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The Best Mattress for Teenagers

March 3, 2023  ·  9 min read

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Does the best mattress for teenagers exist? According to the internet, there are hundreds of mattresses that say they are the absolute best pick for your kid without any real evidence to back up their claims. Here is the truth: the best mattress for your teen is a mattress that will suit all of their unique needs. But some retailers don’t see it that way.

Many mattress stores will treat mattresses made for teens as an afterthought. Don’t waste your money on a bed for your kid. They’ll just grow out of it! They’ll move out anyway! They don’t need all that space! We believe that this way of thinking is close-minded and invalidates the importance of sleep for this age group. 

Sleep is incredibly important for a teenager’s mental health which can impact every aspect of their life and development. On average, teenagers need around 8-10 hours of sleep every night in order to function properly, stay healthy, and perform well in school and other activities. Your child’s sleep quality should be your top priority, as it is to us. 

Choosing the best mattress for teens can be a difficult task. Especially, if you don’t know where to start. With the right guidance from a Texas Mattress Makers expert, you can find the best mattress for your teen and their needs.

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Step 1: Set a budget

Budgeting is a crucial step when it comes to mattress shopping. In these trying times, setting a specific spending amount will help you stay within budget. However, settling on a cheaply-made mattress for your teen is not always the best route to take, as this can lower their sleep quality.

PSA: Parents, we understand that spending a lot of money on a mattress that your teen may grow out of can be hard to rationalize, but buying a used mattress is certainly not the answer. You could expose your child to harmful substances that can hurt their health in the long run. 

Buying a quality mattress for them will save you time and money and give them the best sleep possible, which they desperately need! In fact, one good mattress can last a very long time if taken care of properly. Your child can take their mattress to college with them or you can use their mattress for a guest room after they’ve left! For more information on how to protect your mattress, check out our quality mattress protectors.

Texas Mattress Makers offers a variety of mattresses that can suit any budget. Work alongside our experts to find a mattress fit for your teen and your price range.

Step 2: Determine a mattress size

What size bed should I get for my child? The answer to this question largely depends on your child’s height and weight as well as the size of their bedroom. We know that every teen dreams of lounging on a giant king mattress, but that is not the most realistic or practical choice. 

First, let’s look at their age. If they are on the younger side (around 13 years old) we have to take growth spurts into account. Most teens will begin to grow around age 12 and may not stop until they are 18-20 years old. We would advise skipping the twin size (better suited for younger children) and choosing anywhere from a twin XL to a full or queen mattress. That way, your teen can sleep on the mattress for as long as possible without the fear of outgrowing it. If you’re worried about price, you can find an affordable full size mattress or the best queen mattress on a budget at Texas Mattress Makers.

If you are searching for teenage beds for small rooms, we recommend a twin XL or a full size mattress. These options are the perfect middle ground between a smaller twin and a queen mattress that won’t take up too much space in their bedroom but will provide enough surface area for comfortable snoozing. If you have a teen who is about to go to college, these mattress sizes will be perfect for their dorm room. 

Step 3: Get to know your teen’s needs

If you are unsure of what to look for when buying a mattress for your teen, this is the main takeaway: the best mattress for teenagers is one that promotes a balance of comfort and support while catering to your child’s specific needs. Even the “best twin mattress in the world” may not be suitable for your teen. 

Ask your teenager the following questions to gauge what they might need in a mattress:

  • Do you like your mattress to be soft, firm, or somewhere in between?
  • How do you like to sleep? Do you sleep on your back, side, stomach, or a combination of a few positions?
  • Do you toss and turn a lot during the night?
  • Are you waking up often during the night? If so, how often? 
  • Do you ever wake up feeling hot or even sweaty?
  • Do you wake up with any aches and pains? If so, where? (Back, neck, shoulders, etc.)

Record their answers somewhere tangible so you can refer to them later in the mattress-buying process. Now, it’s time to shop.

Step 4: Take your teen mattress shopping

Parents, do not leave your teen at home while you go mattress shopping. It is crucial that your child is there to try out the mattresses for themselves before making a decision. If you need more clarification, this article lays out all the benefits of trying a mattress before you buy it

Here is how a trip to the mattress store should go:

  1. Go to a Texas Mattress Makers showroom with your teenager. We are the only mattress retailer that can get you exactly what you are looking for at a better price and better quality. 
  2. Bring the list of answers to the questions we mentioned above. Trust us, this is important in helping your teen get a mattress that will benefit their needs.
  3. Meet with one of our showroom experts. They will likely ask you many of the same questions you’d bring, and if you’re prepared, the consultation will go a lot smoother. You don’t want your teen to get bored and scroll on their phone the entire time.
  4. Have your teen try out mattresses! Based on your teen’s needs, our experts will recommend a few mattresses that may suit them best. They will let them lay on the mattresses in their preferred sleeping position for about 15 minutes to really get a feel for the bed. If your teen has any special mattress needs, they will recommend certain components to help them.

Shopping in person gives you the clearest idea of the mattress’s quality and feel. While shopping online can have its benefits, in-person mattress shopping is the best way to combat buyer’s remorse. There’s no need to settle for a cheaply made mattress when you have the experts at Texas Mattress Makers by your side. 

Our expert recommendations for the best mattresses for teens

Berlin Mattress

The Berlin Mattress is a budget-friendly mattress and a great choice for teens who need a bed that can grow with them. The Berlin mattress’s individually wrapped coils contour to the body, making it the perfect support system for a developing teen. The coils also promote healthy air flow so your teenager won’t wake up feeling like they’re in an oven! The medium-soft feel provides a nice amount of cushion for comfort without the sinking feeling.

The Berlin Mattress is a medium-soft mattress.

Monte Carlo Mattress

Well-known for its universal comfort and durability, the Monte Carlo Mattress is one of our best-selling starter mattresses! As they grow, teens tend to switch up their sleeping positions — and because this mattress is ideal for all sleeping positions, you won’t have to worry about replacing it every few years to accommodate their new needs. Combining a Euro top comfort layer and individually wrapped coils creates the perfect balance of support, comfort, and pressure relief.

The Monte Carlo Mattress is a soft mattress.

London Plush Top Deluxe Mattress

If you have a teen that loves to relax in their room, the London Plush Top Deluxe Mattress has multiple layers of comfort that contribute to optimal relaxation. Not only can they watch TV, read, or relax comfortably, but they can also get a great night’s sleep on this high-quality mattress. 

Quality sleep is crucial for not only their growth and development but for their academic performance as well. The London is known to be universally comfortable so it can suit almost any teen’s needs. This is a mattress that can last them a long time, meaning they can bring it with them to college to continue getting quality sleep.

The London Plush Top Deluxe Mattress is a medium-feel mattress.

Find the Best Mattress for Teenagers at Texas Mattress Makers

The best mattress for teenagers is one that meets all of your teen’s unique needs. At Texas Mattress Makers, we believe in providing the best quality mattresses for every sleeper — including teens. Sleep is essential for a child’s growth and development, so why let them sleep on a mattress that will lower their sleep quality just to save a few bucks? They deserve a mattress that will make them feel comfortable, support their body (especially during the growth spurts), and allow them to sleep soundly throughout the night.

Getting your teenager a quality mattress for the best price is simple with our help. Come into any of our Texas Mattress Makers showrooms for an easy and informative mattress shopping experience you will never forget. 

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