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Best Mattress for Kids to Improve Sleep Quality

July 17, 2023  ·  7 min read

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Because the back-to-school season is just around the corner, we want to discuss how parents can find the best mattress for kids. If your kiddo is about to start school, no matter the age, it’s important to educate them on why getting the proper amount of sleep every night will set them up for success — especially if their summers were filled with late-night video game sessions or sleepovers.

In this article, we’ll be answering the question, Does mattress quality matter for kids? and discussing how sleep is crucial to your child’s success in school and in life.

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Find the Best Mattress for Kids in Houston

Does mattress quality matter for kids? 

Absolutely! Some parents may see a kid’s mattress as a similar item to children’s clothes: the child may grow out of it soon, so why bother investing in something quality? This is not the correct mentality to have when it comes to your child’s sleep. A good mattress is an essential tool for your child’s health and development.

To put it simply, a high-quality mattress can help your child get the restorative, restful sleep they need to function (more on this later). If you decide to furnish your child’s bedroom with a cheap mattress, their sleep quality will suffer, and in turn, many areas of their life will be impacted. The good news is that depending on your child’s age and body type, a high-quality mattress is generally very affordable because these mattresses do not require as many different components as an adult mattress does. You can also buy your child’s mattress in a twin or full size which also makes the mattress more affordable.

Let’s discuss why sleep is important for children before we discuss the importance of choosing the right mattress for them.

Why is sleep important for children 

Parents: you know how important sleep is for us as adults. If we don’t get our full eight hours, or something close to that, taking on the day can feel impossible. Well, it turns out that kids also don’t respond well to lack of sleep. Children need even more sleep than adults do — depending on their age kids need around 10-12 hours — and getting quality sleep is essential for their growth and development. Sleeping on the right mattress can help them to achieve that restorative sleep that their brains need to function, especially for school.

How sleep can affect academic performance

Because we’re talking about back-to-school season, we think it’s important to relay that sleep plays a big role in your child’s academic performance. While studying hard and turning in assignments on time is a commonly discussed key to school success, getting the proper amount of sleep every night is truly the only way your kid can bring home those A’s. 

Quality sleep allows their brains to properly store the information that they learned that day as well as help with memory function. If they have a test or a pop quiz coming up, they’ll be more likely to retain the information they learned in class and ace those assignments with a full night’s rest. 

Sleep deprivation in children can lead to stress, forgetfulness, crankiness, and other behavioral problems, meaning they’ll have a hard time focusing in school. Lack of sleep can also make your child more susceptible to illness, which can keep them out of the classroom and put them at risk of falling behind.

This also applies to children of all ages, not just the youngsters. Teenagers and college students all need proper sleep in order to succeed academically. If you want what’s best for your child’s development and academic success, it’s time to get them the mattress they truly deserve. 

How to choose a mattress for a child 

Wondering how to choose a mattress for a child? We have a few guides on our website including how to find the best mattress for teenagers and the best mattress for college students, but the main takeaways are to find a mattress that:

  • Supports your child’s weight (especially if they are younger and will be sleeping on this mattress as they grow)
  • Meets their comfort preferences 
  • Support their preferred sleeping position 

What type of mattress should I get for my child?

This is not a cut-and-dry answer as there isn’t one particular mattress that is perfect for all kids. Every child has different needs, so don’t treat their mattress as a one-size-fits-all solution. Many mattress stores will say they have the “best mattress for kids“ without catering to different types of children. This is not the case at Texas Mattress Makers.

We have a decent selection of mattresses for kids to choose from so that you can find your child’s perfect mattress match. All of our mattresses are made with top-of-the-line components to promote healthy, deep sleep.

Our expert recommendations for the best mattress for kids

Manhattan Kids Firm Mattress

The Manhattan Kids Firm Mattress is specifically designed for children aged 13 and under, offering the support and durability growing and developing sleepers need for years of healthy rest. The handmade performance pads are perfect for durability and support that lasts through early childhood. The Manhattan is also great for children who may sleep hot during the night and need a mattress that promotes healthy airflow. 

The Manhattan Kids Firm Mattress is a firm mattress that is perfect for children under 13.

Berlin Mattress

The Berlin Mattress is one of our most budget-friendly hybrid mattresses that is an excellent choice for adolescent kids. This mattress’ individually wrapped coils contour to the body and promote healthy spinal alignment, making it the bed for a developing child who can grow and still be supported properly by this bed for years to come. 

We love to recommend the Berlin mattress to parents because your kid can take this mattress all the way to college! The individually wrapped coils will not give out, meaning your child will have a healthy support system to sleep on throughout their childhood and into their adolescence and early adulthood. 

Investing in one great mattress for your child can help them get the quality sleep they deserve to grow and perform well in school for years to come. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

The Berlin Mattress is a medium-soft mattress.

Find the Best Mattress For Kids At Texas Mattress Makers

Searching for the best mattress for kids can be easy when you have our experts on your side. We offer a variety of kids mattresses in Houston so you and your child can try out our beds for yourself! Starting off the school year with a quality mattress can guarantee a fun-filled and successful school year! And hey, if you’re looking to upgrade your mattress, we’ve got plenty of options for mom and dad too!

Your child’s comfort is our top priority. We are the best mattress store Houston has to offer because we create all of our mattresses with the highest quality and most innovative components, building them to satisfy your kid’s needs and help them get the sleep they deserve. And best of all, our prices are unbeatable for the quality!  

If you’re ready to get your child their dream mattress, check out our mattress selection online or come visit any of our Houston-area showrooms in Katy, Downtown Houston, The Woodlands, Rosenberg, Humble, and Baybrook! We’d love to be a part of your child’s healthy sleep journey! 

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