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The Best Motion Isolation Mattress

February 13, 2021  ·  7 min read

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When your partner’s tossing and turning starts adding up to lost sleep you may find yourself wondering “What is the best mattress for minimal partner disturbance?” or “What is a motion isolation mattress?” Sometimes sharing a bed with a partner can have its pros and cons, especially if you two have different sleep habits that keep the other awake. While other mattress companies may not carry mattresses that can satisfy both of your needs, the custom mattress makers at Texas Mattress Makers may have the perfect solution to you or your partner’s sleep needs. 

Is it possible to find a mattress that you both will enjoy? Of course! We’ll be sharing our top picks for mattresses that will isolate motion so you and your partner can shift, move, and turn without disturbing one another all night long. 

What is motion isolation in a mattress?

Motion isolation refers to how well a mattress can absorb a person’s movement while on or getting in and out of the bed. A mattress that has good motion isolation should allow a partner to move without disturbing the other person lying next to them. 

Couples that are looking for how to reduce motion transfer in bed most likely have a mattress where they can feel every movement their partner makes. This can lead to one of you waking up numerous times throughout the night and not getting enough sleep. So, what is the best mattress for no motion transfer? 

The truth is, mattresses are not one-size-fits-all for couples. Though there are types of mattresses known to reduce partner disturbance, they may not be the perfect fit for you and your partner. We always recommend that couples stop by one of our showrooms to test out different mattresses to find the perfect match for both of your needs. If you and your partner suffer with some sleep disturbance issues, here’s what we recommend for those situations.

Best mattress for couples who toss and turn

Mattresses with memory foam and pocketed coil springs are typically the most effective mattress materials for isolating movement during the night. Traditional memory foam responds to pressure in a way that isolates motion and provides natural support to your body. On the other hand, pocketed coils are individually wrapped and are not connected, meaning that they respond individually to pressure. When you apply pressure to the wrapped coils, only those coils are reacting enabling them to contour to the shape of your body, isolating your movement to your side of the bed. For example, our London Euro Top Deluxe combines both elements of gel-memory foam in the comfort area and individually-wrapped pocketed coils in the support layer to balance comfort and support while minimizing partner disturbances. If the London Mattress is not your ideal mattress, here are some other recommendations:

Our mattress picks for minimal partner disturbance:

  • Lisbon Gel Memory Foam (Ultra-soft): Best for side and back sleepers who like a  cushioned comfort feel. This is an all memory foam mattress so if you sleep hot or do not like the “sinking in” feeling that is traditional to memory foam mattresses you may be better off with another soft mattress.  
  • BelAir Mattress (Ultra-soft): This is a hybrid mattress made with pocketed coils in the support layer and graphite memory foam in the comfort layer to give you minimal partner disturbance while giving you an ultra soft feel with optimal support.  
  • Santa Barbara (Medium): This is a medium feeling mattress which uses High Resilience foam in the comfort layer and pocketed coils in the support layer to give you a plush feeling ideal for all sleeping positions.
  • Paris Mattress (Firm): Uses memory foam layers for a cozy and sound night sleep. Ideal for back and stomach sleepers.
  • Noah Allen Double-Sided(Firm): Best for stomach and back sleepers with an emphasis on joint pressure relief and cooling technology. 

Best mattress for restless partner

Mattresses with a high coil count minimize motion transfer and eliminate partner disturbances so that you can rest soundly even if one of you gets out of bed or moves. At Texas Mattress Makers, we carry pocketed coil mattresses where each coil responds independently, meaning it can respond accurately to wherever there is pressure from the body. This is a great mattress for couples who have a restless partner because it will isolate that partner’s movement specifically while keeping the other still

For example, the Cannes Euro Top Select is a soft, luxurious mattress that features individually-wrapped coils that will support and minimize partner disturbance throughout the night. Bonus: this mattress is also good for keeping hot sleepers cool all night long.  

Dual comfort mattresses for partners with different preferences 

If your partner loves a firmer mattress for back support, but you want a softer feel that hugs your body, it can be difficult to find a compromise. Not anymore. The dual comfort mattress, made in a king size or larger, offers each sleeper a unique feel on their side of the bed. The mattress is made up of different components on each side to give each of you the personalized comfort and support you need! 

Because our mattresses are made in our on-site factory, you only have to pay for the materials used inside each side of the mattress. This means you can get the best fit for your specific sleep needs without breaking the bank. If you are getting a dual comfort mattress, please come into one of our locations so we can find the right mattresses for each side so that you and your partner can enjoy an uninterrupted and restful night’s sleep.

Can’t decide on a single mattress? Meet the Split King mattress!

Even if you have a large enough mattress for the two of you, sometimes space isn’t the issue. If you both have conflicting mattress preferences, a split king mattress could be your solution! A split king bed is made of two Twin XL mattresses placed together in one bed frame so both sides can get customized comfort. This way, both partners get the level of comfort and support they desire, and can still sleep in the same bed comfortably! There isn’t even a difference in size between a split king vs. king mattress; they’re the same size, but offer more options for customization. This mattress could be the answer to you and your partner’s mattress dreams. 

Time to Sleep Soundly: Shop for Motion Isolation Mattresses at Texas Mattress Makers

We understand that sometimes sleeping with a partner can lead to restless nights. That’s why just any old mattress won’t do! Whether you’re wondering, “How often should you replace your mattress?” or your mattress is showing bad mattress symptoms, it could be time to purchase a new and improved mattress. If you’re looking for where to buy a mattress in Houston, look no further than Texas Mattress Makers. We are dedicated to providing you with the perfect mattress that will suit all of your and your partner’s sleep needs. Our experts will navigate you through the process and help you understand what you and your partner truly need for years of comfortable sleep on your new mattress. 

You can shop by either comfort level, mattress type, mattress size, or budget or come and visit any of our convenient Houston locations today!

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