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The Best Mattress For Back Sleepers

October 14, 2021  ·  6 min read

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Looking for the best mattress for back sleepers? Research indicates that the back is one of the best sleeping positions because it provides the best weight distribution across the body. When you sleep on your back, the two main pressure points that will be in contact with the mattress are the back of your shoulders and the back of your hips. Both of these areas contain very wide bones that need to be supported. 

Some back sleepers are susceptible to lower back pain if they’re sleeping on the wrong kind of mattress that pushes the small of your back up. So, how do you go about finding the right mattress as a back sleeper?

The mattress experts at Texas Mattress Makers are here to answer some questions regarding what is the best mattress for back sleepers including our top picks for different scenarios.

Sleeping on your back: Debunking mattress myths

A common mattress myth is that firmness automatically equals support –– this is not always the case. One mattress firmness level will not serve every back sleeper equally. For example, if you are a heavier individual, finding a mattress with good edge support –– the amount of resistance around the mattress edges –– will be beneficial on top of the firmness level to ensure comfort for years to come. Or, if you are male and carry more of your weight in your shoulder area then you may need a plusher, softer feel with a good support system to allow pressure point relief.  Just because one website says a medium-firm mattress is best, this does not make it true. Knowing how to choose mattress firmness that works best for you will make a world of a difference.

The truth is, what may be best for you will be different from other sleepers. Each person has their own set of unique sleep needs, even back sleepers. So when you’re searching for the best mattress for back sleepers, think of how you prefer your mattress to feel and what areas of your body need support.

What mattress firmness is best for back sleepers?

Customers who struggle with back pain often ask the question, “Is firm or soft better for back sleepers?” The answer: it’s up to you. At the end of the day, you need a mattress with the proper support system to keep your spine aligned while you sleep. The comfort level is up to your preference. 

Best mattress for back sleepers: Our expert picks

Before we dive into some of our mattress recommendations, it’s important to note that not every mattress is one-size-fits-all. The following mattresses may be beneficial for back sleepers, but at the end of the day, finding a mattress that is best suited for you and your needs will guarantee a good night’s sleep. Factors including your body weight and sleep habits will determine what mattress would be best suited for you. 

If you visit our showroom, our experts will be able to find a mattress that fits your preferred comfort level, firmness, and has the right amount of support for your spine. Not sure what could suit you? Take our Sleep Profile quiz and find out!

Best mattress for back sleepers with lower back pain

1. Comfort Level: Firm

A firm mattress may help alleviate lower back pain by distributing your body weight more evenly across the mattress so that your back isn’t curving as much while you sleep. We would recommend our Cannes Firm Select Mattress or the Barcelona Hybrid Select Mattress as they both feature supportive components to help alleviate back pain as you snooze. For example, The Barcelona in particular has a specialty foam in the comfort layer that offers optimal lumbar support by contouring to your spine.

2. Comfort Level: Medium

For those who like a balance of comfort and support, the Cannes Plush Select Mattress is a very supportive hybrid mattress with individually wrapped coils to keep your spine aligned and 4″ of plush, luxury comfort in the top layer.

3. Comfort Level: Soft

A soft mattress can be beneficial for helping your muscles to relax so they aren’t working as hard while you sleep. The Bel Air Graphite Deluxe Mattress is an ultra-soft mattress that provides a weightless feel with healthy support for your back. 

Purchasing an adjustable bed frame can help angle your back and/or legs to reduce pressure on your spine. Our adjustable bed frames work with most standard mattress sizes but have limited availability. If you’re interested, reach out to our experts!

Best mattress for hot sleepers

It is suggested that hot sleepers should sleep on their back or their side to help with airflow during the night. If you still find yourself waking up from feeling too warm, our pick for the best mattress for hot sleepers is the Oslo Plush Mattress. The Oslo Plush mattress is made with three inches of latex that features an open, rubber cell structure that allows your body heat to escape, which helps you to sleep cooler.

Best mattress for heavy weight individuals

It is suggested that heavier-weight individuals should check out our Quantum Coil which is exclusively found at Texas Mattress Makers. This is a micro-coil that offers superior, durable and long-lasting support in all different feels depending on your comfort preference.  

Find your best mattress for back sleepers at Texas Mattress Makers

The best mattress for back sleepers is not a one-size-fits-all situation. If you’re a back sleeper, what you need to get the best night’s rest possible is completely unique to you. 

Though we can give our expert recommendations, we encourage customers to come into our showroom and try out our mattresses in-store. That way, you can get a better idea of what you like, what you need, and what will be best for you long term. At Texas Mattress Makers, we are here to sell you the best sleep ever. 

You can shop by either comfort level, mattress type, mattress size, or budget, or come and visit any of our convenient Houston locations today!

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