Bunkie Board 2″ Box Spring

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This is the product page for Bunkie Boards. However, the Standard and Low Profile Box Springs are also available on this page for your convenience.

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Standard Box Spring Height: 8.5″
Low Profile Box Spring Height: 4.5″
Bunkie Board Height: 2″

Which option is right for your sleep?

Over the years, mattresses heights have increased. This often leads to a sleep surface which may be too high for some sleepers to get in and out of bed comfortably. A low profile box spring or bunkie board can make a world of difference to those who have trouble managing today’s rising mattress heights.

Each box spring size and bunkie board foundation provides the same amount of support for your mattress. The only difference is the height.

What is a bunkie board?

Our wood based bunkie boards (which is also spelled bunkie-board or bunky board) are 2” thick and are covered in a layer of fabric. Bunkie boards are designed to fit on the bed slats (the pieces of wood on the bed frame that run vertically to support the mattress and its foundation).

Bunkie Boards vs Slats

If your bed already has slats, it might seem pointless to invest in a bunkie board. However, the slats alone often do not offer proper support for your mattress. The gaps between the slats can cause uneven wear, shortening the lifespan of your mattress. A bunkie board will fit right on the slats, providing an even surface for optimal mattress durability.

Bunkie Boards vs Box Springs

Bunkie boards are an ideal alternative to box springs if you prefer a lower sleep surface. They offer the same support for the mattress, without adding much to the height of the bed. They are a great option for platform or foundation beds.

Bunkie boards are ideal for: children, bunk beds, platform beds, and individuals looking for a very low profile sleep surface.

If you’re not sure which foundation type is best for your sleep needs, or if you have questions, please feel free to call us. We can also make custom sizes.

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