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What Type of Mattress Should I Buy for My Child?

January 27, 2022  ·  7 min read

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Many parents struggle with the question, “What type of mattress should I buy for my child?” The reality is: there is not a perfect answer. Every child is different and will need a different mattress to support their specific needs. What might be the best mattress for a young child may not suit a growing teenager. So, if there isn’t a one-size-fits-all option, how do you go about finding your child’s perfect mattress?

Finding the right mattress for your child doesn’t have to be difficult. When you find a mattress store like Texas Mattress Makers that values the entire family’s comfort, it can turn what once felt like a daunting task into a fun adventure.

The mattress experts at Texas Mattress Makers are here to share their top three shopping tips for buying your child’s next mattress. With their help, choosing a mattress for your child will be a breeze.

1. Support is key: How to find the right supportive mattress

The first step in how to choose a mattress for a child is to find a mattress that will properly support them. Support should be your top priority. Finding the right supportive mattress depends on your child’s specific sleep needs including: 

  • Your child’s age: How long will your child be sleeping on the mattress? If they are young, you’ll want a bed that will keep them supported as they grow through the years. If they are teenagers, you’ll want a mattress that is a bit more durable to hold their weight and can last well after they have moved out of the house.

  • Your child’s height and weight: Taking into account your child’s height and weight can determine the size and support level of the mattress. For example, your 16-year-old who weighs ~125 pounds and stands at 5’3” is going to need a larger and much more durable mattress than your 7-year-old who weighs 50 pounds. The 16-year-old may do better with twin XL mattresses that are great for growing teens, while the 7-year-old would sleep perfectly well on a twin-size bed. In terms of weight, innerspring mattresses are great for young children but aren’t as great at supporting the weight of an adult or older teen. These aspects are important to ensure that your growing child can be properly supported and comfortable throughout the night.

  • Your child’s preferred sleeping position: How does your child like to sleep? The sleeping position plays a large role in what parts of your body will need support during the night. We’ll talk about this in more detail later on.

  • Your child’s preferred mattress comfort level: Because mattresses are not one-size-fits-all, every individual has a preference for how comfortable they want their mattress to be. Your child needs a supportive mattress, but they also need one that will keep them comfortable throughout the night. 

Because most mattresses are priced by quantity and quality of the components used, understanding your mattress’s support layer can also help you to avoid purchasing a more expensive mattress than you need. The perfect mattress doesn’t have to break the bank! Texas Mattress Makers can help you find the best affordable twin mattress for your home.

2. What is your child’s preferred sleeping position?

Knowing your child’s sleep position is an important step in choosing the right mattress. Although some children are still developing and the way they sleep can evolve as they get older, being aware of the cause and effect for each sleeping position is a powerful tool to have. Each position varies in pressure points and which key areas need the most support, and in turn, can determine what type of mattress will give your child the best support for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Side Sleepers

If your child likes to sleep on their side, they will need a mattress with enough support to keep their spine aligned but also enough cushion in the comfort area to provide pressure point relief for the shoulders and your hips –– the two main pressure points that touch the mattress.

Different components, such as different foams or foam alternatives, can be used in the comfort layer of the mattress to help provide pressure point relief while providing a comfy feeling for your child.   

Stomach Sleepers

In order to properly support the stomach sleepers in your life, there are four areas to be aware of: the back of the neck, the small of the back, the chest, and the hips. All four points must properly sink into the mattress to keep their body straight and your spine aligned. You’ll need to find a mattress that balances comfort and support well for your stomach sleeper. A Texas Mattress Makers mattress expert can help you find the perfect fit.

Back Sleepers

A common mattress myth is that firmness automatically equals support, which is not always the case. If your child sleeps on their back, all that matters is that their spine is aligned and the right areas are supported. The best mattress for your back sleeper will support both the back of the shoulders and the back of the hips and ensure that the lower back is not being pushed up. Having your child try out a few different mattresses in-store can help them choose what feels right to them.

3. What is your child’s preferred comfort level?

Every child will have their own unique preference for the comfort level of their mattress. Do they prefer a firmer mattress for alignment or a plush, softer feel that they can sink into? Before you choose a mattress, have them come to our showroom and try out a few different comfort levels so they can tell you what feels best.

Remember, there is a difference between feel and support. For example, a mattress can feel soft and be supportive at the same time. It all depends on what your child likes the best. Our showroom displays our wide selection of high-quality mattresses with varying mattress comfort levels, from ultra-soft to ultra-firm mattresses. If you shop with Texas Mattress Makers, your child is bound to find something that will get them excited to sleep.

Find the Best Mattress for Your Child at Texas Mattress Makers with No Supply Shortages or Delivery Delays

What type of mattress should I buy for my child? The answer all depends on your child’s unique needs. Even for children, mattresses are not one-size-fits-all. With Texas Matters Makers, there is a way for you to find a supportive, comfortable, and affordable mattress for your child. Because we produce all of our mattresses in our Downtown Houston factory, we can ensure that your child will sleep on a high-quality, supportive mattress. With no supply shortages and no delivery delays, we can have your child’s mattress delivered to you in just 7-10 days. 

Wanting to give your child the gift of sweet dreams? If you’re looking for the top mattresses for kids, look no further than Texas Mattress Makers. Whether you want to shop in-store or are looking for tips on how to shop for a mattress online, our experts can help you to choose the perfect mattress for your child. 

Shop by either comfort level, mattress type, mattress size, or budget, or come and visit any of our convenient Houston-area locations today!

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