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Full Size vs. Queen Size Mattress: How to Choose

December 24, 2021  ·  6 min read

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Trying to choose between a full size vs queen size mattress can be challenging if you don’t know all of the facts. You may find yourself questioning, “is full and queen size the same?” 

No, they are not! 

A queen mattress is six inches wider and five inches longer than a full mattress. The queen is the most popular mattress size and is a great option for couples who need a little more room to sleep comfortably and are looking for something smaller than a king. However, a full mattress might make more sense for your specifications and budget if you are a solo sleeper or are wanting a mattress that can fit into smaller spaces.

In this article, the mattress experts at Texas Mattress Makers compare the full size vs queen size mattress and offer some key considerations to help you make the best choice for you.

Which size mattress is right for you?

Wondering how to choose a mattress between a full and a queen? You want to ensure that you’re selecting the mattress that meets your unique needs and space requirements without spending more than you need to. To help you find your perfect match, our sleep experts take the following factors, and more, into consideration.

Are you a single sleeper?

Full size mattress dimensions are 54 inches wide by 75 inches long making it a great fit for single sleepers or a growing child. Conversely, queen mattress dimensions are 60 inches wide by 80 inches long and is the best mattress for couples or taller individuals.

But let’s say you need a more affordable option or don’t have the space for a queen. In that case, is a full size bed enough for two? The answer depends on how much sleep space you both need. If you and your partner like to snuggle close or you’re sleeping with your kiddo, a full size mattress might be big enough for the two of you to sleep comfortably.

We recommend heading into one of our mattress locations to try both sizes out for yourself.

Looking for a mattress for your guest room?

Queen mattresses and full mattresses are both a popular mattress size for guest rooms. Generally speaking, a guest room isn’t used often enough to justify spending a significant amount on a mattress. Yet, you still want to be sure you’re offering your guests a great night’s sleep. That’s where a queen or full mattress comes in!

Both size options come in a variety of different firmness levels, support options, components, and mattress types to accommodate any type of sleeper that stays over without breaking the bank.

When deciding on a size, take into account whether you plan on hosting more couples than single sleepers. Since a queen is generally more comfortable for two sleepers, it may be worth the investment to size up. A well slept guest is a happy guest!

What is your room size?

Aside from whether you’re sleeping alone or with someone, the other main deciding factor of a full size vs queen size mattress is your room size. 

If you’re looking for a mattress for smaller rooms, a full size might be a better option to maximize your space. The minimum recommended room size for a full is 9ft 6in x 10ft 6in. If you have a bit more room to spare, a queen mattress could fit comfortably to allow you more sleeping space. The minimum suggested room size for a queen mattress is 10ft x 10ft. 

Wondering how the mattress will look in your room? If you’re able to, try measuring out the mattress size and laying down painter tape so you can get a better idea of how each size will fit with your other furniture.

Our expert picks for full and queen sized mattresses in Houston

Each and every mattress we make at Texas Mattress Makers features unique components designed to meet the needs of all types of sleepers. Here are a couple of options for full and affordable queen mattresses in Houston, TX. All selections come in both mattress sizes as well as all standard sizes.

Memory Foam Mattress Special: This mattress is a great budget option for those who want a 7 inch, medium-soft, memory foam mattress.

Amsterdam Mattress: This medium-firm mattress is specially designed for kids, teens, college dorm rooms, and guest rooms, and provides balanced, supportive comfort in any sleeping position.

Monte Carlo Mattress: The perfect mattress for kids rooms, guest rooms, or smaller rooms, the Monte Carlo Mattress is the ideal soft starter mattress that’s great for all sleepers.

Paris Mattress: This mattress provides a medium-firm to firm feel that is perfect for side or back sleepers as it features a memory foam layer for additional back and lumbar support.

Everest Memory Foam Xtreme Firm Mattress: This mattress type is a great choice for back and stomach sleepers as it is the firmest mattress in our inventory and helps to keep your spine aligned.

To figure out which mattress is right for you, take our quiz or give us a call to speak to an expert.

Need helping deciding between a full size vs queen size mattress? The experts at Texas Mattress Makers can help!

Where is the best place to find affordable high-quality luxury mattresses? It’s here, at Texas Mattress Makers! Whether you’re looking for a mattress that fits a small space while maintaining comfort, or have a little room to spare, we can help you find your perfect mattress that meets all of yours and your partner’s sleep needs. 

You can shop our wide selection of full size mattresses and queen size mattresses either in-store or online by comfort level, mattress type, mattress size, or budget, or come and visit any of our convenient Houston-area locations today!

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