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Snooze News Ep. 23: Box Spring 101

July 31, 2019  ·  2 min read

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Congrats – you’re smart enough to learn the proper way to support your new mattress! The support system under your mattress is often an after-thought in the mattress industry. And if not an after-thought, it’s marketing ‘spin’ to bundle a box spring with a mattress and can be confusing the consumer. Let us break it down for you in this episode of SNOOZE NEWS!

Platform Beds

If you have a platform bed, meaning the bed frame has a solid, flat bottom to place your mattress on, we recommend purchasing a Bunkie Board. This is a low-profile box spring that will properly support your mattress.

Beds with Slats

If you have a bed frame that is constructed with slats (wooden boards that run horizontally from one side of the bed to the other) we recommend that you still get a box spring to properly support your mattress. If you don’t, the bottom of your mattress will develop wave-like indentions compromising the support layer of your mattress.

Metal Bed Frame

Similar to a bed with slats but with less internal structural support, you must purchase a box spring for your mattress. If not, you’ll be sleeping with your mattress on the floor in no time. This also applies to those who are interested in the bed-in-a-box style of mattress. Foam (no matter what the density) will not support you long-term on a metal bed frame…major drooping!

Rules of Box Springs:

  • How Often – if you are replacing a mattress that you’ve consistently slept on for three or more years, we strongly encourage you to purchase a new box spring.  It’s a small investment to make sure your new mattress is properly supported.
  • How Much – our handmade box spring start at only $63. We build our box springs to last for the full lifetime of your new mattress.  Shop our full inventory, including a box spring built to help with acid reflux, at the link below.

Worried about the height of your box spring as it relates to your mattress and/or bed frame? We’ve made a video just for you!

Still confused? That’s OK – we are here to help!

If you have questions or would like to sleep cooler tonight, visit one of our showrooms in East Downtown Houston and Katy, or call us 7-days a week in Houston or Katy.

Snooze News

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