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Mattress Myth: Can You Fix a Mattress Dip?

August 15, 2023  ·  7 min read

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The worst has happened: you discover that your bed has a mattress dip. What do you do?! Is there a way to fix it? What can be done to salvage your mattress?! Over the years we have seen (and debunked) a lot of mattress myths pertaining to dips in a mattress: what exactly they are, how they are caused, and most importantly, once your mattress has a mattress dip, can you fix it?

While some people say that you can fix a mattress dip with a few simple DIY methods, mattress experts from Texas Mattress Makers are here to tell you that they are wrong. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything you can do to properly “fix” a mattress dip — and these methods for resolving the problem will only prolong your discomfort. We’ll get into why these methods don’t work, but first, let’s discuss what causes a mattress to dip in the first place.

What causes a mattress to dip?

When we talk about mattress dips, please note that we are not referring to the natural indentations that form in your mattress as you sleep on it, better known as mattress body impressions. These indentations are natural and promote proper spinal alignment so that your body can be supported best by your mattress. A mattress dip is different than a body impression because it is likely more than two inches deep* and may not occur where you physically lay on the mattress. 

If you want to hear more about this topic from our founder, Youval Meicler, skip to 2:15 to hear about the differences between mattress dips and body impressions and how harmful mattress dips can come to be.

How bad components can cause a mattress to dip

When you buy a high-quality mattress, the mattress’s support and comfort components will conform to your body specifically to promote healthy sleep. The components, if they are high-quality, will be able to withstand your weight and support your body properly over time. If you purchase a low-quality mattress made with low-quality materials, the odds are high that those components will collapse and form a dip, a dent, or will sag. 

A big mattress dip is clear evidence that your mattress is not supporting you because the components are breaking down beneath you. In other words, you are sleeping on a bad mattress — and a bad mattress can’t be fixed, even if others say differently. This is why we highly advise you to come into our showroom and have our experts guide you toward a mattress that is durable enough for your body specifically to help prevent mattress dips in the future. 

*Check out our Factory Warranty for more information on mattress dip specifications and see how we help our customers.

How to fix a mattress dip: Unpacking the myths

So if a sagging mattress can’t be fixed, why are there so many articles on the internet telling you that you can fix a mattress dip? To make a long story short, the majority of these articles offer temporary solutions to even out the surface of the sagging mattress. They do not offer solid advice on how to actually fix the dip — because it can’t be done. 

If you were to search how to fix a mattress dip, here are some “solutions” that you might find, along with the reasons why they won’t work.

Myth solution #1: Throw on a mattress topper 

The logic in this tip is that by placing a mattress topper over the entire mattress, you will create an even surface to sleep on and cover the dip…right? Wrong. The problem with this method is that a mattress topper is made of a soft material that can mold into the dip which doesn’t fix the problem at all. Not only this, but mattress toppers tend to be a barrier between your body and the comfort and supportive components of your mattress, meaning you won’t feel any of the benefits of the mattress. It’s counterproductive and it doesn’t fix the problem.  

If anyone tries to sell you the best mattress topper for a sagging mattress — spoiler alert: there isn’t one — don’t give them the time of day. Don’t waste your money on a flimsy topper, and instead invest in a high-quality mattress with strong components that won’t sag over time.

Myth solution #2: Rotate or flip your mattress

In our article, Should You Rotate Your Mattress?, we discuss in detail why flipping or rotating your mattress is not a smart thing to do in any situation (even if the entire internet tells you it prolongs the life of your mattress, it doesn’t). 

If you rotate your bed, you will lose the natural body impressions that have been made on your side of the mattress which can cause discomfort. If you flip a mattress that isn’t double-sided, you’d be sleeping on the underside of the supportive base layer rather than the top, comfort layer. Supportive components are not meant to provide cushion and are not pleasant to sleep on top of. The result? You wake up with more aches and pains than you did while sleeping on a sagging mattress.

The main reason why this method doesn’t work is because the dip will still be present in your mattress and you will still be uncomfortable. 

Myth solution #3: Stick a pillow in the dip

This is basically the same as the mattress topper method but instead performed by placing pillows inside the dip or dent to “even out” the surface of the mattress. Pillows are not the best at keeping their shape as they’re meant to be soft and comfortable for our heads, making them the least ideal candidate for plugging up a sagging mattress. 

Nevertheless, this “solution” has similar issues to the mattress topper in that it can still create discomfort throughout the night by essentially replacing the dent with a lumpy surface. 

The bottom line is that there is no way to fix a mattress dip. If your mattress is sagging, the components are faulty and will not give you the sleep you deserve. You will be better off fixing the issue at the source by getting rid of your sagging mattress and investing in a high-quality bed made with components that are durable and long-lasting.

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Invest in a New Mattress

Have a Mattress Dip? Time to Upgrade with a Texas Mattress Makers Mattress

If you’re constantly waking up in the middle of the night due to discomfort, it could be because you have a mattress dip or because your mattress just isn’t right for you. Some people may think it’s silly to replace a mattress because of a dip, but we’re here to tell you that this is the wisest decision you can make. A mattress dip compromises the entire mattress; it can ruin your sleep quality, which can in turn impact your quality of life. If your mattress has a dip, it’s time for an upgrade, and we can help with that.

Our handmade mattresses are crafted with top-of-the-line components that support your body and provide the perfect amount of comfort for the best quality sleep. We only use the most durable, innovative components on the market that are sourced and made right here in the USA. Our mattresses won’t give out on you, sag, dip, or anything of the sort. They will conform to your body nicely over time and continue to provide unparalleled comfort and support.

Shop online or visit any of our mattress stores in Katy, Downtown Houston, The Woodlands, Rosenberg, Humble, and Baybrook, TX to find your dream mattress for a better price! Say goodbye to pesky mattress dips and hello to the best sleep of your life! 

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