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If you’re looking to sleep cool and comfortable all night long, say hello to our Ice Blue Cooling Technology Quilt comfort layer.

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What is the Ice Blue Topper?

The Ice Blue Topper is a mattress topper sewn directly into your mattress during the production process that features cooling technology. This topper helps you maintain your regular body temperature as you sleep so you don’t feel hot during the night.

IceBlue Cooling Bed Technology

What does it mean to sleep hot?

Some sleepers, regardless of age or gender, naturally get hotter during the night. Certain mattresses – like memory foam – absorb your body heat and trap it, resulting in a hot and sweaty night’s sleep. If you do sleep hot, the Ice Blue topper allows your body heat to escape, keeping you cool all night long.

How does the Ice Blue Topper work?

The Ice Blue Topper uses the cooling technology that is sewn directly into the quilting of the mattress topper to dispense your body heat before it can be absorbed into your mattress. This allows your body temperature to stay neutral as you sleep.

Cooler Sleep is Possible with a Cooling Mattress

In the world of sleep, how your body temperature is regulated during the night is very important. Why? Studies have shown that dropping body temperature helps you fall and stay asleep at night. On the other side, a rise in body temperature is linked to having alertness in the morning. If you tend to sleep hot, it may be harder for you to stay asleep and you’ll wake up feeling groggy.

Luckily, Texas Mattress Makers has the solution – a cooling mattress. Our Ice Blue Cooling Technology allows you to stay cool all night long while cooling gels and other alternatives only last a few hours. The Ice Blue can provide you with a much cooler sleep than any other product available today because it prevents your body heat from being absorbed into the mattress as you snooze.

Don’t worry, having a cooling mattress doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be freezing through the night! It prevents your bed from feeling like an oven when you wake up. If you are a hot sleeper, consider a cooling mattress to help fix the issue. Since the cooling technology is sewn into the mattress topper, most of our mattresses can be upgraded with Ice Blue for a comfortable and cool sleep for years to come.

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