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Your Sleep Will Improve


At Texas Mattress Makers, our first priority is to make sure your new bed improves your sleep so you leave happy. As Youval Meicler, our owner / founder has always said: “We are not in the business of selling mattresses. Our job is to improve your sleep.” Continue reading to learn more about the top four ways we ensure you get your best night’s sleep when you shop with our Mattress Experts!

How Your Sleep Improves:

Superior Mattress Comfort

Your comfort preferences are crucial to determine which bed is right for your sleep. Our Mattress Experts take all of your sleep needs into account in order to determine what bed will provide long term comfort for your best night’s sleep.

Fitted Support for Your Body

Quality sleep on your new mattress begins with excellent, posturized support. Our Mattress Experts work with you one-on-one to fit you to the mattress that fills into the curves of your natural sleeping form.

Best Mattress Materials

Your new bed will feature the very best materials for your budget. There are always a lot of mattress component options available, often with major loss in quality with only minor differences in price. We always use the materials that will provide the best benefits for your sleep at every price point.

Best Mattress Value

You can afford a better mattress when you take advantage of our everyday low factory direct prices. As a manufacturer, we are always looking for the best deals on components so we can pass these savings onto you.

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