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Is There an Alternative to Memory Foam Mattresses?

February 24, 2022  ·  5 min read

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Is there an alternative to memory foam mattresses? Of course, there is! As expert mattress makers, we understand that memory foam mattresses aren’t perfect for everyone. For example, memory foam can sometimes have an off-putting chemical-like smell. Because memory foam is a man-made product, some mattress manufacturers create them with harsh chemicals that can release off-gassing or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that leave a persistent odor in the mattress for weeks at a time.

That is not the case with non-toxic memory foam mattresses made by Texas Mattress Makers. We still like to provide alternatives to memory foam mattresses for individuals who sleep hot, hate the body-hugging or cradling feeling of a memory foam mattress, but still crave comfort and pressure relief as they sleep.

Explore our recommendations for alternatives to memory foam mattresses that are also listed in our memory foam buying guide

Hybrid mattresses vs. memory foam

If you aren’t keen on memory foam mattresses, a hybrid mattress may be the answer to your prayers. What is the difference between a memory foam and hybrid mattress? The biggest difference between hybrid mattresses and memory foam mattresses is coils — hybrid mattresses have coils, memory foam mattresses don’t.

What is a hybrid mattress made of? Hybrid mattresses are “hybrids” of two main mattress components — the support layer (the base of the mattress) and the comfort layer (the mattress top). Texas Mattress Makers makes these mattresses with an individually wrapped coil mattress component as the support layer, whereas memory foam mattresses are made up of purely foam components. If you want a mattress with a bit more emphasis on support, a hybrid mattress may be a better fit for you than traditional memory foam. 

Many of the foam alternatives mentioned in this article are used only in our hybrid mattresses.

High-resilience foam

With its more buoyant feel, high-resilience foam — called HR foam in our showroom — mimics many properties of latex that keep sleepers from sinking into their mattress (note: memory foam has a reputation for that sinking feeling). With a plush feel and superior support, high-resilience foam is a great alternative to memory foam mattresses.

  • Popular pickSanta Barbara Deluxe Mattress: This mattress is made with a firm, supportive individually wrapped coil unit and a high-resilience foam in the comfort layer for pressure point relief without the feeling of sinking.

Serene foam

If you’re looking for a mattress with full-body support and cloud-like comfort, let us introduce you to Serene foam — a newer, luxurious, and more advanced version of polyurethane foam (memory foam) that is used in the comfort layer of the mattress. 

This more advanced version of memory foam helps with temperature regulation throughout the mattress for a night of cooler sleep, perfect for hot sleepers. 

We have two Serene foam mattresses to choose from:

  • Venice Plush Mattress: This ultra-soft Serene foam mattress combines signature handmade quality with high-tech innovations for unrivaled comfort, cooling, and support.
  • Milan Serene Foam Select Mattress: Combining luxury materials for the perfect balance of soft comfort and restorative support, the Milan Serene Foam Select provides a memory foam feel with added cooling and support from Quantum® Coil and Serene foam layers.


While not technically a foam, latex is a natural, eco-friendly, luxury product that shares many of the same qualities as memory foam, but has a more buoyant feel. Our latex mattresses allow the sleeper to experience support, comfort, and breathability together. If you’re looking for a latex mattress in Houston, all of our latex mattresses are made using the CertiPUR-US® certified, all-natural Talalay latex method and are cooling-compatible for comfortable sleep.

  • Top-sellerGeneva Copper Latex Hybrid Select Mattress: This medium-feeling latex hybrid mattress couples cooling comfort and optimal support for a luxuriously balanced sleep experience that provides refreshing, restorative sleep in any position.

  • Best-in-classFlorence Dual Latex Select Mattress: Designed for pain relief and superior support, the Florence Dual Latex Mattress is a medium-soft mattress made of copper-infused latex and phase-changing celsion latex that provides ultimate comfort and durability.

High-density foam

Our high-density foam is just that: high-density. An increase in density increases the firmness of the foam, making this foam an ideal base layer for support in our 100% memory foam mattresses. However, high-density foam can also be used in other layers of the mattress, including the comfort layer, to provide a medium-firm to firm feel and great lumbar support.

  • Everest Memory Foam Xtreme Firm Mattress: The Everest mattress features a super high-density foam core support layer that offers superior support and durability for back and stomach sleepers, without sacrificing comfort.

  • Noah Allen Plush Mattress: The combination of gel-infused and high-density memory foam provides a plush feeling while individually wrapped coils keep you supported and aligned.

Looking for an alternative to memory foam mattresses? Texas Mattress Makers has what you need.

Memory foam, though popular, can come with a few cons. That’s why we found it important to create alternatives to memory foam mattresses that suit a wider variety of sleepers. If any of the beds suggested above sound like a great fit for you, or you’d like to try our mattresses out for yourself, stop by a showroom location to speak with an expert. We are here to help you find the perfect mattress to suit your needs. 

Don’t settle for a mattress that isn’t right for you. Shop online by comfort level, mattress type, mattress size, and budget, or come and visit any of our convenient Houston-area locations today to try out our foam mattress alternatives.

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