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Best Mattress for Arthritis Relief

January 13, 2021  ·  5 min read

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Living with chronic pain can affect your ability to get a good night’s sleep, making finding the best mattress for arthritis extremely important. According to studies, 4 out 5 adults with arthritis have poor sleep quality due to disrupted sleep from pain. If you do suffer with arthritis and are looking for a mattress that will help eliminate aches and pains while you sleep, there are a few important factors to keep in mind:

  • Choosing a mattress that fits your preferred comfort level (soft, medium, firm, etc.)
  • Choosing a mattress that is best for your body type
  • Choosing  a mattress that also caters to your specific sleep position 
  • Choosing a mattress that caters best to your type of joint pain

Finding the best type of mattress for arthritis sufferers is the key to improving your quality of sleep, and your life. The following recommendations may be a great choice for a pain-free, good night’s sleep. 

Is a firm or soft mattress better for arthritis? 

The answer is neither. Whether you prefer a soft or a firm feel to your mattress is up to you! What you should be investing in is a comfort layer, the top part of the mattress that is closest to the body. This is the portion of the mattress that is responsible for reducing pain by providing pressure relief. They’re usually made from latex, foam, or gel-infused materials. 

The best type of mattress for arthritis sufferers is one that provides adequate support to conform to your body shape with the right components to manage pain. 

Best Types of Mattresses for Arthritis Sufferers

1. Hybrid mattresses

What is a hybrid mattress? Hybrid mattresses are “hybrids” of two main mattress components — one component in the support layer (the base of the mattress) and the other component in the comfort layer (the mattress top). The support layer is made up of an individually wrapped coil component for optimal support where the comfort later is made of foam or latex to mold to your body. Because hybrid mattresses can cater to many different needs and preferences, they’re our best-selling product at Texas Mattress Makers. If you struggle with chronic pain, especially from arthritis, it’s likely that you’ll find a hybrid mattress to match your unique sleep needs due to the large selection we carry.

2. Latex mattresses

What is a latex mattress? Latex mattresses are more of a luxury product created for support, breathability, and are a more eco-friendly option. For arthritis sufferers, latex mattresses provide pressure point relief and exceptional contouring to your body. It also comes in multiple firmness options so you can choose whatever you like best. Latex comfort layers can be paired with other latex components including cooling properties or joint pain relief, making it one of the best mattresses for arthritis. Our copper-infused latex components feature an open cell structure that lifts your body and allows for air to flow through your bed, reducing body temperature and helping you sleep cooler. Plus, the copper-infused latex offers natural, anti-inflammatory properties that relieve aches and pains associated with arthritis.

These mattresses are a little pricier than others, but our low factory direct prices mean we have latex mattress options to suit nearly any budget. It is likely that you will see a change for the better in your quality of sleep.

3. Memory Foam mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are popular for most sleepers because they contour to the body, eliminating gaps between you and the mattress providing optimal support. The softness of the mattress can be good for pressure relief in the joints as you sleep. The foam also isolates movement so you or your partner won’t be disturbed with tossing and turning.  

A downside to memory foam is that it’s known to trap heat; so if you are a hot sleeper, look for components that offer cooling technology like gel or copper-infused memory foam. 

The Best Mattress for Arthritis: Our Pick

The Geneva Copper Latex Hybrid Select mattress is our pick as one of the best mattresses for arthritis because the comfort layer uses a special latex that can help soothe chronic pain. The comfort layer is made up of a 3″ copper-infused latex that has natural anti-inflammatory properties, so many people use it to relieve aches and pains and to treat symptoms of arthritis. This medium-firm mattress also helps to alleviate pressure by offering circulation. Unlike a memory foam mattress that can trap heat, copper also has cooling properties to keep you nice and cool while you sleep. 

If the Geneva mattress doesn’t meet your every need, the copper-infused latex can be incorporated into any top comfort layer with a custom order. We have a full-selection of premium-quality mattresses and components to choose from to ensure you find the perfect mattress for your needs. 

Need Help Finding a Mattress for Arthritis? Speak to the Experts at Texas Mattress Makers. 

If you have specific needs like arthritis that a traditional mattress just can’t address, speak to an expert at one of the top custom mattress makers in Houston, Texas Mattress Makers. Our vast selection of high-quality components and materials can be made into a mattress that will suit your preferences for the best quality of sleep possible. Because you deserve it. 

You can shop by either comfort level, mattress type, mattress size, or budget or come and visit any of our four convenient Houston locations today!

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