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How Much Does a Good Mattress Cost?

January 18, 2024  ·  8 min read

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In today’s economic climate, we understand that making large purchases or investments can feel daunting. But when it comes to a mattress, it seems like everyone is trying to get the cheapest option they can find. If you are not aware, sleeping on a low-quality mattress will only lead to low-quality sleep, which can cause a variety of health problems. Using similar logic, we can conclude that sleeping on a good-quality mattress will provide you with good-quality sleep! 

So, how much does a good mattress cost? 

To put it simply, you can’t make a cheap mattress good, and you can’t make a good mattress cheap. However, there is a difference between a cheap mattress and an affordable mattress. If you buy a cheap mattress anywhere else, your quality of sleep won’t get better. Additionally, you will need to buy a new mattress after a few years, which will result in you spending more money.

At Texas Mattress Makers, we can sell you a factory-direct, affordable mattress that will improve your sleep quality without sacrificing comfort or support. You’ll wake up happy, and you can’t put a price on happiness. But since many people ask questions such as “Is a good mattress worth it?” we’ve decided to address the issue of how much you should actually pay for a good mattress.

How much should I really spend on a mattress? 

Here’s the truth the other retailers won’t tell you: there is no definitive answer on how much you should spend on a mattress. A mattress is a very personal purchase that highly depends on what you need to get quality sleep. The amount you spend on your perfect mattress could end up being more or less compared to what your parents or friends pay for their perfect mattress. 

While other retailers charge you for materials, brand name, manufacturing and labor, and other miscellaneous fees, when you purchase a mattress at Texas Mattress Makers, you only pay for the components used to make your mattress. That’s it. That being said, the price of your mattress will depend on the type of mattress you buy and what components make up that model. The same principles apply if you were to purchase a custom mattress with us. 

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Is an expensive mattress better than a cheap mattress?

The materials for an expensive mattress vs. a cheap mattress are going to be the main differentiating factor. More expensive or luxury mattresses are going to contain components that are of higher quality, are made to last longer, and come with more benefits. For example, many of our Premium Luxury mattresses are made with top-quality latex, a material that is pricier but has a long list of sleep benefits.

You may sleep best on a mattress that is at a lower price point, or you may benefit greatly from a high-end mattress. It truly does depend on your needs and preferences. At the end of the day, it all depends on how much you are willing to invest in a mattress for your sleep health. In other words, when it comes to a good night’s sleep, how much are you willing to invest

If you want to invest in a bed but do not have the budget to buy our top-of-the-line mattresses, you can still get a high-quality mattress made with top-quality components. Let it be known, however, that you don’t have to shell out an excessive amount of money just to get a good night’s sleep.

Are smart beds worth the price?

In short, no. It’s important to be aware of when mattress companies are just trying to sell you a gimmick over quality. For example, in our blog, Are smart beds worth it? we list out the few pros and many cons of spending so much money on a bed that prioritizes an app’s technology over the mattress’s components. Smart beds that utilize apps to tell you how you’re sleeping without offering concrete solutions to those sleep problems are useless to you — and they are hideously overpriced. 

If you have the budget to do so, investing in an adjustable mattress base to pair with your mattress may be beneficial for your sleep quality. We recommend that you prioritize spending money on your mattress, but if you do have the means to, an adjustable base is a worthy investment for your sleep. 

At Texas Mattress Makers, you can get your best night’s sleep regardless of your budget. We focus on manufacturing mattresses that are durable and effective using top-quality components. And the best part is that our prices are the best around for the quality of our handmade mattresses. You truly get the best bang for your buck with a Texas Mattress Makers mattress.

How do I get the best price on a new mattress?

There is a myth in the debate about buying a mattress online vs in-store that it is cheaper to buy online since most retailers have better deals online. At Texas Mattress Makers, we recommend that you come into the showroom to buy your mattress

Although we have the same prices online and in the showroom, we do believe that working directly with our mattress experts is the best way to get the right mattress for all of your needs. In fact, you may even unlock additional discounts when you visit any of our stores in person!

TMM Baybrook showroom

Best Mattress Sales in Houston

What is the average cost of a queen-size mattress?

Because queen mattresses are the most common standard mattress size sold, most customers have more questions about its average cost range. If you were to shop at a normal mattress retailer, the average cost of a queen-size mattress would range from $600-800 on the lower end and $2,000+ on the higher end. Keep in mind that different mattress types also come with different price tags, meaning a basic queen innerspring mattress will cost a lot less than a hybrid or a latex mattress. At basic retailers, the price of the mattress will depend on the components, the type, and whether or not you’re paying for a brand name. 

With all of that being said, the average cost of a queen-size mattress at Texas Mattress Makers is around $900 to $2,000. Considering that all of our mattresses are manufactured in our on-site factory using only the highest quality components available, this average is an extremely fair price! Our founder Youval and expert Rachael break down the average price of our mattresses in more detail.

With Texas Mattress Makers, you can sleep like royalty for any budget. If you’re looking for a queen mattress in Houston, here are our top recommendations for three different price points:

  • Best Budget: The Amsterdam Mattress is a hybrid mattress that combines the support of individually wrapped coils and the cushion and comfort of a foam or latex mattress. Additionally, the London Plush Top Deluxe Mattress is ideal for all sleeping positions and combines a plush top comfort layer, two inches of graphite-infused memory foam, and individually wrapped coils for balanced comfort and support.
  • Best Mid-Priced: The Cannes Plush Select Mattress is a hybrid mattress that combines two layers of comfort with the latest cooling technology and minimizes motion transfer.
  • Best High-End: The Rome Dual Latex Select Mattress is a hybrid mattress that features our highest-quality copper and graphite-infused latex for a cleaner, cooler sleeping experience. Coupled with our most supportive coil component, this mattress is truly marvelous and is part of our Premium Luxury line. 

Find a Top-Quality, Affordable Mattress for Any Budget at Texas Mattress Makers

So, how much does a good mattress cost? In our expert opinion, you can’t put a price on getting great sleep — though we also understand that times are tough, and investing in a mattress may be the last thing on your mind. 

Regardless of your budget, prioritizing your sleep should be important to you, and you need a high-quality mattress to achieve great sleep. Texas Mattress Makers has been named the best place to buy a mattress in Houston for many years. Our factory-direct model allows customers just like you to find a mattress that will improve your sleep quality, and in turn your life, for a much better price.  

How much would you pay for a good mattress? No matter your answer, we can help you find a high-quality mattress that won’t break your budget as we stand on the principle that no one should suffer from a bad mattress due to their financial situation. 

Visit any of our mattress stores in Katy, Downtown Houston, The Woodlands, Rosenberg, Humble, or Baybrook, TX, or view Our Top Picks to get started today.

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