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Reasons You May Be Waking Up in the Middle of the Night

July 5, 2023  ·  7 min read

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Wondering why you are always waking up in the middle of the night? Are you constantly waking up sleepy? Unfortunately, this is a phenomenon that many sleepers can relate to. Waking up in the middle of the night can be a frustrating experience that can result in many unpleasant side effects.

If your body is saying “rise and shine” but the clock reads 2, 3, or 4 a.m., you may be experiencing sleep disruptions. Constantly tossing and turning and not sleeping soundly throughout the night are indicators of poor sleep quality, which can have negative impacts on your health. In order to get good quality sleep, you need to figure out what is (literally) keeping you up at night and get to the root of the problem. 

According to our mattress experts here at Texas Mattress Makers, here is a list of reasons why you may be waking up in the middle of the night.

Get the Quality Sleep You Deserve

1. You’ve been exposed to too much heat

Texas is currently experiencing record-breaking temperatures, and it is HOT! Although Houstonians may be used to blazing summers, the heat can have negative impacts on your health and body, including your sleep quality. Excess heat can come from the temperature outside your home or the temperature inside your bedroom.

Why does being in the sun make you tired?

Have you ever come back from a day at the beach or the pool and just felt spent and ready for a nap? Even if you didn’t partake in any vigorous physical activity, days spent underneath the sun can drain you due to a little thing called “sun fatigue.” 

When it’s hot out, our bodies use a lot of energy by sending blood and fluids to the surface in order to keep our bodies cool to avoid overheating. This process of depleting your body’s resources can leave you with sun fatigue symptoms which include fatigue, day-time tiredness (also known as an afternoon slump), and dehydration, which can make the body feel weak.

Why can’t I sleep in a warm room? 

Conversely, if your bedroom is too warm, it will make it very difficult for you to fall and stay asleep. When our bodies are ready to go into a deep sleep, our body temperature drops so that we can achieve restorative rest. However, if the room is too hot, we can’t fully relax and the discomfort will have us tossing and turning or waking up at all hours of the night.

In order to combat this, we recommend checking out our innovative Ice Blue mattress cooling technology, which regulates your body temperature all night long so you can get cooler, more refreshing sleep. The cooling technology is sewn right into the mattress topper and releases your body heat so that you don’t feel like you’re sleeping in an oven. Cooler temperatures equal a better night’s sleep!

2. You’re feeling stressed

Phrases like “work or school are keeping me up at night” actually have some truth to them. Stress is a very common reason why we don’t get enough quality sleep every night. When we experience stress our bodies release a hormone called “cortisol” that keeps our mind and body alert, resulting in sleep disruptions. 

If you feel stressed, you can’t sleep — and if you can’t sleep, you feel stressed. Sleep and stress get you caught up in a vicious cycle that can only be broken through stress management and making your life a bit more zen.

Need tips? Check out our article on how stress affects sleep to get the full scoop on how to reduce stress before bed.

3. You’re struggling with a sleep disorder

If you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night on a nightly basis, you could be dealing with a sleep disorder. The most common sleep disorder that keeps people awake at night is insomnia, which makes it difficult for you to fall or stay asleep. 

Many people who struggle with insomnia are unable to produce melatonin — the sleep hormone — and turn to supplements to improve their sleep. However, there are pros and cons of melatonin supplements, with one being that it may stunt your body’s ability to naturally produce melatonin in the future, which can lead to poor sleep quality.

People who don’t follow a consistent sleep schedule are at risk of developing sleep disorders or other health issues by not giving their bodies the proper rest they need every night. If you think you may be struggling with a sleep disorder, speak to a specialist who may be able to help you.

4. You’re sleeping on a bad mattress

Did it ever cross your mind that a reason why you may be waking up in the middle of the night is because you’re sleeping on a poor-quality mattress? Weirdly enough, when we experience sleep issues on a regular basis we tend to overlook our mattress as part of the problem. Our mattresses are the literal foundation of our sleep — if that foundation isn’t strong or doesn’t cater to our needs, we won’t get the deep, good sleep that our bodies need to function and thrive.

Wondering if you have a bad mattress? Here are common bad mattress symptoms or “mattress red flags”:

  • You toss and turn throughout the night: This is an indicator that you’re not comfortable. Your mattress may be too soft or too firm or you’re not getting the right amount of cushion or support.
  • You wake up with aches and pains: Your mattress is likely not supporting your pressure points (lower back, neck, hips, and shoulders) properly causing you to feel achy when you wake up.
  • Your mattress is sagging: Mattress sagging causes large indentations (exceeding two inches) in a mattress that don’t conform to your body properly and cause discomfort. Sagging is not to be confused with natural body impressions
  • Your mattress is making noises: This is a clear indicator that the components in your mattress are breaking down and not providing the support and comfort you need for quality sleep.

If any of these symptoms seem familiar to you, it’s time to replace your mattress. We understand that mattress shopping can be a bit of a chore and you might be tempted to settle for a cheap bed-in-a-box or a bed from a big box store. 


You should never settle or compromise when it comes to your sleep. If you buy another bad mattress, you will eventually experience all of the same bad mattress symptoms again and the problem won’t be solved. If you want to stop waking up in the middle of the night, get a high-quality mattress made for your needs with Texas Mattress Makers.

Get a Mattress That Will Help You Sleep Soundly Through the Night with Texas Mattress Makers

Let’s be honest: there’s a high chance that you’re waking up in the middle of the night because you’re sleeping on the wrong mattress. Whether you’re sleeping on an old bed or you thought you’d save a little money with a bed-in-a-box, these low-quality mattresses are costing you your sleep. 

With the right mattress made with quality components, you can sleep throughout the night and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on your day. No more “afternoon slump,” no more poor sleep, just blissful rest and sweet dreams. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Your perfect mattress is here at Texas Mattress Makers. Our showrooms are full of handmade-in-Houston mattresses that are made with innovative technologies that can suit any sleeper’s needs. Whatever your needs and preferences are, we can pair you with a bed that will help you to fall and stay asleep every night.

What are you waiting for? Come visit our mattress stores in Katy, Downtown Houston, The Woodlands, Rosenberg, Humble, and Baybrook, TX to find your dream mattress today.

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