We are mattress experts. We make our own mattresses. We oversee everything, from start to finish. We even make custom made beds to ensure our customers find the best possible option for a restful sleep. And all of our mattresses are handmade, right here in Texas.

We understand that buying a mattress is a major investment. This is why we encourage you to try our inventory in person. Our showroom is staffed with mattress specialists with over three decades of experience. We’ll tell you what the mattresses you’re considering are made of, how long they will last, and whether they are the right mattress for you.

We also have a wide range of selections for every budget and we offer financing options. And because we make our own mattresses, you’ll find the highest quality products and the best prices. If you come to Texas Mattress Makers, you’re getting the best mattress and the best customer service experience.

Contact us or visit our showroom and let us help you. You’ll never want to get out of bed again.

About Texas Mattress Makers

An Inspirational Story of Commitment to Quality

How Texas Mattress Makers came to be is the quintessential story of the American Dream. The owner of the company, Youval Meicler, arrived in the United States from Israel when he was 21.

Through tenacity, hard work, and an admirable work ethic, he worked his way up from floor sweeper at a furniture store, to the shipping department, to the warehouse and delivery truck driver. He excelled in every position, so he was promoted to Production Manager, then General Manager, and finally, President of the same company where only six years earlier, he started sweeping floors.

In 1989, Youval decided to open his own wholesale bedding company. This is how Texas Mattress Makers was born. There was one disappointing aspect, though: He soon realized that suppliers only wanted to buy lower quality mattresses, so that they could be sold cheaply and thus result in higher profits.

True to his character, he decided that he could do better. He didn’t only want to sell mattresses. He wanted to provide the best quality products. In order to offer them at affordable prices, in 2011 he opened his own mattress factory doors to the public. This allowed him to offer premium mattresses for lower prices, directly from the factory.

In addition to reasonable prices, our customers get to buy mattresses from industry experts who are always ready to help you make the best selection. Since we produce our own mattresses, we can answer all questions about how they’re made, their materials, and how each component will help you when taking into account your height, weight, body type, preferred sleeping position, and any existing spine conditions.

Every single one of our customers receives individualized attention. Our goal is to be the best company in the industry by providing you the best night’s sleep possible.

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