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The Most Supportive Technology: Meet the Quantum Coil Mattress

Why do customers rave about their Quantum coil mattress? We’ll tell you why!

Many of our most supportive mattresses like our ultra-firm mattresses use the top-of-the-line Quantum coil, an individually wrapped micro-coil that is known to be the most supportive coil in the industry. Yes, even on a sprawling California King mattress. Here’s how it works.

In a Quantum coil mattress, the coils are made with a small diameter encased in their own pocket of fabric. The smaller coil allows for a more stable and individualized support system. A Quantum coil mattress holds 200% more coils than your average hybrid mattress, providing more precise support for the sleeper. Heavy-set sleepers, sleepers with injuries, and sleepers who love a firmer feel to their mattress can benefit from a Quantum coil component.

The versatility of quantum coils allow the use of all your favorite mattress components. Quantum coils can be used with hybrid mattressesserene foam and latex mattresses.

The coils are heat-treated, high-tensile, highly resilient, and made to hold their shape. This why you may also see quantum coils in a double-sided, flippable mattresses. Due to the coil’s structure and first-rate materials, a Quantum coil mattress from Texas Mattress Makers could last you a lifetime. Texas Mattress Makers is the only mattress manufacturer in Texas that has the expertise necessary to make mattresses with Quantum coil components.

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