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Common Sleep Myths to Forget in the New Year

January 19, 2023  ·  6 min read

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Sleep myths have been circulating the internet for as long as it’s been around. While they seem to be harmless, myths about sleep — and how to get as much or as little of it as possible — encourage unhealthy sleep habits that can be detrimental to your overall health and quality of life. Have no fear, the experts at Texas Mattress Makers are here to help you sort through what is real and what is bogus.

Texas Mattress Makers cares about your quality of sleep, which is why we are here to debunk common sleep myths that may cause you more harm than good.

1. Your body can function on 5 (or fewer) hours of sleep 

In a world where people are expected to be on the go 24/7 for work or education, sleep has become less of a priority for students and adults everywhere. The overwhelming urge to pull an all-nighter to finish that paper or report has led people to learn how to “teach their bodies” to function on 5 or fewer hours of sleep instead of getting the recommended 7-8 hours. 

Sure, a few nights of insufficient sleep won’t be detrimental, but if this becomes a long-term habit, you will start to feel the consequences. 

  • You will be tired during the day (also known as fatigue or “daytime sleepiness”)
  • You won’t be able to focus or think creatively
  • You can become more forgetful
  • You could become sick more often
  • Your digestive system and metabolism will be affected 
  • You may develop cardiovascular or other health issues
  • Your mental health will decline (read more: how does sleep affect mental health)
  • And more

Staying up later is not worth risking your health for. Try your best to stick to a consistent sleep schedule so that your body can get the proper amount of rest needed.

2. You can get good quality sleep at any time

There are some people out there who believe that as long as you are sleeping the recommended 7-8 hours, you can sleep at any time during a day’s 24 hours. This is very common for people who work overnight shifts and sleep in the morning and into the afternoon instead of at night. However, when you decide to sleep is almost as important as how long you sleep.

Sleeping when it’s dark out is more beneficial for your body’s circadian rhythm or internal clock. As humans, our brains naturally begin to produce melatonin, the sleep hormone, when it becomes dark out. Our bodies are essentially conditioned to get our full hours of sleep when it is dark — throughout the night. If you are suppressing yawns into the morning and decide to sleep through the afternoon, you will not get good quality sleep. Period. Work with your body — not against it. 

3. A firm mattress is always better

As experts in the mattress industry, this sleep myth is one we hear too often for our liking. Many articles on the web address pressing questions such as, “is a firm mattress better for your back?” or claim statements like “the best mattress for sciatica is always a firm mattress.” Although we have addressed both of these specific myths on our blog, the answer is no: a firm mattress is not always better.

While a firm mattress can be beneficial for many types of sleepers, it is not suitable for every sleeper. So, is a soft or firm mattress better? It depends on what firmness level would suit your needs best. Mattress preferences are very unique to each individual sleeper. This is why we recommend visiting one of our showrooms in person so that you can try out many different types of mattresses to figure out what best suits you. 

4. Naps can fix sleep deprivation 

Don’t take this the wrong way, we love a little 15-minute snooze as much as the next person! But the myth that naps can solve sleep deprivation as a substitute for a full night’s rest is a harmful one to believe. While a short nap can provide a small boost of energy, it will not provide your body with the restorative rest it needs, which can have negative effects in the long run.

Napping during the day can also make it more difficult to fall asleep at night, throwing off your sleep schedule and your circadian rhythm, resulting in low-quality sleep. The best way to cope with sleep deprivation is to stick to a consistent sleep schedule and get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep every night. 

If you’re going to take a nap, try to keep it under 30 minutes so that you don’t wake up groggier than you felt before.

5. It’s better to sleep in warmer temperatures

A cozy and warm environment may seem more suitable for snoozing, but in reality, stuffy temperatures can actually lead to disturbed sleep. Our bodies naturally begin to cool down as they prepare for sleep and will continue to drop in temperature throughout the night. Then, when it’s time for us to naturally awaken, core body temperatures will rise again. This natural process is what helps to keep us asleep throughout the night and wake up naturally.

If your bedroom temperature is higher than ~68 degrees Fahrenheit, or you’re buried underneath a plethora of blankets, this process may be disturbed, causing you to wake up intermittently during the night (also known as tossing and turning). 

Most sleep scientists recommend keeping your thermostat between 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit while sleeping. If you tend to sleep hot, Texas Mattress Makers can recommend the best cooling mattress for your needs from our cooling collection.

Debunk Sleep Myths With The Experts at Texas Mattress Makers

Sleep myths can be hard to avoid, especially when the internet is flooded with false information. But with the help of Texas Mattress Makers, you can develop healthy sleep habits that will give you quality sleep for years to come. 

Quality sleep leads to a quality life, and the right mattress is a great tool to help you achieve your best night’s sleep. Stop by one of our Houston-area showrooms to try our handmade mattresses in person to begin your journey to better sleep. Our mattresses are some of the best in Texas, and that is not a myth in our eyes. 

Come on in and see for yourself! Your dream mattress may be just one click or visit away.

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