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Mattress Firm: Sales over Substance

Mattress Firm is one of the most well-known big mattress retailers in the industry, representing multiple large-name brands including Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, Purple, and Tulo. While the idea of having many popular brands in one store may seem like a great selling point for mattress consumers, mattress chains that sell mass-produced, one-size-fits-all products do more harm than good to the buyer.

The biggest difference between Texas Mattress Makers vs. Mattress Firm is that Mattress Firm is a mattress retailer and Texas Mattress Makers is a mattress manufacturer and retailer. They sell a wide variety of mattress brands, but Texas Mattress Makers sells mattresses produced in-house for a lower price. You would be surprised what this difference means for your buying experience.

Mattress Firm is in the business of selling you a mattress – Texas Mattress Makers is in the business of providing you with the best night’s sleep possible. With our help and expertise, you will know the most comfortable mattress type for you and how it will improve your quality of sleep and quality of life. So, why not choose a mattress manufacturer that produces products with you in mind?

Texas Mattress Makers vs. Mattress Firm

​​Here’s why you should choose a quality, handmade mattress from Texas Mattress Makers over a Mattress Firm.

Manufacturer vs. Retailer


Mattress Firm

Texas Mattress Makers – Mattress Manufacturer & Retailer

  • Creates and sells all handmade mattresses manufactured in Downtown Houston factory
  • Mattresses are made with quality components and are sold for low, factory-direct prices
  • Team of in-house expert craftsmen and mattress experts who are available to help you
  • Custom mattress abilities for any size, shape and comfort option you need

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Mattress Firm – Mattress Retailer

  • Sells mass-produced mattresses from other big mattress retailers
  • Adds in 3rd party costs to the price of the mattress
  • Mattresses can contain low-quality components
  • Can create an overwhelming experience for buyers because they do not have knowledge about the components

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Experts vs. Salespeople


Mattress Firm

Texas Mattress Makers – Mattress Experts

  • Staffed by mattress experts who can recommend the best mattress for your unique sleep needs
  • Trained in the mattress manufacturing process
  • Want to give you the best sleep possible

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Mattress Firm – Sales Representatives

  • Staffed by salespeople who lack expertise
  • Are not involved in the production of the products
  • Want to sell you a mattress. That’s it.

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Local Business vs. National Mattress Chains


Mattress Firm

Texas Mattress Makers – Locally and Family Owned

  • Materials sourced locally, within the United States
  • Handcrafted by local craftsmen
  • Personal relationship with suppliers
  • No supply issues, no delivery delays
  • White-glove delivery in just 7-10 days with free mattress removal

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Mattress Firm – A Mattress Chain

  • Materials sourced globally
  • Mass-produced, low-quality mattresses that potentially sit over long periods of time in a warehouse
  • Could be experiencing material shortages and shipping delays

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Mattress Firm: Mattresses Sold Without You in Mind

Mattresses are an extremely personal investment. Because sleep is such an essential factor in our everyday lives, we sleep best on a hand-crafted mattress specific to our sleep needs and body type. The truth is, you will not find that perfect mattress at a Mattress Firm. The salespeople at big box stores have a vested interest to sell you a particular mattress based on the commission they will make. So they may tell you that a particular mattress could work for you, but there’s a good chance you will experience less than ideal sleep and be forced to replace that mattress years later because you overpaid for your mattress, wasting your time and money. On that note, let’s talk about money.

Who has the best prices on mattresses? Hint: it’s us.

Mattress Firm may seem like a more affordable option than a local mattress manufacturer, but that could not be farther from the truth. Why? At Texas Mattress Makers, we create our own products and cut out the middleman*. As both the mattress manufacturer and the retailer, we can price our products fairly. Our low factory prices are unmatched for the quality product that you are receiving that will last you a lifetime.

Because of our factory direct model, we cut out the costs associated with product distribution, manufacturer to retailer markup, and huge marketing budgets. This means you only pay for the components used to make your mattress and the delivery fee (if you choose to have your mattress delivered with our white-glove delivery process). That is the Texas Mattress Makers difference.

*To learn more about the current state of the mattress industry, hear what our founder Youval Meicler has to say about how Texas Mattress Makers has continued to provide quality handmade mattresses amidst the pandemic.

Texas Mattress Makers Produces Mattresses with You in Mind

Texas Mattress Makers vs. Mattress Firm: there truly is no comparison. We create and sell quality, handmade mattresses for less money while they sell other brands’ lower quality products. Their new advertising campaign featuring #JunkSleep really says it all…you will not get the best sleep of your life on a Mattress Firm bed.

At Texas Mattress Makers, our founder Youval Meicler combined his knowledge of mattress manufacturing and sales to create an all-in-one mattress destination where customers could buy a factory direct mattress directly from the source for less money, guided by the expertise of real-life mattress experts — not pushy salespeople.

We are here to help you find the perfect mattress for you, whether that be a ready-to-buy handcrafted mattress on our showroom floor or a custom mattress that we create together. Wondering which mattress would suit you best? Take our Sleep Profile Quiz to better understand how we can satisfy your needs.

Shop our quality mattress online by comfort level, mattress type, mattress size, or budget, or come and visit any of our convenient Houston-area locations today! If you’d like to speak with an expert while you shop online, call 713-766-4612.