get too soft?

Even more important are questions related to your health.  For example, what type of mattress is best for a bad back? There is a lot of misconception around this.  According to the National Sleep Foundation, “Too often consumers believe that ultra-firm mattresses are good for them, but research on patients with back pain found this was not true and a more supple, comforting mattress may lead to better sleep.”  Only mattress experts, in combination with the right technology, can help you know these answers and select the best mattress for your unique needs.

We are very confident at Texas Mattress Makers that our expertise can get you a much better night’s sleep than technology alone—but let us prove it! Please contact our mattress experts to learn more today.