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Benefits of Sleeping on a Luxury Mattress

March 8, 2024  ·  8 min read

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When you hear the words “luxury mattress,” what comes to mind? For some, this phrase evokes visions of the most comfortable mattress known to man, while for others it calls to mind a bed with a hefty price tag. Needless to say, there are many misconceptions out there surrounding luxury beds and whether or not they are actually worth your investment. 

Our beds are not just where we sleep — they are the places where we recharge, recover, and prepare for the day ahead. Therefore, the mattresses that we choose to lie on each night will shape our sleep quality, and in turn, how well we function in our daily lives. In other words, because the wrong mattress won’t just affect your sleep, but your entire life, you shouldn’t choose just any mattress to sleep on. 

A luxury mattress can offer a myriad of benefits that run-of-the-mill mattresses can’t — and if you shop with Texas Mattress Makers, you’ll get high-end luxury for an attainable, factory-direct price. 

Here are the benefits of a luxury mattress:

  • Enhanced sleep quality
  • Tailored support for your body
  • Durability for greater longevity
  • Optimal comfort
  • Pressure point relief
  • Temperature regulation
  • Reduced motion transfer
Made bed

Luxury Made Locally

What makes a luxury mattress?

What makes a luxury mattress “luxurious?” It’s not just the price tag – although that can be a telling factor. For other brands, luxury mattresses will be high-end, expensive mattresses that have been crafted using the finest materials and the latest sleep technology to create something better than the basics. It’s meant to provide the sleeper with more benefits than any standard mattress and give them a more luxurious experience. 

Unfortunately, many big-name mattress companies will sell luxury beds that really aren’t that different from basic models; they simply slap a large price tag on it and call it a day. At Texas Mattress Makers, luxury is about quality. To create a high-quality luxury mattress, we only use top-of-the-line components to create a unique and high-performance product. From the materials used to the craftsmanship involved, we believe that luxury mattresses enhance the sleeping experience by providing more of what your body needs to get quality rest. 

What is the most luxurious type of mattress? 

Every mattress brand will have its own definition of what a luxury mattress is. For example, one brand’s luxury beds may comprise expensive technology (like a smart bed) whereas another brand may call their custom mattresses “luxury mattresses.”

In our opinion, the most luxurious mattress is a mattress made with high-performance components that will give your unique body the support and comfort your body needs. 

What is considered a luxury mattress?

At Texas Mattress Makers, a luxury mattress is a mattress that is crafted with top-of-the-line components and the latest sleep innovations, giving the sleeper a truly luxurious sleep experience. Whether it’s the high-resilience foam that molds to your body, individually wrapped coils for optimal support, or all-natural latex for pressure point relief, the signature of our luxury mattresses is comfort and support that is tailored to the individual. 

Many luxury mattresses that we craft and carry in our showrooms are handmade with top-quality components including:

Quantum™ Coil

Quantum™ Coil by Texas Mattress Makers

Exclusive to Texas Mattress Makers, any mattress made with our Quantum™ Coil component will contain 200% more coils than the standard mattress. Each coil is individually wrapped in its own pocket of fabric, making it the most supportive coil in the industry. The targeted support helps keep your spine aligned throughout the night, eliminating aches and pains and providing motion isolation, so you can’t feel if your partner tosses and turns. 

The heat-treated, high-tensile, stress-relieved micro-coils are highly resilient and made to hold their shape, meaning that they are not subject to regular wear and tear, and will never give out on you. 

If you purchase a  Quantum™ Coil mattress, you may never have to buy another mattress again. The durability of these coils is the real deal, providing you with a lifetime of supportive sleep. 

We believe in the quality of his product so much that we tested its durability by running over it with a 6,000-pound truck and a 28,000-pound delivery truck. Skip to 4:23 to see the truck test.


Talalay latex by Texas Mattress Makers

Latex is one of the more luxurious components in the mattress industry due to its long list of benefits for the sleeper. As a component, latex allows you to experience support, comfort, and breathability all in one.

What is a latex mattress? Our latex mattress components are made of CertiPUR-US®-certified, all-natural Talalay latex that is durable, resilient, breathable, hypoallergenic, and environmentally friendly. There are different types of latex used in our components including copper-infused, Celsion, and graphite-infused latex, each with different comfort layers.

A latex mattress is perfect for sleepers who want an alternative to memory foam for pressure point relief, but also need a cooler surface for comfortable rest. These mattresses are built to last as well as built to give you the comfort your body craves. 

High-resilience foam

High-resilience Foam by Texas Mattress Makers

If a latex mattress isn’t in your budget, high-resilience foam (also called HR foam in our showroom) is a great alternative. HR foam mimics the buoyancy of latex with its anti-sinking properties and will also help keep you comfortable even on top of sturdy, supportive coils. Our HR foam can be found in some of our more luxurious and top-selling models because it acts as a liaison between the support and comfort layers to bring you a delightful sleeping experience. 

Ice Blue Cooling Technology

Ice Blue Cooling Technology by Texas Mattress Makers

If you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect cooling mattress topper but haven’t found one that lasts through the night, let us introduce you to Ice Blue. Ice Blue mattress cooling technology is different from other cooling technology on the market because it keeps your body temperature neutral all night long. No finicky cooling gels or beads, just comfortable sleep.

The Ice Blue Cool Technology is sewn throughout the quilting of the mattress topper so that your mattress can’t absorb your body heat (which is what makes you sleep hot in the first place). This component is innovative because its effects don’t wear off with time, so sleepers can enjoy the cooling sensation for years to come. 

Are luxury mattresses worth the price?

When people ask us how much should a mattress cost, the real question is “How much are you willing to invest in your sleep?” While luxury components are a bit pricier than a standard memory foam mattress, you’ll be able to feel and experience the difference it can make in your sleep quality. 

If you’re still nervous about the price tag, you should know that Texas Mattress Makers offers factory-direct prices on all of our mattresses, which means that you can have a luxury mattress for a fraction of the cost. So, yes, we’d say it’s worth it. 

A note about smart beds

A smart bed refers to a high-tech mattress made with technology that links to a sleep-tracking app to provide data on your sleep patterns. Because they are incredibly expensive, many customers will ask, “Are smart beds worth it?” The answer, in short, is no. 

Although smart beds are considered “luxury mattresses,” as mattress manufacturers, we can confidently say that these brands spend more time creating a “luxurious” app than focusing on what is going into the mattress. In other words, you’re paying for an app’s technology and not a mattress’ components (which is the only portion of the mattress that is going to improve your sleep). The “convenience” that these mattresses sell may only cause you more stress in the long run. 

Take our advice and focus on finding a quality mattress with materials that suit your needs. That’s all you need. 

Get a High-Quality Luxury Mattress for an Amazing Price at Texas Mattress Makers

In our opinion, a luxury mattress can be so much more than a bed; it can improve your sleep quality which will have positive effects on your life and health as a whole. A high-quality luxury mattress is absolutely worth the investment — and if you shop with Texas Mattress Makers, you can have one for a more attainable price. 

As the mattress manufacturer as well as the retailer, we can provide you with the best luxury mattress for your budget today. If you’re ready to invest in a good mattress for your sleep quality and your health, we’re here and ready to help you.

Visit any of our mattress stores in Katy, Downtown Houston, The Woodlands, Rosenberg, Humble, or Baybrook, TX, or shop online to see our selection. Better sleep starts with Texas Mattress Makers. 

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