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3 Mattress Shopping Tips For Your Child’s Next Bed

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July 9, 2019  ·  4 min read

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Shopping For Your Child’s Next Mattress?

Sleep is one of the most important factors for a child’s development. In fact, sleep can impact everything from your child’s mood and social skills to their learning and growth development. So choosing the right mattress for your child can feel like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! Being mindful of just a few key topics while you’re shopping can help you choose the best mattress for your child and your budget.

1. Think About Support

The right type of support is a priority for any bed you buy. Depending on how often a bed is used and by who will help you narrow down the proper support layer you need. For example, a full grown adult who weighs over 150 lbs would need more support than a 7-year-old who weighs just 50 lbs. When shopping for children, higher coil counts aren’t necessarily the best option because children typically don’t weigh enough to compress this component fully and it may make for an unrestful sleep.

Because most mattresses are priced by quantity and quality of the components used, understanding your mattress’s support layer can also help you to avoid purchasing a more expensive mattress than you might need. The perfect mattress doesn’t have to break the bank!

2. How Does Your Child Sleep?

Knowing your child’s sleep position is an important step in choosing the right mattress. Although some children are still developing and the way they sleep can evolve as they get older, being aware of the cause and effect for each sleeping position is a powerful tool to have because each position varies in pressure points and where key areas need the most support.

  • Side Sleeper – you have two main pressure points – the shoulder and the hip. For you to be comfortable you must feel no push back on your shoulder or your hip. Your rib cage must be  also be supported in this position.
  • Stomach Sleeper – there are four things you must be aware of: the back of your neck, the small of your back, your chest, and your hips. All four points must properly sink into the mattress to keep your body straight and your spine aligned.
  • Back Sleeper – the two main pressure points are the back of your shoulders and the back of your hips. Both areas contain very wide bones. Pay close attention to the small of your back – it should be supported, but not pushed up.

Learn more from our experts about sleep positions and how they impact your sleep here. Or stop by and talk to our experts in person at our Katy and East Downtown locations.

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3. Is It Comfy?

Your child’s mattress should fit their comfort level whether they prefer a little bit of bounce or a bit more firm – so be sure to ask or read more about a mattress’ feel before purchasing. However, comfort doesn’t just have to mean soft or firm, you should also think about its size. How long do you intend to keep this mattress? If you’re looking at a longer investment for your child, consider purchasing a full size versus a twin so they have room to grow – after all, having your feet or arms hang off the bed isn’t exactly comfortable.

Worried About Shopping With Kids?

Shopping for anything with kids in tow can be a chore for anyone. But when you find a store that values the entire family’s comfort, it can turn a daunting task to a fun adventure! Read how one customer’s experience was impacted by an employee who cares. You can also do your research online beforehand and even choose from a selection recommended just for kids!

“Stopped by [Texas Mattress Makers] Saturday with wire and 2 young uns in tow. My toddler was in the midst of a major terrible two tantrum but the salesman knew how to help. While explaining coil size and so much more, he took us through the manufacturing area since the workers weren’t there. He then took off a fine spring set that he explained to us and asked us to lay on it. Springs alone would have been fantastic!

Then he encouraged the kids to jump and away they went jumping like on a trampoline. It also serves to demonstrate the strength and confidence he had in the springs. Impressive and I don’t impress easily. He worked with us for a price that easily beat competitors and mattress would be custom made. We were sold on the spot.

He wasn’t pushy. He was patient. And he was fair. Best of all, our daughters loved him! Product is all locally made in Texas so dollars are staying local. I have no regrets!” – Don H.

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