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Best Mattress for Co-Sleeping

November 21, 2022  ·  6 min read

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While choosing a mattress for yourself can seem simple, choosing the best mattress for co-sleeping can be a bit tougher if you’re unsure what to look for in a shared bed. Although co-sleeping is a term that is most commonly used to describe a parent sleeping in the same bed as their infant*, co-sleeping can also refer to when an individual sleeper shares their bed with others including a partner or spouse, their children, or even their pets! 

Sharing a bed can come with its challenges. What worked when you were sleeping solo may not work when you add other sleepers into the mix. It can be a big adjustment! Don’t worry, the experts at Texas Mattress Makers are here to uncover how you can find the best mattress for co-sleeping that will benefit you and your loved ones!

*Please note that while those who work at Texas Mattress Makers are experts in mattress construction, we are not experts in pediatric health. If you want to know whether sleeping in the same bed as your infant is safe or beneficial, please refer to your pediatrician for guidance. 

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Find a Mattress for Both of Your Needs

Step 1: Find the right size

Before you begin your mattress-buying journey, you must first ask yourself, how many people or pets will be sharing the bed? Twin or Full size beds may work for solo sleepers, but if you’re going to be sleeping with a partner or co-sleeping with kids and pets, you’ll need to find the right size to accommodate everyone comfortably. 

The best size bed for co-sleeping will depend on the number of members in your sleep ensemble: 

  • Sleeping with a partner: A queen size bed is large enough to fit two partners comfortably. If you have a smaller room or just prefer to snuggle a little closer, the queen may be the perfect choice for you and your significant other.
  • Co-sleeping with kids and pets: If it’s just you and the kiddos sharing a bed, a queen-size mattress might work perfectly fine. However, a king-size mattress will certainly provide more than enough room for you and your partner to stretch out and sleep comfortably along with an ample amount of space for kids and pets.

Texas Mattress Makers carries a wide range of mattress sizes to fit any sleeping situation. If you speak with one of our experts, they may ask you for certain details regarding your sleep companions including the size and breed of your pets or the age of your children, so that we can better match you with the right-sized mattress that will give every sleeper ample room for snoozing. No crowding is necessary!

Step 2: Choose the right mattress for ALL of your needs

When it comes to co-sleeping, most mattress retailers will tell you that mattresses are one-size-fits-all — DO NOT listen to them! When you’re sharing a bed, it’s important that ALL of your needs are met. You do not need to compromise on comfort or support in order to find a mattress that can satisfy everyone’s needs.

Keep in mind that this section may only apply to the adults sleeping in the bed. As children grow older, their preferences and needs will evolve over time, so it’s best to purchase a mattress that meets your needs for longevity.

How to find the best mattress for co-sleeping for your needs

When you visit any of our Houston-area showrooms, the experts at Texas Mattress Makers will get to know what you and your partner are looking for in a bed. The best mattress for couples with different preferences is a mattress that takes BOTH of your needs into consideration. First, we will ask you for both of your comfort preferences to see what type of feel you like individually. If you sleep best on a medium feel but your partner prefers firm, we can set you up with a split king mattress that will allow you to sleep your way while still sleeping in the same bed. 

Next, we will determine which type of supportive mattress will best suit your body type and preferred sleeping position. Mattresses shouldn’t just be comfortable, they should be able to support your body properly as you sleep through the night to promote healthy, quality sleep. 

Lastly, our experts will inquire about any health-related conditions that may affect your and your companion’s sleep. For example, if one of you tends to sleep hot, we have the best cooling mattress topper that can help any sleeper rest cooler and more comfortably.

Step 3: Protect your mattress (and your loved ones!)

Making the choice of who gets to sleep in your bed is a crucial one for a reason. You have to think about how it will affect your overall sleep quality and the actual bed itself. 

For example, sleeping with pets can bring us a lot of joy, comfort, and ease, but it can also bring a lot of fur, dirt, and fluids that can seep into your mattress. Pets can also roll around and settle in strange places during the night, keeping you awake, and humans aren’t much better either! When you share a mattress with other people — adults and children alike — dust, dirt, dead skin, hair, and sweat can naturally build up on your mattress over time. The problem? This can increase the wear and tear on your mattress which could lead to lower sleep quality.

Mattress covers are a great way to shield and protect your mattress from unwanted particles or liquids penetrating the mattress, helping it to last longer! These covers are easy to clean and can be a great option if you sleep with someone who has bad allergies.

Find Your Best Mattress for Co-Sleeping at Texas Mattress Makers

The best mattress for co-sleeping is a mattress that helps you and your companions get the best quality sleep possible! In order to find that perfect fit, head on over to the retailer that was voted best mattress store in Houston — Texas Mattress Makers!

Whether you’re sleeping with a partner, sleeping with pets, or co-sleeping with kids, our experts can help you to find the perfect mattress that will accommodate your entire entourage. Because we are the mattress manufacturer, we can create custom mattresses that can meet any and all of your sleep desires for a great night’s sleep for years to come, guaranteed. 

Your dream mattress may be just one visit away. Head on over to any of our locations or check out our showroom sales to get amazing deals on Houston’s best mattresses!

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