Refund Policy and Warranty Claims

At Texas Mattress Makers we do things differently. We ensure that your shopping experience is educational and enjoyable. During your time at either of our locations, our experienced staff will take you through the different support structures and comfort layers in each of the mattresses you are considering.

Our Mattress Experts are trained to help you find the mattress that provides the support you need for proper lumbar alignment so you get your best night’s sleep. However, mattresses are a touch / feel product and only you know what bed feels comfortable. The comfort of the mattress is something that you determine while lying on the mattress. If, after 90 days, your bed is uncomfortable for any reason, we recommend you call our showroom to discuss the areas of discomfort. We will address your concerns and switch out your mattress to better suit your needs. Any price adjustments will be taken care of at that time.

It is important to remember that the mattresses you try in our showrooms have already been broken in. The mattress that will be delivered to your home will be 15% to 20% firmer than the showroom model because your mattress will be brand new. When the internal mattress components are still new, they will be stiffer until they have a chance to relax. After a few weeks, the materials will adapt to the shape of your sleeping form to provide the comfort you enjoyed in our showroom. The break in period varies from mattress to mattress, but this process should not take more than 90 days.


The following items are NON- REFUNDABLE:

  1. Adjustable Frames/Foundations and Bed Frames
  2. Custom mattresses (including custom sized mattresses) and custom foundations
  3. All promotional mattresses/ mattress sets valued at $599.00 or less
  4. Delivery and/or pick up charges
  5. 100% Latex mattresses
  6. Managerial, promotional, sale discounts cannot be applied to exchanges

Refundable Mattress Sets

Refundable mattress sets are subject to an 18% Restocking fee.  The delivery and/or the pick up charge are non- refundable.


Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the mattress or when your comfort preference changes over time (after the 90-day break-in period).  It covers construction issues such as: threading coming undone, walls collapsing, and visible sinking of more than 2”.  If your mattress is sinking beyond normal body impressions please take a photo and email it to [email protected].  It is always helpful if you can provide your phone number, sales order number, or, if you cannot locate your receipt, approximately when you made the purchase. When taking the photo please remove any bedding such as the mattress protector, comforter, and sheets.  For a detailed explanation of body impressions, please refer to the reverse side of your invoice or visit our blog.

At Texas Mattress Makers, we take pride in our manufacturing process and we use the highest quality materials to ensure you get a good night’s sleep. We are here to assist you with courtesy, integrity, and transparency to create a long-term relationship for generations to come.

Warranty Periods

1 Year Prorated:

101, 401, 501, 2100 (Manhattan), 5100 (Bellevue), MG-21. 2300, 5300, Amsterdam

5 Year Prorated:

Monte Carlo, Dublin, Prague, Santa Barbara

10 Year Prorated:

River Oaks, Bel Air, Paris, London, Cannes Firm, Cannes Plush, Cannes Euro Top, Noah Allen Firm, Noah Allen Plush, Noah Allen Euro Top, 8200, 8300, 8400, 8500, 8600, 8700, 8800, all 100% Latex Mattresses

10 Year Non- Prorated:

Madrid, Barcelona, Esteem Firm, Esteem Plush, Rome, Florence, Athens, Geneva, Oslo Plush, Oslo Euro Top