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Best Bed for Surgery Recovery

September 19, 2023  ·  7 min read

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If you have just undergone a major surgery or medical procedure, getting proper sleep is essential for your recovery process. Having trouble sleeping after surgery often means dealing with a lot more discomfort than you need to, and can even mean delaying your recovery. That’s right — your current mattress may be slowing down your recovery process, which means you may be due for an upgrade. But do certain types of beds promote better recovery post-operation?

The best bed for surgery recovery is one that will support your body properly while keeping you as comfortable as possible. However, there is no one bed that will suit this need for every person. Here is why finding the right mattress can ensure a faster recovery post-surgery.

Why am I having trouble sleeping after surgery?

Can’t sleep after surgery? You’re not alone. Many patients often find getting a full night’s rest challenging after undergoing a surgical procedure… even in their own homes! Whether they can’t get comfortable, are dealing with pain, or are experiencing side effects from medication, it’s safe to say that sleep deprivation for post-op patients can lead to a number of other issues. 

Surgery can be physically and mentally taxing on a person, making proper rest and rehabilitation crucial for recovery. But if you find yourself dealing with insomnia after surgery, your recovery may take longer than anticipated. 

The importance of sleep and surgery recovery

Does sleeping help heal injuries? Absolutely! Just as your brain needs sleep to operate, your muscles, bones, and tendons also need that resting period to perform properly. Without proper sleep, your body won’t be able to send the proper nutrients to the right systems, slowing down your recovery process post-surgery. Meaning, if you’re not sleeping well, you’re not recovering as fast as you could be. 

A fast and proper recovery is so important to getting back to living the life you want! The bottom line is that prioritizing your sleep quality is non-negotiable, especially if you are recuperating from a procedure. So, how do you get the quality sleep you need to recover from your operation as promptly as possible? With the right mattress, of course.  

How to find your best bed for surgery recovery

Here’s the truth: without the proper foundation, your body cannot physically get the rest you need — no matter how great your sleep habits are. Most people overlook the importance of sleeping on a high-quality mattress and convince themselves that their current mattress is “good enough.” 

Well here at Texas Mattress Makers, we don’t believe in settling for “good enough,” we believe that every person deserves to sleep on a mattress that was made with their needs in mind. In that spirit, here are some tips for finding your perfect mattress match to ensure a speedy recovery after surgery!

Look closely at the components 

When searching for your perfect mattress, you need to figure out what kind of mattress will be the best for you, and that comes down to the components. A good mattress will utilize both supportive and comfort components to promote proper spine alignment throughout the night (the key to healthy sleep). Finding which components will support and comfort your specific body type will help you wake up with fewer aches and pains. You’ll likely notice an improvement in how you feel each day after a quality night’s rest. 

For example, if you’re looking for the best mattress after back surgery, you’re going to want to consider your preferred sleeping position — back, side, stomach, combination — and what position you may need to sleep in to reduce further pain from the operation. All of these factors will determine what will be the best supportive mattress for you as you recover from surgery and well into the future. 

At Texas Mattress Makers, our experts will be able to recommend certain components based on your unique needs. Whether you need a highly supportive Quantum coil or latex for pressure relief, we have a wide range of options that we can narrow down to find YOUR dream mattress. 

Look into adjustable beds

Certain surgery recovery plans may require you to sleep in positions that may not seem possible with a basic mattress. For example, if you have a flat mattress but your doctor is advising you to elevate your head or legs as you sleep, how do you prop up in bed after surgery? Spoiler: stacking up multiple lumpy pillows on top of one another won’t cut it. For a better solution, let us introduce you to adjustable beds. 

Although hospital beds aren’t the most comfortable, their many adjustable positions really do come in handy after a medical procedure. You can move the bed up and down to get out of bed more easily or prop up areas that need elevation for better comfort and relaxation. The benefits of an adjustable bed in your home are numerous, and they may be the thing that propels your surgery recovery to new heights (no pun intended)! The best part is that adjustable mattress bases can improve your sleep quality even after surgery by allowing you to sleep or lounge in the most comfortable position for you. 

Investing in your sleep is investing in you. If you are diligent about carrying out your post-surgery care plan, make sure that you are prioritizing sleep. Investing in an adjustable mattress foundation can make all the difference in your recovery journey and beyond.

You could save money if your mattress is a medical necessity 

If you have just had surgery, we understand that with piling medical bills, a new mattress isn’t high on your shopping list. However, what if we told you that speaking to your doctor could help you get the mattress you need free of sales tax?

In the state of Texas, if a licensed healthcare provider gives you a prescription for a mattress as being an intricate part of your recovery and well-being, you could qualify for your purchase to be exempt from sales tax. The mattress would need to be considered a medical necessity to qualify for this exemption, but if you are having back surgery, you should consider speaking to your doctor as this could help alleviate some pressure during your mattress selection.

Clarity adjustable frame

Shop Adjustable Foundations

Recover Faster and Sleep Better with Texas Mattress Makers

The best bed for surgery recovery is going to be a bed that properly supports your body while keeping you as comfortable as possible. Surgery is hard on the body, and you don’t just deserve to get the best quality rest — you need it. Having the right foundation will allow your body to recover in a faster and more efficient manner after your procedure. 

We understand that with medical bills and other financial factors, buying a new mattress might be at the bottom of your priority list. However, we believe that your sleep quality is priceless. How much is a good mattress? If you shop at Texas Mattress Makers, you can find a mattress made with top-of-the-line components for incredible prices. No matter your budget, you can find your perfect mattress match. 

Come visit any of our mattress stores in Katy, Downtown Houston, The Woodlands, Rosenberg, Humble, and Baybrook, TX, or shop with us online! Better sleep and a faster recovery are possible with Texas Mattress Makers.

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