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Plush vs. Soft Mattress: What is the Difference?

November 28, 2022  ·  5 min read

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In the mattress industry, the question of is there a difference between a plush vs. a soft mattress has been discussed at length. Most customers tend to confuse “plush” and “soft,” believing the two to be synonymous. 

However, as a mattress manufacturer, Texas Mattress Makers defines plush differently — but more on that later.

Here are some commonly asked questions surrounding a plush vs. soft mattress to guide you in your mattress-buying journey.

Q: Does plush mean soft?

In the literal definition of the word, yes. However, when describing a mattress, the words “plush” and “soft” refer to different things. 

If you were to come into a Texas Mattress Makers showroom and ask for a “soft mattress,” we would direct you to mattresses that are categorized as soft in our inventory: ultra-soft, soft, and medium-soft. In our world, softness is a range, not a one-size-fits-all descriptor. 

To the rest of the mattress industry, a “plush” mattress would refer to a bed of intense comfort or airiness. If you were to get a fully plush mattress, you might think “this mattress is too soft.” You can add components with a plush feel to any mattress to make it feel softer. For example, if you actually prefer a firmer mattress but are missing a bit of comfort, a plush mattress topper can provide you with a softer feel without sacrificing the support you need. 

Q: Is a plush mattress good to sleep on?

There is a lot of debate online about whether a plush vs. firm mattress is better to sleep on. The truth is, you can have both since you can add a plush feeling to a firm or soft mattress! However, this debate is really about whether a firm vs. soft mattress is better for you, which all depends on what type of mattress would suit you best. 

There is not one type of mattress that is universally best for every sleeper. Every individual sleeps differently and has a unique set of needs that need to be addressed in their mattress.  The key is to understand how to choose the right mattress for your body and your preferences. If you like the idea of a medium-firm mattress but want a little added comfort, adding components with a plush feel can give you the best of both worlds. 

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Q: Is plush good for side sleepers?

If you sleep on your side, it’s important to find the right mattress that will support and cushion your shoulders and hips while maintaining healthy spinal alignment. However, you can use different types of comfort components to provide this while still having a medium firm or firm feel if you prefer. These are the main pressure points that are going to be in contact with the mattress all night long. 

As long as you have a supportive mattress, the comfort level is all up to your preferences. Different components with a more plush feel can be added to your mattress to provide a softer feel underneath those pressure points if you desire.

Here is how Texas Mattress Makers defines “plush”

Most mattress retailers use plush to describe a soft mattress. However, plush really describes a manufacturing method. At Texas Mattress Makers, all of our mattresses are manufactured as “plush” mattresses. 

Our mattresses are what we like to call “plush built” meaning that there is no unnecessary layer separating your body from the support and comfort components that make it a high-quality mattress. In other words, a plush-built mattress makes it easier to feel what goes into your mattress. European Pillow Top mattresses look incredibly soft, but they have an extra layer of fluff on top that can cause excess sinkage and doesn’t allow your body to truly reap the benefits of your mattress’s comfort components. “Sleeping on a cloud” may sound nice, but it may not be what your body truly needs.

Plush-built mattresses eliminate the extra barrier so you can feel comforted and supported by your mattress’s quality components. It’s that simple. 

Texas Mattress Makers Can Provide You with Your Dream Mattress

There is so much information surrounding plush vs. firm or a plush vs. soft mattress online, but all that you need to focus on is finding a mattress that promotes healthy sleep for you! Texas Mattress Makers is a local mattress manufacturer that is dedicated to crafting the best quality mattresses in the Houston area. Because our expert craftsmen make all of our mattresses in our Downtown Houston factory, we can create custom mattresses that are tailored to your needs and preferences. And with our plush-built mattresses, you can actually feel and benefit from the quality components used to make your mattress. 

Want a mattress that is made with you in mind? Visit any of our showroom locations and speak to an expert today to shop for your dream mattress!

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