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What is a good budget for a mattress?

Deciding how much you can spend on a new mattress is a personal decision based on what you can afford. Regardless of how much you spend, your sleep quality shouldn’t suffer on account of mattress suppliers putting profits ahead of quality. At Texas Mattress Makers, we do things differently, making high-quality mattresses more accessible for every budget.

Typically mattresses tend to range between $250 and $4,000, but a mattress doesn’t have to be expensive to give you the best rest. Whether you’re looking for a budget mattress under $500, the best mattress under $1,600, or are ready to invest in a luxury mattress, we have an option for you.

All of our mattresses are handmade in-house at our Houston factory. On top of ensuring that you are sold nothing but the best, our process cuts out the middleman. Meaning that we are able to offer you a superior mattress at a much lower price. Explore our selection and see why so many choose Texas Mattress Makers over the competitors.

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