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Expensive Mattress vs. Cheap Mattress: Which is Better for You?

June 22, 2022  ·  6 min read

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There has long been a debate about which type of mattress is a better bang for your buck: an expensive mattress vs. cheap mattress. While some customers believe that a cheap mattress is better for their budget, this could not be farther from the truth.

The mattress experts at Texas Mattress Makers are here to explain the main differences between an expensive mattress vs. cheap mattress, to illustrate why mattress quality is so crucial for overall health and wellbeing. 

If you’re looking for a mattress store in Houston that will give you the best shopping experience, the experts at Texas Mattress Makers will guide you through every step of the process to help you find the best mattress to fit your specific sleep needs.

What’s the difference between a cheap mattress and an expensive mattress?

The materials

The biggest difference between a cheap mattress and an expensive mattress is the materials that make up the mattress. Similar to fabrics in the fashion industry, some are durable and high-quality while others are flimsy and not built to last, especially if you are looking for a mattress that is going to be slept on every day by an adult. Cheaper mattresses are produced with lower-quality materials that are not built to last more than a few years.

If you purchase a cheap mattress, you might sleep okay for the first few years, but over time, the mattress will begin to lose its comfort and support stability, creating an uncomfortable sleeping surface, and necessitating another mattress purchase anyway.

The cost

An obvious difference between an expensive mattress vs. cheap mattress is the price range. As mentioned above, customers tend to think that they are saving a significant amount of money by purchasing a cheaper mattress to sleep on — but this is simply not true

The cheap mattress will experience wear and tear much faster than an expensive, quality mattress, and you will have to replace that cheap mattress every few years. Buying a new mattress every few years gets very expensive very quickly! 

A more expensive, high-quality mattress will continue to be durable and supportive for years to come, meaning you’ll never think about replacing it. A good mattress that is chosen to fit a sleeper’s specific needs can sometimes outlast the person. If you spend a little more now, you often end up saving a lot of money in the long run. 

The production process

National mattress chains are typically more interested in mass-producing mattresses with lower-quality materials to save money and grow their profit margin. They believe in quantity over quality and are not interested in selling you the best night’s sleep… but we are. 

At Texas Mattress Makers, all of our mattresses are handmade by local expert craftsmen with the highest-quality materials possible, to provide our customers with a mattress that will last them a lifetime. We oversee every aspect of the mattress construction to ensure top-quality products are made every day. We are in the business of selling you the best night’s sleep possible. That is the Texas Mattress Makers difference.

What makes a mattress more expensive?

When customers see the term “expensive,” they tend to freeze. In today’s economy, the word expensive can be seen as a negative thing, and understandably. But a product as important as a mattress, that will affect comfort and quality of life for years to come, is worth investing in. If a mattress is made with durable, high-quality materials, it might be a bit pricier upfront, but the materials will withstand normal wear and tear, and ultimately provide you with better support and comfort for longer. 

Larger mattress retailers frequently use low-quality memory foam or gel components in their mattresses to lower the price. These materials are often outdated and unable to provide you with the best support out of the box, forget years down the line! 

Texas Mattress Makers produces inexpensive quality mattresses that are made with high-quality materials and innovative mattress technology, to create a better sleeping experience for years to come. We offer mattresses in all price ranges, but if you are looking for an upgrade, we would suggest browsing through our luxury and best-in-class collections to see what innovative mattress technology we have to offer. 

Do mattresses really make a difference?

Here are the facts: sleep is vitally important to your overall health, and affects every aspect of your daily life. Without good sleep, our bodies cannot function properly. If you are sleeping on a low-quality, cheap mattress, it is very likely that you are not getting the quality sleep that you need. In order to get the best night’s sleep possible, you need to make sure that you are sleeping on the right mattress for your needs

Mattresses are not a one-size-fits-all product. What you need in a mattress to sleep soundly may be very different from what another customer needs. Texas Mattress Makers sells a large selection of unique mattresses that can suit a wide variety of needs for any budget. We also highly recommend that you try before you buy to ensure that the mattress you choose is the right fit for you.

If you are searching for a mattress that is made with you in mind, we highly recommend investing in a custom mattress. Custom mattresses can improve sleep quality because they are crafted specifically to your preferences and needs. The best part? We do not charge you a labor fee to create your mattress — you only pay for the materials used to make your mattress. That’s it! You can get the best sleep of your life without breaking the bank. 

Get an inexpensive quality mattress at Texas Mattress Makers

The difference between an expensive mattress vs. cheap mattress is the quality of the materials and the quality of sleep you will gain. It’s important to invest in your sleep. The truth is, a more expensive mattress made with high-quality materials will last you a lifetime, and you won’t need to stray too far away from your desired price range in order to get a good quality mattress.

You can find an inexpensive quality mattress at Texas Mattress Makers. Because we handmake all of our mattresses in our Downtown Houston factory, we can provide our customers with lower prices to provide customers with the best possible sleep without breaking the bank. Our mattress experts are also here to give you the best and most professional mattress shopping experience possible so that you leave with a product that you love. 

You can shop our mattress selection online, call 713-903-7590 to speak with an expert or visit any of our convenient Houston showroom locations today.

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