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Find the Best Affordable Hybrid Mattress For You

December 4, 2021  ·  5 min read

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Looking for the best affordable hybrid mattress? Because hybrid mattresses can meet the needs of almost any type of sleeper, they are some of our best-selling mattress models. However, just because the hybrid mattress is popular does not mean one singular model will work best for you

At Texas Mattress Makers, we believe that every sleeper is unique and deserves to find the best suitable mattress for their specific needs. The only way to truly find the best affordable hybrid mattress for you is to speak with our mattress experts to get a better idea of what mattress will give you the best night’s sleep possible. We offer a wide range of hybrid mattresses that can satisfy any budget and comfort and support preferences. 

What is a hybrid mattress?

Commonly referred to as the “best of both worlds,” hybrid mattresses combine the support of a pocket coil mattress and the cushion and comfort of a foam or latex mattress. What are hybrid mattresses made of? Hybrid mattresses are made up of two main mattress components: the comfort layer and the support layer

The comfort layer

The comfort layer refers to the top of the mattress that comes into contact with your body. While most comfort layers are made with various foam components, Texas Mattress Makers also offers latex options and a comfort coil mattress component –– a unique coil component that is used for added support, but the shorter coils promote a soft feel, thus providing the sleeper with comfort and support. 

The support layer

The support layer refers to the base of the mattress. Texas Mattress Makers utilizes different types of pocketed coil components to create different levels of support and feel. These coils are individually wrapped in their own fabric pocket, allowing the coils to move independently from one another. This results in a mattress with minimal motion transfer so you and a partner can sleep soundly without disrupting one another. 

Pro tip: For those who are looking for a more supportive hybrid mattress should consider trying the Quantum coil component, also known as the most supportive coil in the industry. 

What are the benefits of hybrid mattresses?

Hybrid mattresses have many pros because they can satisfy a wide variety of sleepers. Here are some of the key selling points for a hybrid mattress.

Hybrid mattresses are…

  • Versatile: Due to the different support and comfort options, they are suitable for any sleeping position and can satisfy many different sleeping needs.
  • Affordable: Texas Mattress Makers offers a variety of price points for our hybrid mattresses so that you can find a quality mattress in your price range.

  • Great for couples: With pocketed coils that are great for motion isolation, partners can sleep comfortably without disturbing one another when they move.

  • Great for hot sleepers: The pocketed coil base promotes air circulation, resulting in a cooler sleeping surface for those who may get hot while they sleep.

  • Durable: Many hybrid mattresses come with great edge support to prevent sagging and provide more stability for all sleepers.

With our vast selection of hybrid mattresses, you are sure to find one that can best suit your needs.

What are the cons of a hybrid mattress?

Though there aren’t many cons to a hybrid mattress, other retailers’ hybrid mattresses may come with a higher price tag due to the extra components –– however, this is not the case at Texas Mattress Makers.  

We believe that a quality mattress is an investment for your best night’s rest, but that should never mean that you have to break the bank! Here is how we are able to sell the best affordable hybrid mattresses.

Texas Mattress Makers Sells the Best Affordable Hybrid Mattresses

How much does a good hybrid mattress cost? At Texas Mattress Makers, we have a wide variety of hybrid mattresses at different price points, from lower to luxury prices. Due to our factory-direct model, we can sell our hybrid mattresses for lower prices. 

Even with our lower prices, we do understand that buying a mattress is an investment. That is why we take our time to go over the components and how our mattresses are made to help you understand the quality of the different products and why some mattresses might be more ideal for your individual sleep needs. A mattress is extremely important for your overall mental and physical health so it is important to understand why investing in a certain mattress would help you achieve a better life.  

We hand make all of our mattresses in our Downtown Houston factory with components sourced from Texas and nationwide. This also means that we are not experiencing any supply and production delays, so you can have your new mattress delivered in as little as 7–10 days!

We sell the highest quality, best affordable hybrid mattresses around. To find your perfect hybrid mattress, visit our showroom or speak with a mattress expert while you shop online. Our experts will get to know you and your specific needs so you can purchase a mattress that feels truly right for you. We are in the business of providing you with the best night’s sleep possible. Texas Mattress Makers also offers mattress financing options with flexible payment options. 

You can shop by either comfort level, mattress type, mattress size, or budget, or come and visit any of our five convenient Houston-area locations today!

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