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What is Serene Foam?

December 30, 2020  ·  5 min read

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You’ve heard of a memory foam mattress, but with new innovations in the bedding industry, customers are beginning to ask, “What is serene foam?” Serene™ foam is a more advanced version of a traditional memory foam made up of billions of microscopic air capsules that help with temperature regulation throughout the mattress so you can sleep cool and comfortable. If you enjoy the cradling effect of memory foam mattresses but want a cooler sleep experience, a Serene™ foam mattress may be right for you. 

What is Serene Foam Made Of? 

Serene™ foam is made with a new version of polyurethane foam, the same type of foam that makes up traditional memory foam mattresses. The Serene™ foam advantage is that it has the soft and “cloud-like” feeling that memory foam has but it is engineered to have billions of microscopic air capsules which create a path for air to flow in and out. These air capsules enable cooler air to enter into the mattress so that heat dissipates quickly, creating a cooler sleep surface for more restful sleep. 

Is Serene Foam Better than Memory Foam? 

Serene™ foam and traditional memory foam mattresses are both made with the same polyurethane foam, but each feels different. Serene Foam offers superior comfort by fitting to the contours of your body to provide enhanced support. It has pressure relieving qualities similar to memory foam but, unlike memory foam, it isn’t as sensitive to temperature. 

Serene™ foam is an updated version of foam that can address some sleep concerns you may have regarding support, temperature, and comfort. Memory foam mattresses retain heat naturally, but your Serene™ foam mattress can keep you cool all night long. And just like traditional memory foam, Serene™ foam responds to your individual body and does not move when your partner moves. This means that if your partner moves around a lot in bed, your sleep will not be interrupted!

Which Serene Foam Mattress is Right for Me?

In our experience, the most common follow up question to, “What is serene foam?” is typically, “Which serene foam mattress is right for me?” But if you’re looking to shop from our selection of Serene™ foam mattresses, you first have to assess your sleep needs. Do you prefer a firm vs. soft mattress, do you need multiple components that hybrid mattresses can provide, do you sleep on your side, back, or stomach, do you need temperature regulation because you get hot during the night? Questions like these can help the experts at Texas Mattress Makers choose the right Serene™ foam mattress for you. 

That said, the following mattresses at Texas Mattress Makers use Serene™ foam. Keep in mind that Serene™ foam is used in only the comfort layer of mattresses; you will not find a mattress that is made up entirely of Serene™ foam.  

Pro tip: If you like the cooling aspects of Serene foam but don’t like the “hugging” feeling foam mattresses provide, try a mattress made with foam alternatives including latex or high-resilience (HR) foam.

You could also consider investing in a mattress with Ice Blue Cooling Technology. Sewn into the quilting of your mattress topper, Ice Blue helps regulate your body temperature throughout the night. Ice Blue mattress cooling technology is infused directly into the quilt of our Cannes Mattress Line, which comes in either a Plush top, soft, or firm feel. You can see and feel this new technology for yourself at both our Katy and Downtown Houston locations. In many cases, Ice Blue technology can also be added as a custom option to other mattresses.   

Want to Try a Serene Foam Mattress? Contact Texas Mattress Makers Today!

Now that you know the answer to the question, “What is serene foam?” it’s time to find your new mattress. Everyone has unique sleep needs, and finding the perfect mattress is crucial for a good night’s sleep. If a Serene™ foam mattress seems like the mattress for you, look no further than Texas Mattress Makers. 

All of our mattresses are handmade in Texas with top-of-the-line components that can help you get the best quality sleep for years to come. Contact us to chat with a mattress expert or visit one of our convenient locations today!

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