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What Type of Mattress is Best for Back Pain?

September 5, 2023  ·  8 min read

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The answer to the question “what type of mattress is best for back pain?” is not as cut-and-dry as you might hope. Unfortunately, there isn’t one “best mattress for back pain” that will cure all of your aches and pains, but this doesn’t stop mattress companies from slapping a label on their mattresses in an attempt to convince you that they will. 

As mattress experts, we’re here to educate you on the truth when it comes to what type of mattress is best for back pain — and the answer may be different from what you expect.

How a bad mattress can lead to back pain

A person could suffer from back pain for a multitude of reasons including health conditions, age, injuries, and more; but what some people neglect to consider is whether their mattress could be the culprit that is causing their back pain. 

If you suffer from back pain when you wake up, it’s likely because your current mattress is not supporting your body properly. The support and comfort components in your mattress are designed to keep your body up on the mattress, promote healthy spinal alignment, and provide pressure relief to your joints and muscles. Your back pain may be caused by faulty components in your current mattress that are not performing as well as they should be to support your body.

Our founder Youval Meicler explains in detail how the right mattress can alleviate those daily aches and pains that you may be experiencing.

How Your Mattress Can Help You Manage Pain

As previously mentioned, there is not one best mattress for back pain, meaning the components that you would personally need in a mattress to help support your body will vary depending on your unique needs. What may alleviate back pain for you may not work for someone else. With that in mind, we will discuss how to find a mattress that will support your body, and in turn, relieve back pain for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Is a harder or softer mattress better for back pain?

One of the biggest questions (and myths) we hear from customers regarding what type of mattress is best for back pain is “is a firm bed better for your back?” The myth comes from the fact that many people believe that firmness equals support, when it doesn’t. Firmness is a preference that will depend on your sleeping position and where your body holds the most weight. 

The answer really depends on what you need from a mattress. In other words, if you want to sleep on a softer mattress you can, as long as the mattress has the proper supportive components for your body and sleep needs. Founder Youval and his daughter Rachael explain how to gauge how firm your mattress should be. 

Should I get a soft or firm mattress for lower back pain?

If you carry weight around your midsection, sleep on your back, or sleep on your stomach, a firm mattress may help alleviate lower back pain by distributing your body weight more evenly across the mattress. But for some, a firm mattress may end up hurting their back further. Getting a soft or firm mattress for lower back pain will depend on your body and its needs. 

There are two main things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing a mattress for back pain:

  1. You don’t want a gap between your body (specifically your lower back) and the mattress. This causes the spine to curve and results in lower back pain. 
  2. You don’t want to sink into your mattress. A mattress that is either too soft or unsupportive will cause your muscles to work overtime in order to support you, resulting in lower back pain.

If there is a gap between your mattress and your body, your mattress may be too firm for you. If you have a softer mattress but are waking up with back pain, you’re likely sleeping on an unsupportive mattress. At the end of the day, deciding between soft and firm will hinge on finding the right mattress for you that is both comfortable and supportive depending on your preferences and requirements. 

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Find the Best Mattress for You

How to find your best mattress for back pain

If there isn’t one type of mattress that is best for back pain, how do you go about finding the right mattress for you? With these three easy steps, you’ll be able to obtain your perfect mattress match. 

1. Stop by a Texas Mattress Makers showroom

If the best way to alleviate back pain is to find a mattress that suits your individual needs, then you need to shop at a mattress store in Houston that will cater to you. Here at Texas Mattress Makers, we provide a personalized shopping experience, in which our experts guide you through the entire selection process by getting to know what you need out of a mattress. 

We offer a variety of mattress types that can suit any sleeper’s needs. Whether you’re looking for a sciatica mattress or the best mattress for back and hip pain, we can find a bed that will give you the quality sleep you deserve. And because we are the manufacturer as well as the retailer, we can sell you your perfect mattress for the best price. If you’re looking for the best mattress for back pain on a budget, Texas Mattress Makers is the smartest option for mattress shopping. 

2. Find the right supportive components 

If you’re looking for a mattress that will reduce your back pain, you need to figure out which supportive component(s) will best suit your body. For example, the best mattress for back sleepers may require different components than a mattress for side sleepers, because different pressure points on your body interact with the mattress in different positions. If you’re still curious about what type of mattress is best for back pain, we have some component suggestions. 

  • Quantum Coil: One of our most supportive components is our Quantum Coil, an individually wrapped micro-coil that is known to be the most supportive coil in the industry. The smaller coils allow for a more stable and durable support system which is great for heavier sleepers, sleepers with injuries, or those who like that firmer feel. 
  • Individually Wrapped Coil: For those who want more body contouring in their support component, a regular Hybrid mattress is perfect for providing spinal support and pressure point relief. This is our most popular component because it is durable and versatile, meaning anyone can find a mattress that suits their needs with an individually wrapped coil component. 

Finding the right support for your body shape and sleeping position will make all the difference as you sleep. You will be able to wake up pain-free when you invest in a mattress with the proper components that were handpicked just for you.

3. Look into accessories

Some sleepers need a little extra help to achieve that perfect sleeping position. If you’re struggling with back pain when you wake up, you might want to look into certain supportive sleep accessories such as an adjustable mattress base. 

There are many benefits of an adjustable bed, the most important one being that you can customize how the mattress lays to lift any parts of your body to help you sleep comfortably. This can reduce pain and ease strain off of your pressure points — like your back — while providing the proper support you need. Using an adjustable base can also help promote healthy oxygen and blood flow to your muscles and joints, resulting in less pain when you wake up in the morning. 

Find Your Best Mattress for Back Pain With Texas Mattress Makers

Let’s review: Although there isn’t one particular answer to what type of mattress is best for back pain, you can alleviate aches and pains by finding a mattress with supportive components that work for your body. Mattress shopping can be a stress-free experience if you choose Texas Mattress Makers as your Houston mattress store. 

Our experts take the guesswork out of what type of mattress and what components would suit you best. We get to know you and your needs and provide expert recommendations based on the information at hand. Together, we can detect which mattress will give you the best night’s sleep and you won’t wake up with an aching back.

If you’re ready to say bye-bye to back pain, visit any of our mattress stores in Katy, Downtown Houston, The Woodlands, Rosenberg, Humble, and Baybrook, TX! 

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