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Where to Buy the Best Adjustable Mattress Base in Houston

November 8, 2023  ·  6 min read

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If you’re tired of waking up with aches and pains or simply want to elevate your sleep experience, it may be time to consider investing in an adjustable bed frame for your mattress. But which of Houston’s many mattress stores will have the best adjustable mattress base for your specific needs and budget?

It’s no secret that buying an adjustable bed frame at any old mattress store can be a bit of a hassle. Most stores carry only one or two models with shockingly high price tags, and how do you know if either model will actually satisfy your sleep needs?

Finding the best adjustable mattress base in Houston just got a whole lot easier with Texas Mattress Makers. Our showrooms have a nice selection of adjustable bases at varying price points, and our mattress experts are ready to help you make sure which one will be right for you. 

Although we believe that an adjustable bed frame is worth the investment, if your budget is tight, we always recommend prioritizing investing in a high-quality mattress first and foremost. While the adjustable can enhance your sleeping experience and add a feeling of luxury to your sleeping environment, the mattress is the most important purchase for your overall sleep quality.

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Adjustable Bases for Every Budget

Are adjustable bases really worth it?

Because this type of mattress accessory is seen as more of an investment, many customers find themselves asking, are adjustable bed frames worth it? Absolutely! There are countless benefits of an adjustable base both for your health and for elevating your mattress experience. For example, if you struggle with sleep apnea or are looking for the best mattress after back surgery, an adjustable base gives you the option to customize how you lay on your bed, allowing you to open your airways and make lying down more comfortable.

On the other hand, buying an adjustable bed frame can also make your interactions with your bed more enjoyable and multipurpose! You can adjust the positioning of your head and feet to upgrade your relaxation or make working, watching TV, or reading in bed more comfortable and pain-free! 

The bottom line is that anyone can benefit from having an adjustable bed in their home. If you want to make time spent in your bedroom feel more luxurious and upgrade your sleep quality, an adjustable bed frame is a great investment to make for your life. 

Mattress expert Noah Meicler explains and showcases all of the benefits of an adjustable bed!

Why shop at Texas Mattress Makers for an adjustable mattress base

Now that we’ve discussed why you should consider purchasing an adjustable bed frame, the next question on your mind may be, why should you shop at Texas Mattress Makers for one? The answers are actually quite simple: compatibility, selection and affordability, and expertise. 

1. Our mattresses are compatible with adjustable bases 

Can you use an adjustable base with any mattress? The bad news is that not all mattresses are compatible with an adjustable mattress base. This means that many standard mattress stores may not have a bed that will suit an adjustable base, which can be disappointing if your heart is set on buying one.

The good news is that many of our mattresses at Texas Mattress Makers are either made to fit adjustable bases or can be customized to fit an adjustable bed frame, depending on which components you choose for your mattress! Our line of adjustable-friendly mattresses are made with top-of-the-line components so that you can get your best sleep yet on top of all of the benefits that come with sleeping on a mattress that can be adjusted

2. Our selection can suit many needs and budgets

Here at Texas Mattress Makers, it’s our mission to give everyone their best sleep yet, which means we like to give our customers the best selection possible at multiple price points. Whether you’re looking for an affordable adjustable bed frame or a luxury adjustable bed frame, we have something for everyone. 

Our standard models are perfect for those who need an adjustable base for health reasons and can absolutely help to increase their comfort and sleep quality. But if you’re looking for a way to turn your bed into the ultimate area of relaxation, our more luxurious models feature massage functions with other fully customizable features so incredible you’ll never want to leave your bed.

3. Our experts can help you choose the best adjustable mattress base for you

Just as mattresses are not one-size-fits-all, not every adjustable bed will meet your exact needs. Luckily, our experts have all of the knowledge about our adjustable bases to help you choose which one will work best for you and your mattress. We will take into consideration your:

  • Budget: What is your price range?
  • Health concerns: Do you have sleep apnea, chronic pain, injuries, or any other health conditions that make sleeping difficult?
  • Lifestyle: Do you like to read, relax, watch TV, or work in your bed? 
  • Needs: What sleep struggles are you experiencing that an adjustable base could solve?

Choosing the right adjustable base for you can be difficult alone, but at Texas Mattress Makers, we’ll be there with you every step of the way. With our guidance, you can invest in an adjustable mattress base that will help improve your quality of life — and quality of life is worth every penny. 

Find the Best Adjustable Mattress Base in Houston at Texas Mattress Makers

Investing in the best adjustable mattress base for your needs can greatly improve your sleep quality and overall comfort. By considering your budget, desired features, and weight capacity, our mattress experts can help you find the perfect base for your needs. With the best options available in Houston at Texas Mattress Makers, you can start enjoying a better night’s sleep in no time.

Prop up your head and feet and get to relaxing with an adjustable bed frame from Texas Mattress Makers. We make the choice as easy and stress-free as possible thanks to our knowledgeable and helpful experts who are here to guide you through any questions or concerns you may have. 

Whether you’re looking for an adjustable base or are in the market for a new mattress, visit any of our mattress stores in Katy, Downtown Houston, The Woodlands, Rosenberg, Humble, and Baybrook, TX, or check out our online selection!

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