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Perks of Buying a Factory Direct Mattress

January 16, 2022  ·  5 min read

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There are many benefits to purchasing a factory direct mattress from Texas Mattress Makers. We pride ourselves in offering a unique mattress selection experience unlike any other store in Houston, and due to our factory direct model, you can get your dream mattress for less money.

Our experts are here to answer your questions revolving around the benefits of buying a factory direct mattress.

What is factory direct? 

What do we mean when we say the phrase “factory direct?” It’s quite simple –– the product is sold from the factory directly to the customer. Texas Mattress Makers follows this factory direct model. You may be thinking, how is this better than purchasing from a traditional mattress store? We’ll break it down for you! 

At a typical mattress store, mattresses are produced by a separate manufacturer, shipped, stored, and then sold to the consumer. Meaning, there are many third-party vendors involved in the process that can jack up the prices and cause delays. This is not the case when you shop with Texas Mattress Makers. Here are all the perks of buying a mattress from us.

Why should I buy a factory direct mattress? 

1. Lower prices

When you buy a factory direct mattress from Texas Mattress Makers, you only pay for the components used to make your mattress and the delivery fee (if you choose to have your mattress delivered). Here’s how. 

Because of our factory direct model, we cut out the costs associated with product distribution, manufacturer to retailer markup, and huge marketing budgets. We minimize our operation costs by producing our products on-site at our Downtown Houston factory and selling them directly to the public. We pass these factory direct mattress savings onto our customers with our everyday low prices which are half the price of normal retail or less! 

2. No storage fees

When other mattress manufacturers produce their products, their mattresses have to be stored somewhere before they can be shipped off to the customer. Who winds up paying for those shipping and storage fees? The customer. You

All of Texas Mattress Makers mattresses are made at our Downtown Houston factory with no third-party storage vendor, so there is no need for a storage fee. With our factory direct mattress savings, you pay less and sleep better. Plus, the mattress delivered to your home will be freshly produced within days of delivery versus sitting in a warehouse for weeks, months or even years sometimes.

3. We cut out the middleman

At Texas Mattress Makers, we are the manufacturer of our own products, meaning we are able to cut out the middleman. This allows us to produce and deliver our products more efficiently since we don’t have to wait for outside sources to do our job for us. Because there are no third-party manufacturers or storage companies, we are able to avoid major supply chain issues and delivery delays to get you your mattress faster. You’ll be sleeping well in no time.

4. Our factory warranty

Since we produce all of our own mattresses in-house, we are able to provide our customers with a factory mattress warranty. If you purchase a factory direct mattress from Texas Mattress Makers and are experiencing any loose threads, collapsed walls, dips in the mattress larger than two inches, and more, our experts can repair your mattress for you at no additional cost. 

*Visible dips and sinking-related issues with your mattress caused by a defective box spring or bed frame that was supplied by another manufacturer are not covered. Mattresses with stains or damage due to liquids voids all warranties.

5. Transparency

For the average shopper, mattress components are not easy to differentiate in terms of quality and durability. Each of our mattress experts has made mattresses by hand in order to obtain in-depth knowledge of mattress components and design. Not only will our experts give out our best mattress shopping tips, but they will explain the benefits offered by each bed so you know how these factors come together to affect your sleep.

Our unique factory direct model as both retailer AND manufacturer allows us to find you a mattress that can give you the best quality sleep for years to come. We are involved in every detail leading up to your purchase from the selection process to delivery. Your sleep satisfaction is our top priority from start to finish. 

That is the Texas Mattress Makers Difference.

Get Factory Direct Mattress Savings at Texas Mattress Makers!

There are truly no downsides to buying a factory direct mattress from Texas Mattress Makers. You can get your perfect mattress for a lower price, with no unnecessary fees, and delivered to you in just 7-10 business days. And, when we deliver, we offer to set up the new mattress and take your old one to be recycled as part of the low delivery fee. 

Whether you’re wanting to shop in-store or learn how to shop for a mattress online, our mattress experts are here to help you find your perfect mattress. Thanks to our factory direct model, you will get expert craftsmanship for less.

Shop by either comfort level, mattress type, mattress size, or budget, or come and visit any of our convenient Houston-area locations today!

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