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How a Custom Mattress Can Improve Your Sleep Quality

April 5, 2022  ·  7 min read

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At Texas Mattress Makers, we believe that investing in a custom mattress can improve your sleep quality immensely. A mattress is something that you use every day, so it should cater to your exact needs. Having a mattress that is crafted specifically to your needs and specifications can be a game-changer in your overall quality of life.

So, why aren’t more people custom making their own mattresses? We get the question “can you custom make a mattress?” all of the time, and those that do know that it is an option, are often afraid of the cost.  Custom mattresses have a reputation for being expensive, unattainable, and complicated. This is simply not true.

The mattress experts at Texas Mattress Makers are here to explain the benefits of getting a custom mattress while clearing up some rumors along the way. If you’re interested, call 713-341-6252 or visit one of our Houston-area locations to speak with an expert today!

Reasons a custom mattress can improve your sleep quality

We cannot stress this enough: good sleep is essential to a healthy life. If you are not getting good sleep, you are doing your body a major disservice. And having the right mattress is a huge part of the sleep equation –– but with large bed-in-a-box companies and mattress retailers selling you one-size-fits-all solutions, it can be hard to know what YOU need in a mattress.

Every sleeper has a unique set of needs that not every mattress can solve. A custom mattress is a great solution for people who have needs a regular mattress can’t fully address. Here are some examples.

1. A custom mattress can be made in any size

There is nothing worse than buying a standard mattress that does not fit where it needs to go. We see this often when customers have beautiful antique beds with specific dimensions, need an RV mattress for comfortable camping, or simply have a bed frame or room that is just an odd size. Having a mattress custom-made can ensure that it will fit your exact needs.

If you want a custom size or shape, please let our experts know what specific dimensions you need so we can bring your vision to life!

2. A custom mattress can address your and a partner’s needs

Sleeping in the same bed with a partner can reveal issues with a mattress. Many couples tend to settle for a mattress that prioritizes one person’s preferences over the other’s…and that’s just not fair. If you sleep on your back and prefer a firmer mattress, why should you sleep on the plushy mattress that your partner likes? The answer: you shouldn’t have to.

In order to get the best rest possible, you need to find a mattress that addresses both of your criteria. Custom dual-comfort mattresses for couples with different preferences are a great solution that allows both partners’ sleep needs to be satisfied.

3. A custom mattress can be built for your body

Imagine having a closet full of clothes that were perfectly tailored to your body. You would never have to worry about your clothes not fitting you. You can look at a mattress in the same way –– a custom mattress built for your body can improve your sleeping experience.

As we mentioned earlier, each individual sleeper is different. You (yes, you) are different from every other customer that walks through our doors. And though it may seem strange, your body type plays a large role in determining your sleep needs. Every single person has a different height and weight distribution and that can affect how they lay on a mattress.

To find the best mattress for your body, we evaluate where you will need the most support. After speaking with an expert, we will be able to suggest specific components to ensure that your body will be comfortable and fully supported as you sleep.

4. A custom mattress can help with any existing conditions

Possessing certain health conditions can make getting a good night’s sleep slightly more difficult. For example, if you suffer from joint pain or arthritis, having a mattress that can relieve certain pressure points as you sleep can have a huge impact on your sleep quality. If you have a condition that causes you to sleep hot, or are going through menopause, there are simple customizations that can make your mattress a cooler, more comfortable sleeping surface.

We have created mattresses for individuals that suffer from arthritis, acid reflux, chronic neck and back pain, and so much more. A mattress made with you in mind can ensure that you will have the most comfortable and restful sleep possible.

Are custom mattresses worth it?

This is the burning question: Are custom mattresses worth it? What if we told you that you could have a mattress completely tailored to your needs for a price tag that won’t break the bank? No need to pinch yourself –– this isn’t a dream!

With Texas Mattress Makers, creating a custom mattress is a lot easier than people think. First, you can either stop by one of our Houston-area showrooms, call us, or message us online to get in touch with a mattress expert. We take our time getting to know you and your needs so that we can craft the best mattress for you. Then, you can work alongside our team to choose the components, sizes, and materials used to make a mattress that’s entirely your own, to support your specific needs. Why settle for something that almost works for you when you can have a mattress that is custom-fitted to be exactly what you need for your best night’s sleep!

How much does it cost to get a mattress made?

Contrary to popular belief, getting a custom mattress made does not need to cost a fortune –– especially if you shop with Texas Mattress Makers. Here’s why!

  • We make all our mattresses on-site at our own factory in Downtown Houston
  • We offer factory-direct pricing
  • You only pay for the cost of the components used in your custom mattress — NO additional labor fees
  • We manufacture everything at our onsite, local factory which means we get the best deals from our suppliers to then give our customers the best deal as well

Getting a custom-made mattress with Texas Mattress Makers is the most affordable option for a high-quality mattress that is made just for you.

Texas Mattress Makers Can Create Your Perfect, Custom Mattress

You deserve the best night’s sleep possible. When other mattresses just don’t cut it, a custom mattress might be the solution to all of your sleep problems. As custom mattress makers, it is our job to provide you with the best possible mattress for your needs.

Purchasing a custom, factory-direct mattress through Texas Mattress Makers is a great way to guarantee the best sleep for years to come. If you’re interested in beginning the custom process with us, call 713-341-6252 to speak with an expert or visit any of our convenient Houston showroom locations. No matter your budget, no matter your needs, we will build something amazing together. Better sleep awaits!

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