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Custom Mattresses

Texas Mattress Makers

December 12, 2017  ·  3 min read

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At Texas Mattress Makers, we make all of our beds inside our on-site factory. You can order a custom mattress with the assistance of our Mattress Experts who are very familiar with all custom mattress needs. Even with custom mattresses, our prices are determined the cost of the mattress components used inside each bed so you can get the best fit for your specific sleep needs without breaking the bank. Continue reading to learn more about custom mattress options, how to order a custom mattress, and more!

Custom Mattress Options

  • Any Size
  • Any Shape
  • Any Mattress Components
  • Dual Comfort Beds (Your Side / Their Side)
  • Flippable Mattresses

How to Order a Custom Mattress

If you are interested in a custom fitted mattress, please feel free to visit our showroom at any time during our regular business hours. Our Mattress Experts are always standing by to assist you with your custom mattress needs so you do not need to make an appointment. If you want a custom size or shape, please bring your measurements into the showroom when you visit. If you would like to get an idea of price before you visit, please call our showroom at 713.341.6252.

How to Measure Your Custom Mattress

Unique mattress size without any unique corners or shape

    • Simply use a measuring tape to take the measurements of the width and length of your bed.

For mattresses with a unique shape or corner design

    1. Remove the bedding from your mattress.
    2. Place your mattress onto a large piece of paper as needed such as builder’s paper, which is commonly used to protect flooring from home improvement projects and is available at your local hardware stores. You may need to tape the paper together to make a large enough template for your bed, but one roll should provide enough paper for this project.
    3. Use a carpenter pencil to trace the outline of your mattress to create a template of the bed size you want. Be sure to trace the mattress along the edges while looking down so that the pencil mark is barely along the outside edges of the bed.

Helpful Tips

    • If you have any specific mattress thickness requirements, please be sure to mention this as well.
    • If you do not already have a mattress to work from, simply cut a large piece of paper into the size and shape you need. Make sure to place this template in the space to ensure the template fits your space properly.
    • You can always bring the mattress into our showroom so our staff can take the measurements for you.
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