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How Often Should You Replace a Mattress?

November 2, 2020  ·  7 min read

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When customers ask us, “How often should you replace a mattress?” they typically expect us to answer with a certain date range. For example, even the National Sleep Foundation gives a fairly blanket recommendation of replacing your mattress every 6-8 years. In reality, however, the answer is much more complicated.

Here are our top tips for how to tell when you need a new mattress without relying on a standard that may not apply to your mattress.

What is the Average Life Expectancy of a Mattress? 

The average life expectancy of a typical mattress is around 8 years. This average is based both upon how long the typical mattress lasts and upon the duration of the financing and warranty deals made by “big box” mattress stores. But the idea that all mattresses should be replaced after 8 years is one of the industry’s biggest mattress myths

Can a mattress last 20 years? Yes! 

In fact, some of the mattresses we create at Texas Mattress Makers are built to last even longer than that — to the point you’ll get tired of the mattress (i.e. start hankering for a new one “just because”) before the mattress gets tired of you. Many of our hybrid mattresses, and pretty much any mattress that we sell for $1,500 or more have a life expectancy of 10+ years. 

Why do some mattresses last longer than others? 

The life expectancy of your mattress is highly dependent upon the type of components used when making it. Higher-quality components are simply going to last longer. 

And even two of the exact same mattresses can last different lengths of time depending on the different types of wear and tear they are subject to, the body types of the people who sleep on them, the quality of the box spring they rest upon, and more. 

For more information, check out our Snooze News video! 

How Do I Know if My Mattress is Worn Out? 

If the answer to the question, “How often should you replace your mattress?” isn’t straightforward, then how can you tell if your mattress is worn out? Fortunately, there are several surefire signs that you might want to start saving up for a new sleeping surface. 

1. Your mattress is sagging or displaying other signs of wear and tear 

One of the most common signs that your mattress is on its way out is that it starts sagging. Sagging occurs when the components of your mattress begin to break down over time. Unfortunately, there is often a lot of confusion regarding how sagging mattresses (bad) are different from mattresses with body impressions (good), as well as the difference between mattress components that are breaking down (bad) instead of breaking in (good). For more information, please see our article: Sagging Mattress vs. Body Impression

Other physical signs of wear and tear include lumps in your mattress and mattresses that make noises when you get into them or when you move around in them. 

2. You wake up tired and in pain 

A lot of people will point to tossing and turning as one of the more common bad mattress symptoms, but the truer indicator of a bad mattress is whether or not you wake up feeling well and rested. Not everyone is aware that they are tossing and turning as they sleep; some people have no problem at all falling and staying asleep on a mattress that doesn’t suit them. 

Instead, the best way to measure how your mattress is performing in terms of your sleep is by checking in with how you feel when you wake up. Do you have recurring pain points on your body? Do you feel worn out even though you’ve been consistently getting your full eight hours of beauty rest? 

3. You have kept your mattress on a bad box spring 

Can a bad box spring ruin a mattress? Yes, your bed’s box spring plays an important role in lengthening the lifespan of your mattress. On top of keeping your mattress off of the floor and further away from dust and allergens, box springs also help keep your mattress on a level surface. Even if you have invested in a higher-quality mattress, a bad box spring can take years off of that mattress’s lifespan. 

4. Your allergies or asthma get worse after you sleep 

Unfortunately, you may not be the only thing that “comes to rest” on your mattress. Dust mites and other allergens can easily make their way into your mattress and settle there for the long term. The likelihood of this occurring is especiallyhighif you don’t use and regularly wash your mattress cover, if you sleep with your pets, or if you keep your mattress on the floor. Over time, all that dust and allergens build up and can make your allergies much worse. 

Pro tip: If you’re shopping for a new mattress because your previous mattress is making your allergies act up, you may wish to look into mattresses that use latex components. Latex is naturally allergen-resistant. Simply ask one of our sales associates (either in-store or online) about our all-latex mattresses or about our hybrid mattresses that use latex in the comfort layer! 

5. It wasn’t the right mattress to begin with 

One of the most overlooked answers to the question, “How often should you replace your mattress?” is the simplest answer: As soon as you recognize that your mattress isn’t working for you. 

If you made a mistake and purchased a mattress that wasn’t the best mattress for your body type, then that may be a lot sooner than you anticipated. Even so, getting a good night’s sleep is so important to your overall health that we simply cannot recommend delaying the purchase of a new mattress to make your old mattress feel “worth it.” 

Maybe your mattress is old, or maybe your mattress is too soft or too firm for your liking. No matter the reason, you can rest assured that we keep our mattresses affordable year-round. That way, you don’t have to start looking into when is the best time to buy a mattress; at Texas Mattress Makers, we are budget-friendly every day of the year.   

Still Not Sure How Often You Should Replace Your Mattress? The Experts at Texas Mattress Makers Can Help. 

Knowing how often you should replace your mattress isn’t easy. If you aren’t sure whether or not your mattress is on its last legs, come speak with the mattress experts at Texas Mattress Makers. We can help give you an honest assessment of whether or not you should replace your mattress. Should you decide that it’s time to invest in a new sleeping surface, we will work hard to help find you the best mattress for your sleeping needs. 

Visit any of our mattress stores in Katy, Downtown Houston, The Woodlands, Rosenberg, Humble, or Baybrook, TX, or shop online.

Questions? Contact us to chat with a mattress expert today! 

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